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98 Chapter 98 - Please Close Your Eyes in the Dark

Qiao Cheng looked at Li Xinyu carefully and looked at her up and down. The other side's naked eyes made Li Xinyu very uncomfortable. She unconsciously adjusted her posture and made herself face to the side as much as possible.

"Little girl, are you brave enough? At this time, your companions are all scared like quails. Only you have the mind to set my words? Hey, look at your talking and dress, you should have a good background, right? The girl also said that your family is very good, how good is it, come and tell me, I may let you go. "

Qiao Cheng's voice was soft, not at all like that, but more like a cat-and-mouse play.

"I advise you not to struggle anymore. It looks bad if you are physically damaged. And you don't have to test me, and I am not afraid to tell you that I am trapped here, so I will take you hostage. You can only blame the people for being too aggressive. I have been locked up for seven years, but they have not planned to let me go. There is no way, you just happen to be delivered to my door, so just take you hostage. "

"Good family life? I like your good family hostage so that the people dare not act lightly!"

Qiao Cheng stood up, looked at the five people in the audience, and slowly walked to Zhang Li.

Zhang Li's face was pale and she was struggling to step back.

At this moment, she already knew that the person in front of her was no longer the boy who was willing to let her before, but a really cruel and murderous monster who did not blink!

Qiao Cheng squatted in front of Zhang Li: "What's your name?"

"Zhang, Zhang Li, you, don't kill me, please, don't kill me!"

There was a hint of irony in Qiao's eyes, and he said, "It's strange, why are you here?"

"Unsurprisingly, all four should be wealthy children, right? But you, Zhang Li, your family conditions should be average, huh, you don't have to look at me like this. And, in terms of strength, the four of them are much higher than you, and I wonder, how did you get involved? "

"Beauty? It 's not right. Although you are deliberately dressed up before you come to practice, highlighting your strengths, in my opinion, it is just a normal commodity. If that girl can score eight points, It 's good that you have five points like this, so it 's weird. You are weak and have a bad family and look ugly, and you also have a bad temper ... Why are they willing to play with you? "

Zhang Li hated him, and no one dared to despise her so naked. These words were like the sharpest knife, easily tearing her camouflage into shatters. She wanted to say something, but the thought of the other person was murder, she didn't say anything.

Qiao Cheng didn't seem to be satisfied. He looked at Du Tianqing and said, "She is your girlfriend?"

Du Tianqing shook his head in a hurry.

Qiao Yan looked at Yang Yuan again: "That's yours?"

Yang Yuan was silent for two seconds. This question of whether he liked or disliked should not make Zhang Li life-threatening.

But if he nodded, would the other person kill him on the grounds that he was not interested?

In the end, Yang Yuan sought truth from facts and shook his head to deny it.

"That must be you."

Qiao Yan looked at Zhang Bo, and he shook his head in a hurry.

Qiao Cheng touched his chin and looked at Zhang Li: "It's weird. No one likes you. How did you get involved?"

Zhang Li panicked, and Qiao's eyes made her instinctively scared.

What is he trying to do?

At this time Li Xinyu said: "She is my friend."

"Actually, I know," Qiao Cheng revealed his yellow teeth and smiled proudly. "Because there is only this one possibility left, and what I also know is that it must be Zhang Li who is relying on you, right? I have seen your previous conflicts. A person who has nothing actually wants to command others. What is she doing? "

Although their positions were different, Qiao Cheng at the moment was deeply agreed by the three boys.

Zhang Li has always been such a villain.

Qiao Cheng suddenly took a dagger from his body, and then looked at Zhang Li: "If I tell you, as long as you kill Li Xinyu, I will let you go, can you do it?"

Zhang Li's expression changed dramatically: "You are crazy, how could I kill her ?!"

Qiao Cheng smiled with a cruel smile: "Oh, it seems you don't understand me, then I say it again, if you don't kill her, I will kill you, will you do it?"

After speaking, Qiao Cheng put the dagger on Zhang Li's neck and gently struck a blood mark on her neck.

Zhang Li's expression was terrified, and her body shivered.

She wanted to refuse, but the coldness of the dagger prevented her from saying a word.

She didn't want to die.

She has too many things to do!

She can't die yet!

Li Xinyu couldn't bear to see Zhang Li being tortured, and was furious, "What on earth do you want to do! Don't hurt her!"

Zhang Li suddenly grasped the life-saving straw, and hurriedly said, "Yes, she has money at home, and she can satisfy whatever you want. I have no money at home, even if you kill me, it's no use! "

Zhang Li's tone was already crying, but her words made Li Xinyu's heart sink.

Yang Yuan angered: "Zhang Li! Do you know what you're talking about? Xinyu kindly helped you. You actually say such things, do you have any conscience!"

"You don't need to care! Xinyu herself said to help me, what are you talking about!"

Then she looked at Li Xinyu and begged: "Xinyu, Xinyu, please help me, please help me, I don't want to die!"

Li Xinyu closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and said, "Qiao Cheng, what exactly do you want to do ?!"

Qiao Cheng laughed: "Nothing, I just want to play a game with you! Next, I need to kill one person and let another go! The person who let go, take the body of the person killed and go outside to tell the Kung Fu Association. Tell them there are two more hostages here. If they don't want to see the hostages die anymore, they need to obey me! "

"As for whoever you die and who leaves, I leave the choice to you. Should you all have played the killing game? Now listen, let me give you three seconds, and you will remember where everyone is, Three, two, one ... "

"Fine, now,' please close your eyes in the dark '... all eyes closed. If I see you open your eyes, I will kill anyone!"

"Very good! Now, when it's time for you to choose, whoever you choose to leave will look in the direction of that person, and the person with the highest votes will leave!"

"Very good, little girl, is your name Li Xinyu? It looks like your popularity is pretty good. You got three votes out of the four votes. You can leave later, but you need to take a person's body! "
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"Then proceed to the next round, and you continue to vote with your eyes closed, choosing the person who was killed ..."

"Very Good! Zhang Li! Three of the four votes cast you, so congratulations, you will be the one killed!"