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91 Chapter 91 - Fight the Wolves

Ning Jinshui's abduction incident was resolved in a shocking manner, and everyone was relieved to continue roasting hares.

The chef is naturally Zhu Fat, don't look at him as a rich second-generation, but in fact, there is a restaurant chef-level craftsmanship, steaming, frying, frying, and roasting ravioli, there is no one he cannot!

Therefore, the final roasted rabbit meat is golden in appearance and uniformly heated, and there is no trace of charred. Unfortunately, there is no cumin pepper, only salt, or the flavor is definitely more fragrant.

Of course, the most praised one is the mutant hare.

It big and fat, there really is a medicinal odor in the meat, and it tastes really delicious!

So the mutant hare was immediately divided up by the five, and even Ming Jiajia couldn't help but eat a mouthful of oil and kept giving Zhu Fat a thumbs up.

"It's delicious! Fat man, it's a pity that you don't want to be a chef for this craft!"

"That's it! Zhu Zhenxing, I take back the previous one, with your cooking skill, I believe any team will need you!"

"It's really delicious ... it can be so fragrant without seasonings, oh, unfortunately, this mutant hare is too hard to find, and it will be eaten in just a few mouthfuls!"

"Ordinary rabbits are also delicious, just lacking a little fragrant."

Everyone had a beautiful meal, one after another ate a mouthful of oil and then lay on the grass with a full stomach to rest.

But at this moment, a small figure quietly flew in the ear of Zhong Yihan, and whispered, "Master, there are three big dogs coming here."

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly and finally came to a challenge.

He hurriedly said, "Everyone is up, there is movement!"

The crowd froze and saw Zhong Yihan had stood up to prepare the black sword and longbow, and immediately knew he was not joking, so they got up quickly.

The fat man carried the giant axe, and yelled, "Is there another robber?"

"Almost ... look there!"

Several people looked in the direction pointed by Zhong Yihan, and it turned out that there were abnormal fluctuations in the grass there.

Fan looked at it vigorously for a while and exclaimed: "Look! It's a wolf!"

"There are three!"

Zhong Yihan laughed: "This is just a chance to practice, Dali, Jinshui, and Jiajia. You each deal with one, I'll help you."

The three looked at each other, and they saw the panic and anxiety in each other's eyes.

Can they kill these wild wolves? !!

Zhong Yihan saw that the three had no confidence, and said, "Jia Jia, weren't you asking me before, how did the knife momentum come out?"

Pointing at the wolves in the distance, he said: "Fighting to kill a hundred of these things, you can also practice a certain momentum."

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"Yihan ..." Zhu Fatty said strangely. "When have you killed a hundred wild wolves?"

Zhong Yihan ignored him but said: "In fact, the wild wolves are generally ranked among the beasts regardless of their strength or explosive power. Their strongest is teamwork and strong endurance. With your strength, Killing a wild wolf alone is not a problem at all, it just depends on whether you dare to fight. "

"So, this is the best opportunity to experience it! Don't forget the purpose of our coming here? You are now wearing protective clothing, and you have sharp weapons in your hands if you dare not even kill a wild wolf, So why are you here? Sightseeing? "

A few people looked at each other, Fan Dali took the lead and said, "Yihan is right! Jiajia, Jinshui, let's go together!"

"Yes! Do them!"

"I ... OK, OK, I try my best."

Zhong Yihan stepped back two steps, bowed his arrows, and said, "Please rest assured, I will take care of you on the side."

The three felt relieved.

At this time, the three wild wolves finally approached and got out of the grass.

These three wild wolves saw thin bones at the first sight, apparently had not eaten for a long time, and the bones and residues of the hare that were littered in the open space in front had undoubtedly attracted them.

But there are several two-legged beasts in front, and it is not a good stubble at first glance.

The three wild wolves made threatening sounds of "whine" side by side, trying to scare the two bipeds away.

At this time, Fan Dali shouted, "Brothers!"

Then he rushed up first!

Ning Jinshui and Ming Jiajia rushed along with him.

Then there was a fierce battle between humans and wolves.

Fan Dali and Ning Jinshui apparently turned fear into strength, wielding a chaotic cloak in their hands, forcing the two wild wolves to dodge again and again, and did not dare to approach.

Ming Jiajia was playing against another wolf, but she could clearly see that her hand was shaking slightly.

The fat man came over and whispered, "Yihan, will it be okay?"

Zhong Yihan did not speak but watched from the side.

In the next half-minute, the three men and three wolves did not have any injuries because they were testing each other. After half a minute, it was clear that Fan Dali and Ning Jinshui had already mastered a few skills. They found that these wild wolves' attack method is so simple, the threat is not great.

Ning Jinshui shouted, "They are afraid of the knife in our hands!"

There was a smile on Zhong Yihan's face, and they finally found it.

That's right, these wild wolves obviously know that the long things in the hands of these two-footed beasts pose a great threat to them, so they don't dare to come up and rush.

This is the advantage that humans can use tools.

Under the blessing of the weapon, the three people gradually found confidence. Of course, everyone was accidentally scratched a few times during this period, but there was a protective suit, so not too bad.

Zhong Yihan watched the three men fighting and couldn't help remembering the time when he had just fought in Different World.

This is the growth that young people of this age must experience.

After a while, a wild wolf was severely chopped by Fan Dali, sobbing to escape, and chased and killed by Fan Dali. The remaining two wild wolves saw their companions die, sent out sad mourning, and then fled together.

The three immediately caught up.

Because Ning Jinshui and Fan Dali were closer, the two chased each other at the same time.

Ming Jiajia was far away from the two and chased the other side by herself.

But at this moment, the wild wolf that Ming Jiajia chased suddenly turned back, showing a fierce light in its eyes, even stopped, then turned and flung towards Ming Jiajia!

Ming Jiajia screamed and waved.

The long knife in her hand was cut on the wolf's head, and a bloodstain was cut, but it was not fatal. Instead, it stimulated the fierceness of the wolf and pressed Ming Jiajia.

Then, the wild wolf opened mouth wide and bite hard at Ming Jiajia's throat!

Zhu Zhenxing, Ning Jinshui, and Fan Dali all exclaimed, and Ming Jiajia closed her eyes in despair.

But just then.

Suddenly a black light flashed!


A steel arrow shot accurately from the side of the wolf, penetrating the entire wolf's head, and the subsequent forces flew the wolf out.

Ming Jiajia was panicked and held back a few steps, only to find that the wild wolf fell aside, not moving, and could not die anymore.

She looked subconsciously to the side and saw that Zhong Yihan just stowed his bow, trot over, and stretched out his hand, "Jiajia, are you all right?"

Ming Jiajia flattened her mouth and didn't know where the strength came from, hugging Zhong Yihan and crying!