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440 Meeting Master Once Again

Yale's incarnation departed from Liye Academy with the envoy without alerting those in the academy.
Given the envoy's special status, no one found strange that he left directly after finishing his investigation.
"Ancient Master, I don't know where the Supreme Master is right now, but my master might know it. The problem is that even if I don't stop, I will need about three hundred years to reach the place where my master is right now..."
Although the envoy relied on the fame of the Supreme Master, they weren't close, and Yale's incarnation understood that he couldn't know where the Supreme Master was.
Thus, he just nodded and traveled almost three hundred years to the place where the envoy's master was residing.
The universe was enormous despite being a lower universe. In the past, Ancient Master Liye hadn't traveled much from his original place due to his lack of time, and the same applied to his disciples. Even, his master avoided going too far at that time.
There were a lot of habitable worlds in the nearby area, so it wasn't a big impediment for any of them.
However, after Liye's death, they all spread through the universe, and at that moment, they needed a lot of time too meeting others.
There wasn't any problem on their trip. The fame of those related to the Supreme Master wasn't low, and it was difficult that others would try to offend them without reason.
The envoy's master recognized Yale's incarnation as Liye at first sight. Although he was just a kid when Ancient Master Liye died, he started learning under his master from a young age and managed to meet Ancient Master Liye once before Liye's death.
His memories from that era were vague, but he remembered the impact he felt when Ancient Master Liye spoke to him.
Of course, at that Time Ancient Master Liye was an old man, and the man in front of him looked young, but since the aura was the same, he didn't doubt of Ancient Master Liye's identity.
He was someone who boasted a lot of having had the chance to meet Ancient Master Liye, so he was extremely respectful to Yale's incarnation, and it was respect from the bottom of his heart, not just respect because of Ancient Master Liye's position.
The few words he received from Ancient Master Liye helped him a lot when he remembered them after growing up.
"Ancient Master, I also don't know where Supreme Master is right now, but my master, your disciple, should know it. The problem is that he is quite far from here..."
Yale's incarnation heard that the position of that person was in the opposite direction from the world where Liye's Academy was located, and the estimated time to reach that place was almost a thousand years.
Yale's incarnation sighed at his bad luck but restrained his urges of stopping time and go alone.
After all, the time in the universe was still controlled by the Life and Death Trials, so it wasn't good if Yale stopped the time for too long as it may interfere with the trials.

Moreover, except for himself, others couldn't move when the time was stopped and his power to stop time in that universe was so big that Yale's incarnation was unable to control it to avoid freezing in time someone in particular.
Thus, he would need to go alone, but the envoy and his master were determined to follow him, and Yale's incarnation didn't want to abandon them since he knew that they would be rewarded for their actions after finding the Supreme Master.
Again, there wasn't any problem in the trip, and after near a thousand years they reached the place where one of Liye's disciples was resting.
Liye's disciple fell on his knees when he saw Yale's incarnation, and then, he started to cry.
"Master... I thought that I would never have the chance to see you again."
That disciple had lost his family when being too young, so Liye, who took care of him after the death of his parents, was like a father for him.
He didn't remember his parents, but he remembered clearly about his master.
"Prepare a banquet for my master. Quick! Use the best ingredients. I won't tolerate any mistake today."
Liye's disciple recomposed himself and issued orders to everyone in the big mansion he lived.
He always treated his servants very well, but he didn't mind being a demon if they offended his master.
Yale's incarnation wanted to look for his old master as soon as possible, but he didn't reject the banquet because he had been traveling for a lot of time and was quite bored.
An incarnation didn't need to eat, but the same applied to immortals, so it was something did just for pleasure.
The only difference was that an incarnation didn't have a physical body although it may seem like that at first sight, so he needed to concentrate in order to eat.
Strictly speaking, the food served couldn't compare to Lina's food, but it was quite nostalgic since all the dishes were the ones that he liked the most when living there as Liye.
While eating, Yale's incarnation finally discovered where his old master was, but again, the place was quite far.
Although fortunately, it wasn't again in the opposite direction, it was still in a different direction compared to the one they followed to reach that world.
For what Yale's incarnation heard, his old master went to one of his trips to find disciples, so they only knew the general area, but as long they were in that area of the universe, it wouldn't be difficult to detect him.
Liye's disciple was quite powerful, so the speed of travel was several times higher than before. The other two hid in the disciple's portable mansion before he stored it to avoid slowing down them.
Even with such speed, they needed a bit more than three thousand years to reach the remote area that the Supreme Master had chosen to pick a new disciple.
Both of them detected the Supreme Master's presence quickly since he was always emitting his aura without restraints. After all, he didn't fear anyone in the universe.
However, when both of them were to land on the asteroid where the Supreme Master put his house, Yale felt a change in the time flow of the universe.
"It seems that my disciple died... Although the lifespan before immortality is lower here than in my universe, he shouldn't have died so soon. Probably he was killed by someone... I thought to hide my incarnation in his soul again by stopping the time after finding my old master, but it will be impossible now. Recently I am having a lot of bad luck."
Yale's incarnation thought that, but he just shook his head and forgot about it since he still knew of another method to return to his universe to send the information to his real body. However, if he used it, he felt that he wouldn't be able to return, so it was the same as hiding on his disciple's soul.
Yale's incarnation and his old disciple walked towards the house, and the doors opened automatically when they neared them.
The same process repeated several times until they reached the room where the Supreme master was waiting for them with a smile on his face.
"Liye, I knew that we were fated to meet again, but I always felt that I would be the one going to your place."
Yale's incarnation smiled.
"It is a pleasure to meet you again, master. We need to speak about a lot of things because it will be difficult for me to return to this place after leaving."
Although they didn't mention explicitly, both of them knew that the point both of them wanted to speak about was how to surpass the limitations of the lower universe to go to Yale's one.
"We can take our time to speak. It seems that this time, you don't need to bother by how much time you spend here. Thus, I want you to meet my new disciple first. Come!"
The Supreme Master valued a lot his disciples, and it was usual for him to want them to meet each other, so Yale nodded just before a door opened and a young man with a serious face entered into the room.
The clothes of the man were quite normal in that universe being quite loose, and there was also a sword on his waist since the storage items were far rarer than in Yale's universe.
Even a lot of old immortals didn't have a storage artifact, so it wasn't that strange that the other party didn't have one.
At first sight, he appeared to be quite a normal man, without anything outstanding or extravagant on him.
The Supreme Master never cared about those things, so no one was surprised by his choice either.
However, Yale's incarnation was utterly shocked when he looked at that man. Being an incarnation didn't lower his perception about others. Although he couldn't use Divine Eyes or Celestial Knowledge with an incarnation of that level, he was still very good at seeing through people, and Yale's incarnation saw thought the soul of that man.
Suddenly, Yale's incarnation felt that all his back luck was compensated immediately.
"I am glad to meet you, again. I am truly surprised to have found you here, Master Swordmad."