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Updates:128 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Eight - The way to Jin Li’s hear

Leon died very peacefully and quietly in his home world, in fact he hadn’t even been aware of his death.

When he awoke, he wished he had died.

Now he is in a world where the strong are merciless to the weak and the weak strive to be strong. But he doesn’t care about all that, he’s too busy looking for his glasses.

(Slash novel, probably wi...
《Learning To Live As A Cultivator》 Volume 1
1 Chapter One - I didn’t know I had died
2 Chapter Two - I come to realise that this is not my body
3 Chapter Three - I carve charms from my old world in my new one
4 Chapter Four - I wash my hair in the lake
5 Chapter Five - I read a book and learn what the cauldron is for
6 Chapter Six - I harvest wild herbs
7 Chapter Seven - I receive some unwelcome guests
8 Chapter Eight - I cultivate for the first time
9 Chapter Nine - I temper the fire and ruin the herbs
10 Chapter Ten - Did I mention that I am gay?
11 Chapter Eleven - I go and visit the Library
12 Chapter Twelve - I finally get to eat a lot of food!
13 Chapter Thirteen - I find out about the request system
14 Chapter Fourteen - I create fifty Blood Pills
15 Chapter Fifteen - I can’t find the right mushrooms
16 Chapter Sixteen - I feel true fear for the first time
17 Chapter Seventeen - I win over the man via his stomach
18 Chapter Eighteen - I have ended up with a room mate?
19 Chapter Nineteen - I learn the Little Lord’s name
20 Chapter Twenty - I learn the value of blue mushrooms
21 Chapter Twenty One - I visit Julip town
22 Chapter Twenty Two - I earn my first silver
23 Chapter Twenty Three - And I spend my first silver
24 Chapter Twenty Four - I share a bed with a man for the first time
25 Chapter Twenty Five - I argue with Jin Li
26 Chapter Twenty Six - My home has been ransacked
27 Chapter Twenty Seven - I'm not sure what to say
28 Chapter Twenty Eight - What I think about Jin Li
29 Chapter Twenty Nine - I wonder if this has changed things
30 Chapter Thirty - He dances about the glade
31 Chapter Thirty One - I cook, clean and create pills
32 Chapter Thirty Two - I gain a new recipe
33 Chapter Thirty Three - I meet the Blacksmith
34 Chapter Thirty Four - I discover new Julip town
35 Chapter Thirty Five - I am sorry, you are how old?
36 Chapter Thirty Six - I see an old foe
37 Chapter Thirty Seven - Jin Li is accepted into school
38 Chapter Thirty Eight - I commission a small stove?
39 Chapter Thirty Nine - I miss Jin Li
40 Chapter Forty - I level up!
41 Chapter Forty One - Jin Li returns for breakfas
42 Chapter Forty Two - But I have nothing for breakfas
43 Chapter Forty Three - I try to put business before pleasure but fail
44 Chapter Forty Four - I ride a griffin to the Warrior School
45 Chapter Forty Five - I meet a boy named Sun
46 Chapter Forty Six - A Senior tries to bully me
47 Chapter Forty Seven - I am introduced to Teacher Corne
48 Chapter Forty Eight - I learn about the Standings
49 Chapter Forty Nine - I watch a sparring before bed
50 Chapter Fifty - Sun wishes to be my rival?
51 Chapter Fifty One - The Martial Arts school has a request system too
52 Chapter Fifty Two - I attend a lecture
53 Chapter Fifty Three - I walk through the herb gardens
54 Chapter Fifty Four - My school’s Twin Lotuses
55 Chapter Fifty Five - I expand my repertoire
56 Chapter Fifty Six - Mystery meat and noodle soup
57 Chapter Fifty Seven - Jin Li causes others to blush
58 Chapter Fifty Eight - I am not part of this popularity contes
59 Chapter Fifty Nine - I have been labelled as a servant... again
60 Chapter Sixty - Oops, I used too much spiritual energy
61 Chapter Sixty One - I step on the path of research
62 Chapter Sixty Two - My research is filled with dead ends?
63 Chapter Sixty Three - I want to know more about Impurities
64 Chapter Sixty Four - Jin Li chooses a mission
65 Chapter Sixty Five - Sun convinces Jin Li to take a bath
66 Chapter Sixty Six - I’m in the care of an enemy
67 Chapter Sixty Seven - What happened to Sun’s bath?
68 Chapter Sixty Eight - I test my bath salts on Sun accidently
69 Chapter Sixty Nine - How did Sun break through?
70 Chapter Seventy - I find shelter upon the back of Jin Li
71 Chapter Seventy One - How Sun feels about girls.
72 Chapter Seventy Two - I am back to making pills.
73 Chapter Seventy Three - I am mesmerised by a Mesmyr
74 Chapter Seventy Four - We ride upon Baku
75 Chapter Seventy Five - I step into a world of beasts and poo
76 Chapter Seventy Six - My perfectly average pills
77 Chapter Seventy Seven - I have a heart to heart with Tor
78 Chapter Seventy Eight - I decide to plan for winter
79 Chapter Seventy Nine - My first experimen
80 Chapter Eighty - He has been busy
81 Chapter Eighty One - I get involved in a figh
82 Chapter Eighty Two - My ankle hurts
83 Chapter Eighty Three - Sun attains enlightenmen
84 Chapter Eight Four - What their eyes seek
85 Chapter Eighty Five - Jin Li considers marriage
86 Chapter Eighty Six - We are confronted at breakfas
87 Chapter Eighty Seven - I watch teams battle
88 Chapter Eighty Eight - It is time for Jin Li’s figh
89 Chapter Eighty Nine - A battle for honour and vengeance
90 Chapter Ninety - I am bathed in feelings
91 Chapter Ninety One - I witness battles in an illusion
92 Chapter Ninety Two - Should I worry about the Seniors or Jin Li?
93 Chapter Ninety Three - We begin the fourth day of the Standings
94 Chapter Ninety Four - And the top martial artist is...
95 Chapter Ninety Five - I break curfew
96 Chapter Ninety Six - I catch the eye of another man
97 Chapter Ninety Seven - I am taken care of by Jin Li
98 Chapter Ninety Eight - Just what did I do?
99 Chapter Ninety Nine - I return to household chores
100 Chapter One Hundred - I learn how to make Fox Bandages
101 Chapter One Hundred And One - I become the most hated?
102 Chapter One Hundred And Two - Jin Li can’t forgive nor forge
103 Chapter One Hundred And Three - Jin Li wants to punish me
104 Chapter One Hundred And Four - The Teachers choose their Students
105 Chapter One Hundred And Five - It is fate, don’t you think?
106 Chapter One Hundred And Six - Beginning my four rest days
107 Chapter One Hundred And Seven - I seem to be causing trouble for others
108 Chapter One Hundred And Eight - A sect wants my pills
109 Chapter One Hundred And Nine - It’s not a date
110 Chapter One Hundred And Ten - Was that supposed to be a punishment?
111 Chapter One Hundred And Eleven - I meet a perver
112 Chapter One Hundred And Twelve - Jin Li’s thought’s on kissing
113 Chapter One Hundred And Thirteen - I begin to aid my Master
114 Chapter One Hundred And Fourteen - I prove I have great control
115 Chapter One Hundred And Fifteen - I am also encouraged to improve
116 Chapter One Hundred And Sixteen - I prepare a lot of ingredients
117 Chapter One Hundred And Seventeen - Teacher, your methods are too much!
118 Chapter One Hundred And Eighteen - Sun learns a good lesson
119 Chapter One Hundred And Nineteen - Jin Li is reminded of me once more
120 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty - The cub wants koi fish
121 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty One - I discover a concubines jade beads.
122 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Two - I improve a pill accidently
123 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Three - How to say thank you...
124 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Four - Do you like me?
125 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Five - I admit defea
126 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Six - Jin Li is not winning either
127 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Seven - She seeks more than friendship
128 Chapter One Hundred And Twenty Eight - The way to Jin Li’s hear