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208 Chapter 208 - Xie Wengong“s Strange

Within twenty minutes, Zhong Yihan rushed to the abandoned fertilizer plant.

Because it is dark, there is almost no light in the abandoned fertilizer plant, and there is only one light source visible to the naked eye.

Zhong Yihan released Xia Ling in advance and told her that the abducted person was Zhu Zhenxing, that is, the fat man who lived with them. Let Xia Ling find the position of the fat man first and hide later.

At the critical moment, Xia Ling is still very reliable. At least for now, it is stronger than Xiao Hei, so Zhong Yihan is also assured.

After Xia Ling flew into the night, Zhong Yihan found the past along the light source.

Although there was some speculation in his heart, when he really saw a light, Zhu Zhenxing was tied to the pillar, and Xie Wengong beside him stood still, but couldn't help but be taken aback.

Xie Wengong stood there, intact?

what's going on? !!

Fortunately, although Zhu Zhenxing looked slightly swollen, he didn't seem to be seriously injured.

Zhong Yihan jumped off the speeding car, landed on a roof, and said, "I'm here, you can let Zhu Zhenxing go."

At the same time, Zhong Yihan looked at the surrounding situation quickly to prevent someone from attacking suddenly.

Xie Wengong, in a black sweater, showed a weird smile under the light, and said, "No hurry, we have time, just wait."

When Zhong Yihan saw Xie Wengong's face relaxed and cozy, he seemed to have confidence and was more cautious in his heart.

Xie Wengong was too weird.

In addition to being able to stand up intact now, Zhong Yihan even noticed a weird but huge breath from him!

Zhong Yihan's vitality has now broken through 2.9 and will soon break through 3, and his mental strength is now broken by 3.

Therefore, his perception is much sharper than that of ordinary people, and he can clearly feel that Xie Wengong's body is wrong.

Spooky, weird, and very uncomfortable.
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Zhong Yihan secretly raised his vigilance.

At this time, a dark shadow emerged from the darkness on the side and said, "Brother Gong, I haven't seen anyone else. It seems that he did come alone."

It is Yang Zeyu.

Xie Wengong smiled with satisfaction, and said, "Zhong Yihan, you are still savvy, so I will temporarily save the fat man's life."

"Less nonsense. Hurry up and let people go. What's up for me!"

Xie Wengong laughed: "Of course I want to come to you! Zhong Yihan, come down and fight with me, you win, I let the fat man go, if you lose, you two should not go!"

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly, could not help but said, "Are you stupid?"

Xie Wengong laughed even more madly, and cried loudly: "Zhong Yihan, Zhong Yihan, Today, I will rely on my true strength to step you under my feet! Let you know that you are not even an ant in the face of real power! "

Zhong Yihan was in deep doubt.

He can feel Xie Wengong's momentum is stronger than before, but he really can't figure out, where does this guy's confidence comes to provoke him?

At this time, Xia Ling secretly flew behind Zhong Yihan and whispered: "Master, Xia Ling flew around, and I didn't see any other bad giants. There are only four of you here!"

After hearing Xia Ling's words, Zhong Yihan was even more confused.

Originally thought that Xie Wengong had more helpers, but he did not expect that there were only four of them. How could this guy drink a few pounds of wine to be confident?

The situation in front of him really makes Zhong Yihan somewhat incomprehensible.

At this time Xie Wengong said, "Why, the famous Zhong Yihan is persuading now? Don't dare?"

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly and jumped down slightly from the roof.

Regardless of Xie Wengong's conspiracy, it seems that he must do it, and Zhong Yihan is now very confident in his own strength!

Even without the Tang knife in hand, his basic boxing skills have reached the full level before training for a period of time.

After completing the level, several sets of "primary boxing" appeared in the mall, and he exchanged a set of "tiger boxing" which is being practiced.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan is very confident in his own strength. Looking at the third grade of Anping County, he should be completely invincible. Even with the suburban Yazun High School, it is estimated that only a few people, such as Ying Nanyan, temporarily over him.

So no matter what Xie Wengong has any conspiracy cards ... In a word, just fight!

Seeing Zhong Yihan coming down from the roof, Xie Wengong raised a cold smile on the corner of his mouth and said to Yang Zeyu on the side: "You look at this fat man, I will meet him!"

After that, he rushed up with a punch and slammed directly into Zhong Yihan's face.

Zhong Yihan raised his hand to take a fist but only felt that the opponent's power was surprisingly high, and it could never be the level of vitality 1.3-according to his experience, Xie Wengong's power of this fist was at least 2!

Xie Wengong hurriedly changed his tactics. But in Zhong Yihan's eyes, this guy's boxing method is full of flaws. Although he doesn't know how his power has improved and why his injury is suddenly good, his essence is weak.

This has not changed at all!


Zhong Yihan grabbed a flaw in his boxing skills and struck Xie Wengong's waist, kicking him straight away.

After completing the basic adjustment of the second type, Zhong Yihan can now control his power very well. The power of this foot is so great that even a small tree can kick-off!

However, although Xie Wengong flew in one kick, Zhong Yihan did not feel a little happy.

Because he felt that he didn't kick at all like a person, but like hard pig iron. The rebound force made his feet hurt a bit!

how can that be?

In the end, what kind of power can Xie Wengong recover from serious injuries, increase his strength within a few days, and ... even his body has become reinforced?

Xie Wengong got up from the ground, patted the dust on his body, and grinned: "It is indeed Zhong Yihan, and has superb fighting skills. I am really inferior to you."

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly. This guy spoke with full vigor and he was not injured, but ... how is this possible?

Xie Wengong sneered, took out a machete from one side, and said, "It's just that I didn't say I would fight with you fairly. Now I have a weapon in hand, let's fight again!"