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1314 Powerful Servan

Chapter 1314 - Powerful Servant

The moment Ancient God Profound Devil's team of six took out six automatons, everyone else present instantly despaired. Besides Zhao Feng, the other eye-bloodline descendants were in no condition to deal with six automatons, not even considering the fact that two of the automatons were Rank Eight Ancient Gods.

 "Are we really destined to fall here?" The beautiful girl was extremely unwilling. Even though she had a Samsara Immortal Body, it was useless against Ancient God Profound Devil.

 "Damn! There's nothing to be done!" The other three were also shaking in fear. They were now in mortal danger.

 These people definitely aren't ordinary! Zhao Feng's eyes went dim.

 They knew of the Heaven's Legacy Race ruins, could use the God Eye Fusion Art, could operate the Heaven's Legacy Race installments and machines in the ruins, and even possessed powerful automatons. They almost certainly had powerful backing.

 Clang! Clunk! Bang!

 Down below, Ancient God Departed Spirit and the other three God Eye descendants were attacked by the six automatons.

 Although they were in desperate straits, they still vigorously fought back in the hopes of surviving.

 "Zhao Feng, just turn yourself in! Do you really think that you can escape?" Ancient God Black Extreme gave an evil smile.

 His comrades were extremely confused. They had already deployed their final trump card, but Zhao Feng had still not given up. Zhao Feng was incapable of leaving the central hall. Even with a life-preserving divine artifact like the Spacetime Robe, he would still find it very difficult to escape. The six automatons just needed to finish off the remaining God Eye descendants. Once they did, then even if Zhao Feng had the Spacetime Robe, he would not be able to keep running.

 Boom! Bang!

 At this moment, a Rank Eight Ancient God automaton cleaved the azure-robed elder in two, annihilating his soul as well. Just like that, a peak Rank Seven Eye of Destruction descendant had fallen.

 It seems like I can only borrow the strength of the Blood Flame Qilin Race…. Zhao Feng's expression darkened. If he wasn't in mortal peril at this moment, with barely any hope of survival, Zhao Feng would have never even thought about borrowing the power of the Blood Flame Qilin Race.

 But the space here isn't stable, so I can only borrow the power of a Rank Eight…. Zhao Feng began to think.

 At this time, the beautiful girl and Lin Chengwu were slain by the automatons. In the end, Ancient God Departed Spirit was surrounded by the automatons.

 "Ah…!" Ancient God Departed Spirit saw that there was no chance of survival and decided to self-detonate.

 With the power of his Eye of Death, if he self-detonated, he would deal extensive damage to Ancient God Profound Devil's team.

 "He's going to self-detonate?" Zhao Feng's expression flickered. Ancient God Departed Spirit's self-detonation had the potential to create some opportunities.

 "Naive!" Ancient God Profound Devil grunted.

 At this moment, the six automatons surrounded Ancient God Departed Spirit. They extended their hands, unleashing a misty gray light.


 These gray lights combined together into a boundary domain that engulfed Ancient God Departed Spirit and began to contract around him.

 Boom! Bang!

 Within this gloomy domain, Ancient God Departed Spirit valiantly self-detonated. The gloomy domain around him was blown to pieces, but the remaining energy was too weak to have much effect on the central hall.

 "So many tricks!" Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh.

 By now, everyone that came to explore these ruins had been dealt with by Ancient God Profound Devil's team of six. If such a battle record got out, it would almost certainly stun the world.

 "Zhao Feng, you can't escape now." Ancient God Profound Devil stared at Zhao Feng and smugly smiled.

 The others also gave faint and confident smiles of victory.

 "Is that so? And what will you do if I do escape?" Zhao Feng smiled as well.

 "Ignorant!" Ancient God Profound Devil's face turned harsh.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

 The six icy automatons immediately charged at Zhao Feng.

 "Let me see how you escape!" Ancient God Profound Devil snarled. In these narrow confines, he wanted to see how Zhao Feng would escape from six automatons and six belts of light.

 Suddenly, a dreadful and overwhelming aura appeared at Zhao Feng's side.

 Boom! Bang!

 An explosive crimson flame swept out from Zhao Feng. Although the six belts of light were not destroyed, they were severely hindered. As for the six automatons, other than the two Rank Eight automatons, the rest were blasted into the ground.

 "This energy…" Ancient God Profound Devil's group of six all grimaced. The owner of this energy not only had a powerful ancient bloodline, but was also a peak Rank Eight Ancient God.

 The flames dissipated, revealing an enormous blood-colored Qilin at Zhao Feng's side.

 "Blood Flame Qilin Race!" everyone else murmured in shock.

 "How could a peak Rank Eight Ancient God appear here?"

 "Zhao Feng, the contract you signed with me means that you shouldn't have been able to tell this matter to anyone else!" Ancient God Black Extreme immediately barked.

 Zhao Feng definitely had to do with a peak Rank Eight Ancient God suddenly appearing here, but Ancient God Black Extreme had clearly signed a contract with Zhao Feng forbidding him from divulging the matter to anyone else. Since this was the case, why was this peak Rank Eight Ancient God able to appear here?

 "Your Excellency, what are your orders?" As everyone else was feeling doubtful, the peak Rank Eight Ancient God got down on one knee and respectfully spoke.

 "'Your Excellency'!?" Ancient God Profound Devil's team was both shocked and doubtful.

 A majestic peak Rank Eight Ancient God regarded Zhao Feng as his master? If this was really the case, then the peak Rank Eight Ancient God was just Zhao Feng's servant. Zhao Feng could have it do anything without giving a reason. The peak Rank Eight Ancient God that appeared here almost assuredly was unaware of what was going on, so it didn't violate the contract.

 "Take me out of this place," Zhao Feng flatly replied.

 "Yes!" the Blood Flame Qilin respectfully said.

 After saying this, he formed a scorching flame energy in his mouth. If he could serve the Lord God, he would definitely do so with all his strength!

 "Oh no!" The members of Ancient God Profound Devil's team were all taken aback.

 The energy produced by their God Eye Fusion was almost spent. The barrier around the central hall was already extremely fragile – enough for Zhao Feng to easily break through it. With the help of a peak Rank Eight Ancient God, he would be able to easily escape the locked-down core area. Once Zhao Feng left this place, the Spacetime Robe would make him too difficult to chase down.

 Ancient God Profound Devil and the others immediately commanded their automatons to attack the Blood Flame Qilin. Their God Eye Fusion energy was almost spent, and if they used what was left against the Blood Flame Qilin, they wouldn't be able to capture Zhao Feng, so they did not use it.

 "Chaos Origin Divine Palm!" Zhao Feng circulated his Chaos Origin Divine Power and unleashed a gloomy palm of light that howled forward to impede the automatons.

 At the same time, Zhao Feng unleashed an eye-bloodline technique infused with Origin energy at the barrier.

 Boom! Bang!

 The indistinct barrier that had enveloped the central hall was blasted apart.

 However, Ancient God Profound Devil's team not only used this invisible barrier to cut off the area; they also had all the entrances to the central hall sealed. Although the barrier had been broken, it was still very difficult for Zhao Feng to escape.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

 Boom! Bang!

 The Blood Flame Qilin suddenly unleashed a powerful attack against a wall, and the central hall trembled.

 On the other end, the automatons shattered Zhao Feng's attack and charged at the Blood Flame Qilin.

 "Spacetime Barrier!" Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Spacetime Intent and activated one of the Spacetime Robe's abilities.


 Layers of faint white energy began to appear between the Zhao Feng duo and the automatons. As the automatons attempted to approach, they were not only hindered by Space energy, but also slowed down by Time energy.

 "This guy's grasp of Spacetime Intent is incredible. He was actually able to activate this ability of the Spacetime Robe!" Ancient God Black Extreme said in shock.

 The Spacetime Barrier was an upgraded version of the Spatial Barrier. It was meant for defense and possessed extremely impressive obstructive power.

 "Let me try!" A thin Eye of Spacetime descendant suddenly stepped forward.

 His Eye of Spacetime immediately began to turn, shrouding the automatons with Spacetime Intent. The effect the Spacetime Barrier had on the automatons was instantly decreased.

 Bang! Swish!

 The six automatons slashed out with their giant swords. Gradually, the Spacetime Barrier produced by the Spacetime Robe began to weaken.

 The automatons were now much closer to Zhao Feng and the Blood Flame Qilin, but at this moment:

 Boom! Bang!

 The peak Rank Eight Blood Flame Qilin succeeded in blasting a small hole in the walls of the central hall.

 The Blood Flame Qilin Race lived up to its name as a race skilled in combat, displaying ferocious combat skills.

 "Let's go!" Zhao Feng used Space Intent to bring himself and the Blood Flame Qilin through the hole and out of the central hall.

 "Not good! He's running away!" The members of Ancient God Profound Devil's team were all taken aback.

 "What do we do?"

 For a moment, they had no idea what to do. They were in extremely poor condition and in no state to risk themselves in a fight, and Zhao Feng had a peak Rank Eight servant. Two Rank Eight automatons wouldn't be enough to deal with him and Zhao Feng.

 In addition, Zhao Feng was skilled in Spacetime Intent and had the Spacetime Robe. If they sent out too many of their automatons, they would have to worry that Zhao Feng might suddenly turn around and attack them.

 They were momentarily caught up in a dilemma.

 "Since that's the case, just kill him!" Ancient God Profound Devil had an extremely dour expression. The state of this mission left him furious.

 "Our mission does not include Zhao Feng in the first place. If the information on us gets out, we'll be finished!" Ancient God Black Extreme greatly approved of Ancient God Profound Devil's suggestion.

 If they captured Zhao Feng, they would be richly rewarded, but if the information on them got out, they would be killed without question!

 "Okay! Destroy this place!"

 The rest of them stepped forward. They walked up to the eight-sided installation in the center. The six of them fumbled around with the installation, finally succeeding in making it produce a translucent white screen.

 "Activate the self-destruction process!" Ancient God Profound Devil called out.

 The screen turned a faint red.

 "After one hundred seconds, this place will annihilate itself. The three of you lay out the teleportation array while the rest of us will gather the remaining research results and data," Ancient God Profound Devil immediately ordered.

 The six began to carry out their duties. They needed to destroy these ruins anyway, so they decided to use this chance to kill Zhao Feng as well.

 They did not believe that Zhao Feng could escape from a destroyed dimension, not even with the Spacetime Robe.

 Meanwhile, after fleeing the central hall, Zhao Feng was using his left eye to see what Ancient God Profound Devil's group was doing.

 "Eh! They're gone?" Zhao Feng was rather confused.

 Ancient God Profound Devil's team could take control of the mechanisms and machines of this place to continue pursuing him.

 "What's that?" Zhao Feng's gaze locked onto the faint red glow around the eight-sided installation.

 He recalled that this installation didn't have this glow before.

 The words on the red screen were in the language of the Heaven's Legacy Race's, and Zhao Feng didn't understand what they said. But for some reason, he had a very bad feeling.