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70 Chapter 70 - The Villa

In the afternoon, Zhong Yihan returned to school, and the Kung Fu course had already begun.

When Zhong Yihan came in, the original noisy training hall was immediately silent, and all the students looked at Zhong Yihan with a strange look.

The expression of some people is more complicated.

Because after noon, no one can regard Zhong Yihan as an insignificant person.

With his own strength, he defeated Yunchao, who was in the top three hundred of the grade, that is, he now has at least the top three hundred of the grade.

However, as long as there is no accident, the students in this position will be admitted to the Kung Fu Academy during the college entrance examination.

Of course, the most shocking thing is Ying Nanyan supporting him.

After all, Ying Nanyan was very famous. At that time, there were always hundreds of people around the ring who knew her.

Therefore, everyone now knows that Her Majesty the Queen of Yazun High School, Ying Nanyan, helped Zhong Yihan personally, and invited him to lunch at noon, indicating that the relationship between them was good.

So who dares to look down on Zhong Yihan now?

After all, Ying Nanyan helped him, indicating that Zhong Yihan definitely has strength!

Some people's eyes flickered, and they were all thinking about whether to make a good relationship with Zhong Yihan, so that he could use it as a bridge to meet the famous "Her Majesty" of Yazun High School.

Among them, Zhang Li is the most tangled and depressed.

She has no talent and is unwilling to work hard. The biggest hobby of her life is social.
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Previously, with the help of Li Xinyu, she entered into the circle where Li Xinyu was. She also met a group of rich second generations, and also gained a lot of benefits from it.

But it is clear that Li Xinyu is just an ordinary rich second generation, but Ying Nanyan is a super-rich second generation!

If she can enter into Ying Nanyan's circle ...

At that time, the luxury items that she threw away, she could pick up a few of them to wear secretly at home.

But the problem is ...

Zhang Li knew that Zhong Yihan would not introduce herself and Ying Nanyan, because her enemies with Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing had deepened—this is before they know that Liu Dong had been taught by herself.

However, if she takes the initiative, is there any chance to restore the relationship with Zhong Yihan?

Zhang Li was in a tangle.

Other people who want to take the opportunity to meet Ying Nanyan are also tangled.

After all, everyone is just a student, also need a face. Zhong Yihan hadn't made any progress before, why didn't they see his potential? Zhong Yihan is no longer the last person of the past, and they are now trying to make friends with him, it seems too deliberate.

Zhong Yihan didn't care about the tangles of those people at all. He calculated that he had three million yuan in his pocket now and that he could continue to account in the future.

Maybe ... can consider the villa?

After all, the family has been suffering for too long, and he is not able to help his dad now, so he has anger in his heart, and he really does not want to see his mother and sister still crowded in that small broken house and live a tight life!

When he asked Zhu Zhenxing about the villa, he immediately opened his eyes and said, "I help you find out, our community really has a particularly suitable house. No, not one, but two! Don't frown, Listen to me."

"You also know the townhouses, most of them are two villas next to each other, so some rich people directly buy both at once for privacy, and then open the middle and renovate together."

"There is one in our community. Two sets are sold together. One set of houses is more than one hundred and eighty square meters. There are four floors, three floors above ground, a basement underground, and there are more than sixty outside. Flat garden and two garages. "

"The house is well-decorated and the materials are very good, and the decoration is more luxurious than my home. There are independent practice rooms, and other bathrooms, bedrooms, study rooms, living room furniture, electrical appliances and the like. Don't worry about this. They all remain. "

"Of course, the price is not cheap. Before, he had two houses with decoration and spent a total of more than 13 million! That was already bought seven or eight years ago. Although the house prices have not risen so much in recent years, the price doubled. Without the space crack of Qinggang City, there would be no 30 million of these two houses. But now how much do you know? "

"How much?"

Zhu Zhenxing held out a finger: "Ten million, as long as ten million can buy it."

Zhong Yihan suddenly rolled his eyes with anxiety: "Where do I get you ten million yuan ?!"

"Don't worry!" Zhu Zhenxing gave him a grimace. "For the past half a month, the house has been priced one day a day, he shouted 40 million before! Then the price was dropped day by day, and the other day he was still shouting that he would sell it at the cost, that is, 13 million would be willing to sell it. But when I passed by his house this morning, he found that he only called 10 million. "

"So I wondered, the price should still be able to down. I took you to see it at night. If you really feel good, then try to make a counter-offer. I estimate there is a possibility to reduce another two or three million. "

Zhong Yihan immediately became interested: "That's ... like seven or eight million?"

He figured it out, although the money in his hand was still not enough, he could talk about it. Anyway, he had more than 2 million accounts every month, so he could sign a contract in installments!

"Yes, and there are two! The two are connected together! Luxurious decoration!" The fat man smirked, "Although the price is slightly higher than you expected before, well don't look at me like that, it's too high. But those are two! There are three or four million in one building. You make money. Oh, the premise is that there will be no problem in the space cracks in Qinggang City. "

After a pause, the fat man frowned and said, "In fact, I know, the safest way right now is to buy a well-furnished ordinary commercial house of 180 to 200 square meters. I looked at it. The current price of a house is 700,000, 800,000, and there is still room for the price reduction. "

"700,000,800,000 is not a big problem for you now, even if the house price really falls in time, your loss is not big. And a two-hundred-square-foot house is enough for three people in your family now. Very comfortable! And to be honest, the two villas combined over four floors, a total of more than 1,000 square meters of practice area, you have a few people, you will never use such a large area! "

Zhong Yihan thought for a while, and said, "After school, take me to see the villa first. I will consider it after comparing."