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35 Chapter Thirty Five - I am sorry, you are how old?

Set up in the middle of the open street was a few tables and benches and at those tables were men in various styles of robes with one common theme; they were all coloured green and blue. Lines of teenagers, several in tattered attire, waited to be seen by the men. The clearly poorer youths were hustled to the back each time a pompous, over indulged and overbearing individual came along with their bodyguards and servants.

"I see a few of the commoner offspring are attempting to join the school again," one man with silken attire mused as he aired his painted face with a paper fan.

"Well the school does unfortunately encourage the poor dears," a woman with several ornate combs in her pinned hair mused.

"I guess at least they can make themselves useful fetching water," the boy with them muttered, before waltzing forward, to bully the commoners to retreat further in line.

Neither Jin Li nor Leon said anything about the arrogant behaviour of the wealthy; it was nothing that neither of them had not experienced... albeit on different sides of the playing field. There was also no guarantee that the school would admit the wealthy children into it anymore than the poor ones. Unless a back door was opened with a huge bribe. Of course if that was the case, the person walking through it, would not be waiting here.

Leon glanced over the men interviewing the candidates and noticed a familiar face. He was also startled to notice that he too had been seen.

The golden skinned youth approached him with a wide grin. Leon noticed that his height compared to Jin Li, but in terms of physical appearance, Leon would say that Pike was an unmovable mountain and Jin Li a tall, flexible pine tree. "Little Leo!" Pike called out, causing Jin Li's eyesbrows to rise. Leon placed his finger to his lips, hoping Jin Li would understand this term. Jin Li rolled his eyes heavenward, but glared a second message through his eyes; you will explain later.

"Senior P-Pike," Leon bowed slightly.

"I was planning on requesting for you soon," Pike admitted, sheepishly. "My Master favoured your pills for their consistency, despite the number being fairly great and hoped to gain more."

"J-j-just b-blood p-pills?" Leon asked.

"I will check with my Master what he seeks," Pike said, after a moment's thought. "I didn't expect you to be in town."

"J-just p-purchasing n-n-ne.. stuff," Leon replied, with a slight shrug. "G-got curious."

"Ah yes, this years... applicants," Pike did not look too impressed with any of them, whether rich, poor or somewhere in the middle. "Well there might be some talent lurking. I probably should not judge from just appearances."

"H-how o-o-old," Leon's throat was suddenly feeling dry and he struggled to finish the sentence.

"How old should the applicants be?" Pike finished for him and he nodded that this was what he meant. "Well, we usually take new students between 15 to 20 years of age; some study in sects or under private tutors before coming to us hence the range in age. Why do you ask?"

Leon had glanced up at Jin Li, but hearing the upper range felt disheartened. Although he had never enquiries, surely Jin Li was older than this. Jin Li tutted and leaned down to say with all seriousness. "I am seventeen years old."

Leon blinked a few times. "W-what?" Surely there was no way Jin Li was his junior in age, he must have heard him incorrectly!

I said..." Jin Li began to repeat his words.

"Who's this?" Pike asked Leon.

"M-m-my friend, J-Jin Li," Leon told him.

"Oh, he is looking to apply to the institute?" Pike asked.

"No," Jin Li said firmly, but Leon managed to squeak out a slightly louder affirmative, causing Jin Li to glare at him once more. "I don't need to."

"It's a g-g-good i-idea," Leon pressed him. "B-b-better f-facilities." Jin Li narrowed his eyes, but did not continue to deny or confirm his application.

Pike looked slightly confused regarding the interaction between the two, but thought it better not to question it. "Why don't I take you to speak with one of the Teacher's now," he suggested. "It doesn't hurt to apply. You won't necessarily be assigned to any school within the institute anyway."

Jin Li suddenly felt as if this boy was mocking him. Not get into what school? They would all beg for him to attend to their schools. "Fine," he agreed.