Kingdom hearts a rising hearts journey
10 Not paying what you what owe
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Kingdom hearts a rising hearts journey
Author :Martiner
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10 Not paying what you what owe

"Well, this is a fine mess I'm in stuck in a sewer with not a cent to my name and now I'm a wanted man with a bounty on my head just great."

To truly understand how our hero got into such a predicament we need a flashback to a simple three days earlier.

It started with a bag.

" Where are you little boy I'll teach you to Welch on your deal cheapskate when I'm threw with you you'll wish you were on the front fighting the heartless!!!!"

Nathen overcomes with a real deal of deer caught in headlights moment did the only thing a Young person could.

" Sh** SORRY!!!!"

Right, he jumped from sheer panic he failed to remember that he was on the second floor. And fell right on top of a bathhouse that happens to be right next door.


" ow, my Aching head where am I?"

" nathen run, run right now if you want to live."

Suddenly allowed scream Eco through the halls of the bath only discover several Women old and younger like.

" haha well lady's Thanks for the treat but I have to go see ya."

With several bright lights filled the open bath as the lady's got into position to strike the latest pervert from their perspective that came crashing from the ceiling. With keyblads in hand sudden, chill crawling up his spine.

" wow you'll really can't take a joke, can you?"

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With the quickest thinking, Nathan could think of called his keyblades into existence from his left hand and with a mighty Belo yeld Phoenix fire directly down on to the bath creating a giant steam cloud. With it Nathen quickly ran like death was on is heels.

" Please don't hold this against me it was an accident I swear!!"

When Nathan finally Exited the bathhouse. he was quickly looking around to find a good hiding spot but only found open alleyways and wide open streets. With not wanting to chance one of the houses for fear that there might be someone was in them Nathen look on the ground to find a manhole cover. So we come full circle with our hero Nathan stuck in a sewer but not a penny to his name and his name the dirt. With him Hiding in the sewer with what he swears is half of the female population of keyblade wielders after him to skin him alive.

" well heart best make a good mint from a bad day. Can you please show me my keyblad status."

" well, it's about time it looks like all it took was Half the town trying to kill you and the other half trying to arrest you for you to finally get some manners one stat and page along with your keyblade coming right up."😃


Lv 4

HP 12

MP 40

Str 19

Def 17

Drive gauge N/A

Summons N/A

Resistance to Elements 0%

Magic- Cure (5 MP recover 3 HP per)

Skills-two minds one body


first half

Mythical dragon *aka* puff




reflect pile-combine three attacks and is able to launch them into one combined attack.

dragons scale- adds to your base defense equal to your level the higher your level, the better your defense will be.

(For example)

*(Lv1= +1 to Def and Lv20 = + 20to Def)*

Second half

Mythical Phoenix




Phoenix fire- a fireball that will not go out for as loge as the user is in a battle and will deal 1 HP per sec.

Phoenix rebirth- when the HP of the user is at critical can be activated. User will be clocked in flames in till fully healed ( will be unable to attack). the attack will be doubled but the defense will be cut in half.

Combine form-





"I'm heart I think you're forgetting a little something here."

"Nope afraid not Nathen even I'm not 100% sure what will happen when there combined not that it maters you barely have the will to have your keyboard as is let alone its complete form. Just be satisfied with it for now. We do have far more important thing to do not even a week in this town and you're already being hunted with you ending up in the sewer. If I were you I would pick up the pace honestly the only good thing that's come out of you so far is your keyblad."

" Your right, bright side at least I can right now."

As our hero to be colets himself in the filth of the city. He moves on to finger out where to go from here.
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