"Sorry, Miss! I have a jealous girlfriend..." said the handsome, 6 foot 1in tall owner of the firm

biceps on her grip.

"Oops! I'm sorry."

The guy raised her up effortlessly and immediately brushed off her hands as soon as she gained her balance.
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Georgia was so both embarrassed and furious.

She reached for her phone again to answer the incoming call.

"Hey! Georgie, where are you? We've been waiting for decades," said the girl from the other line.

"I'm here at the entrance now, what table are you?" she replied as she passed the entrance security.

"Okay girls, she's here too. Late as well. Hmmm! So, what'll be this time...?" Emy's head scanned the bar as she puts down the phone.

It was her whom Georgie was talking to.