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26 Chapter 26 -Spiritual Sublimation

One minute later, the tooth canine beast was killed by Zhong Yihan, and this time, Zhong Yihan was not injured.

The reason for this kind of success is not that Zhong Yihan's strength, but that the mentality of this tooth canine beast has collapsed.

After all, this kind of creature has some wisdom, and any creature that has a certain intelligence and can think autonomously can see that its prey has broken its arm, and can recover as usual in a few seconds. It is estimated that the state of mind will collapse. If it doesn't understand, maybe this kind of mentality problem will not occur.

After the battle, Xia Ling flew down, holding Zhong Yihan and crying.

And Zhong Yihan also appeased Xia Ling.

After all, he was almost dead this time. The impact and shock this time on him were bigger than the one he had lived for more than ten years before. At that time, he really thought he was going to die.

Therefore, after this "escape from the dead", Zhong Yihan felt that his entire spiritual realm had been elevated.

"Hey, the system ..." Zhong Yihan rested for a while and said, "Even if we are even with this matter, if there is any premise in the future, I hope you explain it earlier, I don't want to be so thrilling next time. "

However, the system did not answer, but after a few seconds, a line appeared on the system panel: "I know, I won't."
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Zhong Yihan laughed.

He is so generous, let this matter be so. Once he knew that even if he cares about it, there is nothing he can do about this system. The second reason is that after this experience, his spirit really sublimated, He is open-minded and unwilling to care about such trivial matters.

Of course, he was awakened by the battle.

With his current strength, it's not time yet.

Xia Ling looked pitifully at Zhong Yihan: "Master, it's terrible here, shall we go back?"

Zhong Yihan smiled: "Okay! Let's go back! Master will take you to eat delicious food! Just eat your favorite fried chicken!"

"Really ?!"

Zhong Yihan kissed her on her face, and laughed, "Of course it is true! This time you can eat as much as you want!"

"Yeah! Master is so nice!"

Xia Ling shouted in excitement, and then learned Zhong Yihan, and kissed him several times on his big face, making Zhong Yihan laugh loudly.


The practice is important. This is his path, and he will continue unswervingly.

But after the battle just now, Zhong Yihan found that his life could not just be practice, but also a lot of things he needed to do.

Such as maintaining family relationships, such as maintaining friendships.

Such as enjoying life ...

Back to the hotel using the shuttle.

Zhong Yihan was lying on the soft bed of the hotel. He never thought that he would be so nostalgic for the warmth of the bed one day.

If he really died like that just now, presumably his parents and Qiaoyue would be very sad.

Since his father was sentenced to justice, he has felt tremendous pressure. He has been practicing hard every day. Even if he eats, he just has to say a few words to his family occasionally. Then he quickly chops up and goes out to practice.

So to speak, he hasn't talked with his family for a long time and had a meal.

In addition, the conditions in the family are not good, and it has been a long time since the family had a nice dinner together.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan wanted to smack himself.

He now clearly has the ability to make money and earns a lot of money. Although there are still debts that have not been paid off, it is not a problem to prepare a nice dinner for the family and make the living conditions at home better.

However, he did not think this at all but bought himself equipment and medicine.

It's not that Zhong Yihan is not filial, but that as a man, his way of thinking is often so careless, he doesn't care much about the details.

"Master, eat fried chicken, eat fried chicken!"

At this time, Xia Ling jumped and screamed aside, her eyes full of desire for fried chicken.

Zhong Yihan turned back and touched Xia Ling's head pettingly and looked at the time.

It is near noon.

If it was before, he may make full use of the time to continue to practice and earn points in the Different World.

But now, he decided to take a good meal with Xia Ling and go home.

After leaving the hotel room, Zhong Yihan bought five barrels of fried chicken at one time in a nearby fried chicken shop.

One of the barrels was directly in the corner of the street where no one could see it, was eaten up by Xia Ling on the spot, and then Zhong Yihan returned home with the remaining fried chicken.

"Wow! Brother, are you rich?!"

Zhong Qiaoyue saw Zhong Yihan walking into the room holding four buckets of fragrant fried chicken and screamed in surprise.

His mother Zhang Aimei also froze and asked, "Yihan, where are all these ...?"

Zhong Yihan had long thought about his excuses and said, "The bet wins, and this morning I went to work with some classmates to compare archery, then I won, won hundreds of yuan, and then thought Qiao Yue likes to eat this. So I bought some. "

Zhang Aimei said a little bit angry: "How can you gamble?"

Zhong Yihan laughed: "Mom, it is not gamble, it's harvesting. Gambling is risky, and I definitely don't do it, but there is no risk in harvesting. Yes, I told you the other day that I have been promoted to the 100-meter shooting range. Rest assured, I have the confidence to win the other side before I bet on them. "

"That is not ok, how do you know that others have no hidden strength?"

"Oh, mom, you can rest assured, I'm sure ... Besides, in fact, the person who actually bet is not me, it is Zhu Zhenxing. You also know that he has strong self-esteem, he has been provoked, I am his friend. Win, we split 50-50, lose, he pays money. so rest assured! "

Zhang Aimei still wanted to say something, but at this time, Zhong Qiaoyue had already filled her mouth with oil and said, "Mom, it's so delicious, you can taste it!"

Zhang Aimei sighed in her heart.

Such things as fried chicken are recognized as junk food and the price is not expensive, but their family has not eaten it for a long time.

Looking at her daughter, Zhang Aimei didn't know what she was going to say.

At this time, Zhong Yihan handed a chicken leg to her and smiled, "Mom, rest assured, I now know how to practice, my strength will become stronger and stronger, and our family will be better and better. So, eat it, or you will rarely get it later! "

Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue are both stunned. Why does this sound contradictory?

Zhong Yihan patted his sister's head with a smile, and said, "Because your brother will make a lot of money next time. This junk food, we will soon look down on it!"