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271 Chapter 271 - Tang Xiao

With the elimination of the Qinggang No. 5 High School, the next game became more intense.

Teams and teams also began to encounter each other.

First, Qinggang No.10 high school met Yazun.

Although Wu Baofang of Qinggang No. 10 was an archer, his shooting skills did not have much effect at all in the face of Yazun's powerful five players, and Yazun easily avoided.

So next, Qinggang No. 10 High School was completely eliminated ...



Qinggang No. 3 High School met Taian No. 2 High School.

Although in the previous battle with the barbarians, Qinggang No. 3 High School lost a player, but Taian No. 2 High School is even more unlucky.

They encountered a beast like a leopard, and paid the price of three team members to hurt and injured that beast.

However, when they released the help bomb, Qinggang No. 3 High School happened to be not far away.

Then Qinggang No. 3 High School went in the direction of the help bomb, and then met the two remaining people in Taian No. 2 High School.

"Captain, run away, I'll hold them!"

Another member of Tai'an No. 2 High School rushed forward and blocked four students of Qinggang No. 3 High School with one person.

The captain of Tai'an No. 2 High School laughed, hesitated, and turned around.

There was a sudden taunt in the barrage.

[It's a shame, just leave teammates and run away.]

[It's still the captain, really ruthless!]

[This kind of person really can't be a teammate. Who knows if he will abandon his teammates directly in the future?]

But someone also helped Tang Xiao.

[Escape is the right choice at this time?]

[Yes, for the whole team!]

[He can't live up to the expectations of his teammates.]

]Where there is life, there is hope.]

[He runs away, at least better than the whole team failed!]

But can Tang Xiao really run away?

Qinggang No. 3 High School naturally would not let go of this opportunity, so two students entangled the student, and the remaining two chased after Tang Xiao.

Although his vitality has broken three, none of the Qinggang No.3 high school has broken three.

However, just now against the leopard beast, although he was not injured, he also consumed a lot of physical strength and energy. His state is not at its peak, and he is not sure about one-on-two.

The problem is that he was full of ambitions before. He wanted to make a name for himself in this competition and even had to fight with Yazun and Yucai.

However, he did not expect that the reality was so cruel. He did not even meet Yazun and Yucai, and his team was almost completely annihilated. Then he was chased by the bottom-most team.

This is a great shame for Tang Xiao, whose heart is higher than the sky!

The teachers and students of Tai'an No. 2 High School in front of the TV were all ugly.


"The beast in this competition is too strong, much stronger than in the past few years, which is too unfair!"

"No way. I heard that this time it was ordered uniformly above to make the training more difficult. No wonder we are still too weak."

"Is that terrifying in Different World?"

"Yeah, being a strong person is certainly a yearning, but the risks are too great. It is so cruel in one experience and really went to Different World. Isn't it like we are going to die? Or just being an ordinary person, maybe life won't be so wonderful, but at least it 's safe and live a long life! "

"Woohoo, is our school going to be wiped out like this? Senior Tang Xiao said before that he would return with the top three."

"Hey, the top three? Don't you dare to believe this kind of word?"

"You are not allowed to say this, what do you keyboard guys do?"

But at this time on TV, Tang Xiao's situation was extremely dangerous, and the classmate who stayed behind was also "killed."

Four students of Qinggang No. 3 High School have surrounded Tang Xiao.

Seeing that Tang Xiao was about to be beaten by the group, at this moment, suddenly a distant voice sounded:

"Well? Isn't this Captain Tang Xiao from Tai'an No. 2 High School? There's a good show!"

A ridiculous voice immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Especially the four members of Qinggang No. 3 High School, when they saw a group walking not far away, their faces suddenly changed: "Yazun ?!"

That's right.

It was the five-member group of Yazun, who came out slowly from a jungle at this time.

Tang Xiao hurriedly called for help: "Sister Ying! For the sake of Tai'an, save me!"

Ying Nanyan didn't say anything, Gao ******* pulled out the broadsword, and he was so arrogant that he broke the road in his hand: "Hey, since we met Qinggang No. 3 High School, leave here!"

The remaining four members of Qinggang No. 3 High School looked at each other with a cold heart.
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They met Yazun, do they need to fight? !!

Even if their five-man squad is full, it is not an opponent, let alone one person is missing.

Someone whispered, "Captain, should we join forces to kill this Tang Xiao and surrender? If we kill a team in this way, we are not in vain!"

Xia Yangyang, the captain of Qinggang No. 3 High School, looked at Tang Xiao, who changed his face, and pondered for a moment, and said, "No, let us surrender!"

After speaking, he turned to Nanyan and said loudly: "Yes, Captain Ying, don't fight, we surrender!"

Five people of Yazun: "..."


Ying Nanyan smiled bitterly: "Captain Xia, you don't need to? It's hard to meet each other, so why not fight? You can rest assured that my people are very experienced and will not cause too much damage to everyone."

Xia Yangyang smiled slightly and said, "It should not be necessary to fight. We know that the gap between you and your school is too great, and there is no way to make progress. It is better to surrender directly. So as not to affect the next college entrance examination . "

As he said, his eyes motioned to the team members to take out the flare guns. Although they were a little puzzled, they did not hesitate to take them out.

Then they collectively blasted for help in the sky, and then the four of them sat around and waited for the rescue teacher's arrival with the team members of Tai'an No. 2 High School and another member of Qinggang No. 3 High School.

In this way, Tang Xiao was safe.

He walked to Ying Nanyan with grateful expression, thanking him, "Sister Ying, it's great that you arrived in time, thank you for your help!"

Ying Nanyan said: "You are the only one left at Tai'an No. 2 High School?"

Tang Xiao said: "Yeah, it seems I am careless. I don't know if you have considered my previous proposal for cooperation. Although there is only me left in Tai'an No. 2 High School, I believe that with my strength, I should be able to help, Let me join you. "

Gao ******* was a little bit upset: "A person who can't even keep his teammates, what qualifications are there to cooperate with us?"

In his opinion, these people rely on their own strength, one and two want to cooperate with them, regarding their Yazun as a charity?

One Zhong Yihan and one Tang Xiao, both of them knew nothing.

Zhang Baosi frowned, "Sister Ying..."

Ying Nanyan was a little hesitant. After all, Tang Xiao was also a student in Tai'an, so she didn't perform too ruthlessly, otherwise it would easily affect reputation.

Thinking of this, she suddenly glanced at Xia Yangyang and found that he was sitting there calmly and calmly without any upset of surrender.

No wonder Xia Yangyang surrendered so simply that even let Tang Xiao go. It turned out that he wanted to see what Ying Nanyan will do.

If Xia Yangyang eliminated Tang Xiao, Ying Nanyan would not have to worry about it.

But just so, this guy left Tang Xiao with them.

So, do they accept Tang Xiao?