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124 Chapter 124 - Energy Formation

When Zhong Yihan saw Zhong Qiaoyue coming in, he immediately laughed and said, "sister, with brother, to witness this miraculous moment!"

Zhong Qiaoyue pouted her lips: "What a miracle ... Brother, you have been playing with these things for almost two months. What the hell are these things?"

Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "Good thing!"

After speaking, he took a few steps back and said loudly, "Next, the time to witness the miracle is here, Dangdang Dangdang!"
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"start up!"

Zhong Yihan slammed his fingers. The messy stones in front of him suddenly lighted up.

The light was getting brighter and brighter, and it formed a mysterious symbol in the air.

Then the symbol exploded, the light spread, and everything came to peace.

Zhong Qiaoyue looked at him: "Is this over?"

Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "Don't worry, everything has a process, you will see it later."

Zhong Qiaoyue rolled her eyes: "What are you waiting for? Mom is ready for breakfast, so hurry up and eat!"

"Well ... I guess there really is a certain amount of time until it takes effect, so eat first!"

Watching Zhong Yihan ran out, Zhong Qiaoyue murmured, wouldn't he be crazy?

He went to the restaurant on the east side. Today's breakfast is rice noodles, and the soup is the beef broth that has been boiled for a long time. Zhong Yihan ate so much!

The mother's cooking skill is really getting better!

Zhong Qiaoyue was also gobbling around, while Zhang Aimei looked happily at her children eating and drinking.

Hey, if their dad were here, the family would be perfect!

Zhong Yihan saw his mother's thoughts and said, "Mom, I'll go find someone to contact and give my father a bail, at least to get him out on New Year's Eve. Our family will have a good year."

Zhang Aimei was pleasantly surprised: "Is this okay? Is there any trouble?"

"How can there be any trouble? Just bail," Zhong Yihan patted his chest. "I'll talk to someone. I don't need to spend money, just a question of greeting. And, many people now know that Dad is those who have been wronged, this kind of thing is to open one eye and close one eye. But my strength is a bit worse now, there is no way to overwhelm the Li family, otherwise, my dad would have washed away his grievances and released without charge! "

Tears were shining in Zhang Aimei's eyes: "Son, you are already great now! We are proud of you!"

This is the true truth of Zhang Aimei. Since she moved to this villa, all her old friends have gone crazy. They inquired everywhere what happened.

Next is Zhong Yihan's rapid rise in Anping No.1 high school.

After all, Anping County is just small. The resident population is 5500,000 to 600,000 people, and those who go to school at home encountered it on weekdays ...

This is really the case in a small place. Two people who don't know each other just sit down and talk, and they will surely have a common acquaintance.

Now that Zhang Aimei's old friends and old neighborhoods, everyone knows that Zhong Yihan is now working well, and it will not be a problem to be admitted to the Kung Fu Academy in the future.

Although they don't quite understand where the Zhong family has so much money to buy a villa, although there are still some people who can't eat grapes and say sour grapes, they privately ridicule Zhong family and say that they are stupid to spend so much money to buy a house now.

But Zhong Yihan's name has changed from a previously ridiculed waste to "a child of someone else's house".

Eat for a while.

Zhong Qiaoyue suddenly drew a small nose and said, "Mom, do you think the air in the room is suddenly much better?"

"Huh?" Zhang Aimei hesitated, then reacted, "Yeah, it seems to be a lot better, eh? I feel that the whole person is very relaxed and comfortable now, this feeling is strange, never before! "

Zhong Qiaoyue nodded quickly: "Yeah, yeah, I think so!"

Then she saw Zhong Yihan snickering aside, and quickly said, "Brother, what have you done?"

"Nothing!" Zhong Yihan raised his face, glanced at his mother, and said, "Eat your meal!"

Zhong Qiaoyue immediately "Oh", she knew that her brother must have something and didn't want to be known to her mother-brothers and sisters for so many years, this tacit understanding still exists.

Zhong Yihan quickly chopped the rice noodles in the bowl and said, "Mom, I'm full, I'm going to practice!"

Zhong Qiaoyue quickly put down the bowl and said, "I'm full!", And then chased after Zhong Yihan and ran away.

Zhang Aimei reluctantly: "These two children are very frizzy and don't know what secrets they have ... Hey, but suddenly the whole person is relaxed, which is strange."

Zhong Qiaoyue chased Zhong Yihan all the way to the practice room on the third floor of Xidong and asked, "Brother, what have you done?"

Zhong Yihan smiled proudly and handed her something.

"Energy tester? Why are you giving me this ... Fuck! What's the matter ?! The energy Index in your room has broken 4?"

Seeing Zhong Qiaoyue swearing excitedly, Zhong Yihan bounced on her forehead and said, "Who did the girl learn bad words from?"

"No, it's just ... ok, fine, I won't say it!" Zhong Qiaoyue rubbed her head in a grievance, and then she looked excited again. "Still up? 4.2! "

She looked at Zhong Yihan: "Brother, this is what you have done for these two months ?!"

Zhong Yihan said, "This is a formation! Have you heard of formation ?!"

"Formation..." Zhong Qiaoyue was shocked, "Brother, when are you going to do formation ?!"

"Your brother is so great, is there anything I can't do?"

Looking at Zhong Qiaoyue's face questioning, Zhong Yihan said, "Oh, you don't care how I can, I just can! I tell you that the function of this formation is to gather the energy into our villa. Now that the formation is just starting, energy has not yet reached its peak, so you wait to see it at night. Hey, our villa will be a blessing in the future! "

Zhong Qiaoyue clutched her heart: "Energy has broken 4 and hasn't reached the peak yet? How much is that peak?"

"I guess it must be at least 6. Okay" Zhong Yihan gave her a scornful look, and then said seriously, "You don't need to know how I did it, you just need to know, our house energy will be higher than those famous mountains and rivers on the earth but don't tell mom about this. "


"Mom doesn't understand energy. You told her she didn't understand the importance of this matter. If mom goes outside and tells people, it's troublesome!"

Zhong Qiaoyue thought about it and immediately nodded.

What is the concept of energy index breaking 6?

Looking at the entire earth, even in places with space cracks, the energy Index breaking 6 is an incredible value.

If this kind of place is to let others know, then their family will definitely incur a lot of troubles, and even some people may rob!

The Zhong family's power is too small to withstand such frustrations.

But thinking of she can practice in energy index breaking 6, Zhong Qiaoyue couldn't wait to laugh!

Their home is really developed this time!