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6 Chapter 6 - Borrowing Money for Equipmen

After saying this, Yun Chao left with a big smile, and his arrogant laughter attracted the attention of many people.

Zhu Zhenxing pulled Zhong Yihan anxiously and said, "You are crazy! Although Yun Chao is not a genius, it is at least the top 300 in the whole grade, top 20 in the lesson. In the last test, his vitality is already 1.3, and your vitality is less than 1, how can you defeat him in a month? "

Zhong Yihan exhaled deeply and said, "Relax, I have my own plan, and ... I really need to force myself."

Zhu Zhenxing: "?"

"But I want to win him. I really need something here."

"What is it? Just say, as long as I can help!"

"Lend me some money!"

Zhong Yihan sighed, this is the first time he opened his mouth to borrow money.

There was only one last chance for the shuttle, but in fact, his heart was quite uneasy.

Because yesterday's experience has told him the danger of the Different World. So if he was teleported, he will not be able to return without killing at least five evil rabbit bests.

So he struggles all day today.

The original plan was to train a little bit more, improve some physical qualities and fighting skills, and be fully prepared to explore in Different World later.

But the appearance of Yun Chao made him suddenly understand a truth-this life may never be fully prepared, and sometimes people have to force themselves.

So he decided, tonight, he will use the last chance of the shuttle to enter the Different World again!

Of course, this time he must be fully prepared-at least some props, weapons and the like.

But the problem is that these things are asking for money. According to Zhong Yihan's current family conditions, he really can't take out the money.

Zhu Zhenxing was very happy and patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder: "I told you long ago that learning Kung Fu is very costly, let you borrow from me first and return it when you are stronger. You just didn't borrow money from me before! Say, how much do you want to borrow, although I didn't have too much, so if it is more than 300,000, I will go to my father to ask! "

"You are so rich!"

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes gloomily: "Don't do that much, lend me one ... no, 30,000 yuan. I will pay you back as soon as possible."

"It's only 30,000 yuan?" Zhu Zhenxing was obviously a little lost. "I thought you opened mouth to borrow money. At least you need to borrow a million yuan, 30,000 yuan. I'll transfer it to your mobile phone."

When he was talking, he took out his mobile phone. After a while of operation, a "ding" sound, Zhong Yihan received the message that 30,000 yuan was received on the mobile phone.

"Thanks, I will pay you back."

"Okay, You can pay me back any time you want!" Zhu Zhenxing said, "Yes, you are so confident that you can beat Yun Chao down in a month?"

"Actually, I'm not sure." Zhong Yihan sighed and stopped what Zhu Zhenxing was going to say. "But, in this era, if you don't force yourself, maybe one day, when you want to It 's too late to force yourself. "


After the Kung Fu lesson in the afternoon, Zhong Yihan first went to the Internet cafe to inquire about the information about the "evil rabbit beast".

He really finds something.

At the largest "Kung Fu Forum", there are many materials collected by predecessors of Kung Fu about the Different World, including animals and plants, minerals, geography, and meteorological distribution of the Different World, which can be said to be very detailed.

However, some of these materials are free, but more of them are paid, while others require advanced permissions to view.

This is also normal. After all, a lot of information is detected and collected by the Kung Fu Strong at great cost. It is reasonable to charge.

But the good news is that there is no charge for information about evil rabbit beast, perhaps because the evil rabbit beast is too low-level.

"Evil Rabbit Beast: the Very ordinary beast in Different World, an omnivorous animal, likes eating fresh meat and grass, has a certain aggressiveness, fast speed, intelligent underground, social creatures, sour meat, non-toxic."

Zhong Yihan learned about the classification of Different World creatures on the Kung Fu Forum, which was divided into ten levels.

Levels 1-9 are powerful fierce beasts, and evil rabbit beast is not in these nine levels at all, but belong to creatures that have not even reached the first level.

"Such a fierce monster can't even be rated at one level. What a terrible place in the Different World?"

Zhong Yihan was sighed, continued to check some information posts on the forum, and then carefully recorded some key information in the small book.

Although he has decided to go to Different World again, the purpose is to become stronger, not to die.

He still has his mother and sister to take care of, and his dad to redress the grievance. He also owed 30,000 yuan to Zhu Zhenxing, he couldn't die there casually, so he must be fully prepared.

After an hour, Zhong Yihan left the Internet cafe and went to the commercial street in the city center.
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The last lesson told him that with his current strength, going to the Different World with no weapons is completely dead, so he needs to prepare some equipment for himself, which is why he asked Zhu Zhenxing to borrow money.

Since the prosperity of the Kung Fu, although the state's control of firearms is still strict, the control of knives has gradually been liberalized.

As long as you are over 16 years old, you can purchase cold weapons on your own with a valid ID.

There are many shops in the commercial streets in the city center that sell military-related items.

So in a luxurious mall, don't be surprised to see things like weapon shops with swords and armor shops with various protective equipment.

Because the style of Kung Fu has become the mainstream of today's society.

Zhong Yihan walked into a weapon shop called Leng Yue Zhai, looked around, and the more he looked, the tighter his brow frowned.

The most common edged steel knives cost between 1,000 and 5,000.

The material of this steel knife is just ordinary steel. According to the Kung Fu Forum, the damage of this low-grade steel knife is very limited, because most monsters in Different Worlds have thick skin and thick bones Ordinary steel knives can easily be rolled.

Therefore, this ordinary steel knife is generally used for novices to practice, and the actual combat ability is very poor.

If want to go to the Different World, at least you need a knife with special treatment and a specially coated steel knife.

Of course, it is best to use special alloy knives, but the price of such alloy knives is too outrageous, even the most ordinary, it must start at 100,000.

Zhong Yihan didn't know anything about the price of weapons because he knew he couldn't afford it even if he knew it.

A little understanding and found out ...

Fortunately, he asked Zhu Zhenxing to borrow 30,000 yuan.

If it were 10,000 yuan, he couldn't even afford a better knife!

Ignoring the enthusiastic propaganda of the sales lady, Zhong Yihan picked it up for a long time and finally bought 17,000 coated steel knives.

The knife is one meter long and weighs 4.3 kilograms. The Tang knife system is relatively lightweight. It is not as heavy as a ring knife and can be easily swung with one hand. It is not easy to break with modern metallurgy and forging technology.

This kind of Tang knife is Zhong Yihan's favorite for a long time.

Then 10,000 yuan bought a set of leather protective gear, the boss also sent a set of tights combat clothes, this tight worn on the body, can cover the whole body without revealing a trace of gaps, and the material of the tights will automatically breathe. It will look too stuffy.

Wear leather protective gear, including hoods, breastplates, arm guards, leg guards, etc., to effectively prevent injuries-the boss also specifically performed it, chopped it off with an ordinary steel knife, and only left a mark on the armor.

Looking at himself who was fully equipped in the mirror, Zhong Yihan finally felt a little more secure.

In this well-equipped situation, can damn evil rabbit beast bite him? !!