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45 Chapter Forty Five - I meet a boy named Sun

"There you are, Jin Li," the bubbly boy was saying as he bounced up and around the other with surprising speed. "I've been looking all over for you, Jin Li! You were not there when I woke up this morning. Where did you go, Jin Li? You should have waited for me, I would have gone with you!"

Leon's eyes widened as the swiftly moving boy spoke continuously in this rapid way without seeming to pause for breath. It was taxing to watch him, Leon felt as if he were holding his own breath along side the boy. So he looked away and observed Jin Li instead, whose scowl was gradually deepening to the point where black lines appeared to be etched into his forehead. Leon felt a bubble of amusement rise into his throat, but it just as quickly dissipated when he saw the boy place both hands upon Jin Li's arm. His own scowl began to form, but he smoothed it away wondering what irked him so.

"Sun, let go," Jin Li snapped, interrupting the boy's endless audio of thoughts and questions. "As for where and why I left this morning, neither is your concern."

"Ah, Jin Li," the boy, Sun whined, "don't be like that. We are room mates now and roommates should get along, shouldn't they?"

"You have to share?" Leon found himself asking Jin Li. A knot began to twist in his stomach, but he ignored what it could mean.

Jin Li nodded. "The new outer students of the warriors school are placed in groups of four or two, depending on how promising they are. Individual rooms must be earned. However, in reality, only the top ten students will obtain one."

Leon tilted his head in thought and replied; "Then it should n-n-not take you too long to g-get one." Jin Li's lips curved with a hint of smugness. It was good that Leon... his servant recognised his worth.

"Jin Li, who is this?" Sun suddenly asked as if only now realising that his roommate was not alone.

"This is Leon, my... servant." Leon rolled his eyes at this description, but let it slide. Jin Li was Jin Li after all. But he didn't like the way that he was completely dismissed in Sun's eyes after Jin Li spoke.

"So, Jin Li, What are you doing now?" The boy recommenced his quick speech. "Have you had lunch? I think the kitchens may have stopped cooking now, but we could probably wheedle something if you are hungry. Or if you are not, Jin Li, we could go and spar in the arena for a while." He began to tug on Jin Li's arm, but could not make the mountain move, no matter how much he wished it.

Jin Li flicked his arm from Sun's grasp before stating; "I have business to attend to elsewhere. You may leave first."

The boy looked slightly crestfallen at the obvious dismissal, causing Leon to feel a little sorry for him. He placed his own hand upon Jin Li's arm, willing to speak up for the boy, but felt a chilling glare come suddenly from said direction.

"Ah, I am sorry to keep you waiting, boys," Teacher Sagi interrupted the tense air flowing between Leon, the 'faithful servant' and Sun, the 'hero worshiper.' Jin Li looked unperturbed. "Come on, the portals are this way."

Jin Li's perfectly styled brows rose as he heard the description of portals, but he soon came to realise that these had a limited range; to the warrior's upper school, no further and no where else.

As the inner schools were places where the strongest youths developed into strong cultivators, their borders were protected by shields created and maintained by several elderly mages. Flying beasts and curious men could not breach them. Even most cultivators would be hard pressed to break them, so the secrets of the inner schools were generally safe. However, one needed a way to enter them and that was through the portals that only a few held the keys to. One such person was Teacher Vane.

On hearing that the Teacher Sagi wished to send these outer school students through the portal to the inner school, Teacher Vane was full of reluctance and suspicion. He would only relent when Leon showed him the notification request that he had received from Teacher Corne. Teacher Vane visibly flinched when he caught sight of the name of the requester. Apparently, Teacher Corne was someone to be feared, but Leon couldn't be sure of his assumption having never met the man.

Teacher Vane finally allowed the three students to use the portals. Yes, somehow the boy, Sun, had followed his hero on his quest and managed to be included in their group.