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213 Chapter 213 - Song Guan“s Advice

Song Guan nodded bitterly and said, "In fact, despite the law, it is rude to rashly propose a DNA test. For this reason, the chairman was also reprimanded by the deputy mayor. But Li Hanguo was very generous to stand up and round the field and asked for an inspection on his own initiative, and the deputy mayor testified in person. "

"The result of the inspection ... he is a normal human and there is no alienation of the DNA, so his suspicions have been thoroughly washed away!"

Zhong Yihan frowned, walking back and forth without stopping.

Song Guan continued: "Of course, Li Hanguo himself expressed a great deal of this inspection, thinking that cracking down on the fallen is the obligation of every human being, but despite his generosity, the chairman was also reprimanded by the deputy mayor. But these are trivial matters that are not worth mentioning. "

"It's just that the president asked me to tell you that it is related to the fallen, so our investigation will continue, but it must not be such a big investigation, and the president specifically told you that you must be careful not to act lightly! "

Zhong Yihan said for a moment: "President Liang means ..."

Song Guan smiled and said, "Even if Li Hanguo had cleaned up the suspicion, but who can guarantee that it was not his subordinates who did it? With his current financial status, it is normal for him to recruit some subordinates to do things for himself. But things happened. After all, all the clues pointed to him. Although he proved himself innocent, he was still the most suspicious. "

"However, our investigation of him can not be so bold. After all, his identity is not low, and he has proved himself innocent. We must not be able to conduct a face-to-face trial. We can only investigate and obtain evidence in secret."

"But President Liang is worried that you will lose your breath, so let me come here to remind you, don't act lightly!"

Zhong Yihan understood.

It turned out that Song Guan said so much that there is only one core meaning-that is, telling himself, don't act lightly!

Although Li Hanguo proved himself innocent, his suspicions have not been completely washed away, so for Zhong Yihan, this is obviously not good news.

Liang Jinfeng was worried that Zhong Yihan was young and vigorous, and felt that this was a good opportunity to overthrow Li Hanguo, so he was worried that he would go to secretly investigate Li Hanguo and thus fall into danger. So Song Guan came to remind him.

This was a good intention. Zhong Yihan could only lead it and nodded: "Brother Song, I understand. Thank you for the kindness of President Liang, and I remember. And you and President Liang are at ease, I know What's the most important task for me right now, then I will retreat and concentrate on improving my strength to prepare for the next college entrance examination. In addition, I will not care about other things! "

With a smile on Song Guan's face, he said, "No wonder President Liang has always praised you, you are a smart man. Very good, Zhong Yihan, you are not smart, but great wisdom!"

Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "I don't have any great wisdom, but I know what is more important."

Song Guan shook his head and said, "It's great wisdom. I'm almost forty years old this year. I've seen a lot of amazing characters, but in fact, not many people can know it. Many outstanding young people overestimated themselves because they were dazzled by the results in front of them, and then did something beyond their control, and eventually died young ... In fact, they obviously only need to wait patiently for a while. "

"You're fine. You're not overwhelmed by your own progress, and you know what can be done, what can't be done. What needs to be done now, what is waiting to be done in the future. Very good, very good!"

Zhong Yihan knows that this is a senior who is teaching his precious philosophy of life, and he clenches his fist: "Thank you, Brother Song."

Song Guan laughed and said, "I have nothing to mention about you. With your talent and hard work, you could surpass me and wanted to come only within the past two years. We all know that you are anxious now for your father. This is not a matter of urgency. In fact, your father is well in jail, and you are only three months away from the college entrance examination ... "

"More than three months passed in a blink of an eye. When you enter the Top Four, you will become the only student who has entered the Top Four in Anping County in the past five years. You may not even wait until the college entrance examination. Only you show the great strength, your father's affairs, then it is not a thing at all. "

"At that time, even if Li Hanguo himself, maybe he would personally come to the door and apologize, and obediently send your father out. And even if he didn't do, you have enough potential, and naturally, someone will show you his favor. And if Li Hanguo is smart enough, he would never offend a genius who could be admitted to the Top Four because of such a trivial matter! "

"So, work hard! That's what you do now!"

Zhong Yihan held his fist and thanked again, "I understand!"

Song Guan nodded with satisfaction. The more he looked at Zhong Yihan, the more he liked him. He has seen many young and talented talents, but there are not many young talents who can control themselves and know how to be good.

Song Guan held his fist in return and said, "Okay, things are basically explained, then you should practice well. But you must also be careful on weekdays because no one knows whether those fallen people will hit you again! "

"I understand, thank you, brother Song."
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Just as Song Guan and Zhong Yihan explained things.

A slaughterhouse on the outskirts of Anping County, at the mysterious square underground.

Yun Chao kneeled on one knee in front of the altar, and said, "Respect the Lord, I have dealt with it."

On the altar, Li Hanguo smiled viciously and said, "This Zhong Yihan really has two brushes. Xie Wengong can't kill him. This was to my expectation, but he could resist the evil god power! Combined with his rapid growth in just six months, I can conclude that this person must have a secret! "

Yun Chao said: "Should we all dispatch together to capture Zhong Yihan and bring him back to torture him?"

"Are you crazy? Now the Kung Fu Association already knows about the 'fallen men'. Now the entire Anping County and its surroundings have been cast down by a huge network. Are you going out to die now?"

After a pause, Li Hanguo said: "Fortunately, I have been prepared for a long time, the devil gave me the power of the avatar, and now this avatar helped me to elute the suspicion temporarily, but Liang Jinfeng is not easy to deal with, He would not give up my investigation so easily. So, now, stop all ground operations and practice with peace of mind! "

"As for that Zhong Yihan ... don't care about him for now. Since Xie Wengong didn't kill him, then his life belongs to you, then according to the plan, during the college entrance examination, use his blood and the blood of the top geniuses in the province to welcome the coming of my God! "

"For my God to come, why not let him live a few more days now?"