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Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

Author:Midnight Iced

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UpdateTime:8/6/2020 10:02:53 AM

Updates:633 Twin Shotguns and the God of Fire!

Liu Zilang had a well-kept secret — he was a prodigy in competitive FPS eSports. His specialty? CSGO. He even entered the finals in the prestigious world tournament.

Alas, his team fell short due to Liu Zilang“s inexperience. Shattered by the fact, Liu Zilang vanished from the eSports scene. That was until his friends got him to play a new game known as PUBG.

《Kar98K Upon Touchdown!》 Volume 1
1 New book, and a few facts to take note of.
《Kar98K Upon Touchdown!》 Volume 2
2 Onii-chan and Xiaotong-chan!
3 I’m Proud, What Are You Going to Do About It!
4 You Need Only Be a Medic!
5 Combat Pistol Technique?
6 Solo Versus Squad!
7 He Was Certainly a Guru!
8 The Two Sniper Hunks in the Finale
9 An Encounter With Wei Shen, Eliminating Him With One Shot!
10 Looks Like It’s Nothing?
11 Do You Want to Give it A Try?
12 Cook Your Sister Noodles!
13 Treat Me as Your Mother Then!
14 Tease!
15 Please Sit Down!
16 Like Elder Brother, like Younger Brother!
17 Pikachu’s Flying Kick!
18 Do You Know How to Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?
19 The Headless Streamer
20 Paradise Public Square Dance, The Player Who Frequently Gets the Minimum Guaranteed Kills!
21 In the Scene of the Blockbuster Film, Your Time is Up!
22 Teng Yuan Zilang!
23 The Sniper God!
24 A Shot Through the Clouds!
25 Swallow Counter!
26 So-Called Covering Fire!
27 Unable to Brake!
28 Quick Sniper, Liu Zilang!
29 Can I Touch Your AWM?
30 The Free Man
31 The Lone Ranger Who Won with a Grenade in the End!
32 My Car Flew Past Your Head!
33 You're Not Obsessed with Your Sister, Right?
34 Chapter 33 The Perverted Onii-Chan?
35 Enthusiastic online friends!
36 China University eSports League
37 The Past Vanished Like The Wind, The Narrowly Missed Championship.
38 Actually, I am the Black Masked Captain!
39 Shell Out Money to Hire Professional Player?
40 Exceptionally ‘Thick’ Buddy!
41 The Training Match!
42 Boom On the Ground!
43 The Emergency Preparation!
44 The Former Little Prince of AK
45 Cursing Each Other During Livestream, There Must Be Something!
46 2-Man Squad with a Newbie!
47 The Dynamic Duos’ Supremacy in the Airpor
48 Get a Gun the Moment You Land and the Rest via Luck!
49 Li Muqiu You Prick
50 Team Wipe!
51 Is This It?
52 The Ultimate Bait!
53 The Bridge Is Being Blocked!
54 GG, They’re Quite Skilled!
55 Master Ze, Is That You?
56 17 Shots In 2 Seconds!
57 Deadman, Shut Up!
58 Stop Typing 6, All Of You Sit Down!
59 Let’s Throw Some Shade!
60 Sao Zhu And Erke!
61 We’re Born Of The Same Root!
62 Hit And Run!
63 Too Righteous!
64 I’ll Hit Your F*cking Lollipop!
65 All The Way North!
66 Isn’t It Good To Stay Alive?
67 The Hexplosives Expert?
68 A Pursuit On The Hills!
69 An Unexpected…
70 Through The Gaps Between The Leaves!
71 The Old Ape Has Fled, One Punch Man!
72 A Quality Streamer, I’m Paying Attention!
73 This Is What A Brother Should Do!
74 We’re Not Alike!
75 You Looked Familiar!
76 Momentous!
77 A Pianist’s Hand!
78 Prank!
79 Who Screamed?
80 All I Need Is A 98K!
81 The God of War Among the Newbies?
82 Charge In Head On!
83 The King Of Pirates!
84 That Accurate?
85 Treasure Chest Under the Sea!
86 Wait, I’m Stealing A…
87 The Stage Is Huge!
88 All So Talented
89 Housewarming activities
90 Extreme Brutality!
91 Leaving the Encounters to Fate!
92 Home-field Advantage
93 Wind-chasers in the Wind!
94 Discuss the Multi-functionality of Frag Grenades!
95 One Man Legion! Part 1
96 One Man Legion Part 2
97 He Did As He Pleased!
98 Left Everyone In The Dust!
99 Standing Shoulder To Shoulder With The Sun!
100 Rush To The Shore!
101 Why Couldn't I Loot It?
102 Coronation
103 Do You Believe in Destiny?
104 Just Like That It Was Over!
105 Fated Duel
106 The Situation is Out of Control!
107 Feeling a Little Bit Happy!
108 My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!
109 Actual Elder Brother?
110 It’s Normal!
111 The Frightening School!
112 The Arrow That Sparked Love!
113 Take It While It’s Hot…
114 I Object to This Marriage!
115 The Dumpling Technique!
116 Enhance The Skill!
117 Entering the Burn Phase!
118 Destined Gun?
119 The Rumored God of War!
120 You Siscon!
121 The Hexplosives Expert, Realize Your Imaginations!
《Kar98K Upon Touchdown!》 Volume 3
122 Guilty Show-offs
123 GodV Joins the Party!
124 A Stormy Situation In Sosnovka Military Base!
125 I Have A Unique Dodging Skill!
126 Catapult Takeoff, Rocket Jump!
127 Covering My Mouth To Not Let Myself…
128 I’m Sorry, I Stole Your Kill
129 It’s Over If You Shake Your Head At The Eagle Eyed Emperor!
130 Scientist And Inventor!
131 Repent Your Sin As God Protects Thee!
132 The Satan Who Protected His Sister! Part 1
133 The Satan Who Protected His Sister! Part 2
134 Speed And Character!
135 Express Delivery And A Chance Encounter!
136 A Lightning Shot!
137 The Great Siblings Marksmanship!
138 Lost Courage From Hearing The Wind, Bombs Yourself?
139 A God Descends!
140 Maximum Aggro!
141 Attack on Xiaotong-chan
142 180 Shot!
143 A Tutorial-style Chicken Dinner
144 Soliciting And Encountering!
145 Mischievous Kid!
146 Hmpf! It’s All Your Fault!
147 Hi Everyone, I’m Vic!
148 The Exhibition Match’s Prologue
149 Chicken Dinner!
150 Reversed Jinx!
151 The Official Game Begins!
152 The Wind Rises In Sosnovka Military Base!
153 Hanzo, At Your Service!
154 Marked by the Dragon!
155 What Goes Around Comes Around!
156 When Can I Become As Good As You!
157 PUBG Physics!
158 The Bloody Dragon Inn!
159 The Chosen One?
160 The Duo Sniper Strategy!
161 Snipers Showing Off!
162 A Futile Warning!
163 The Bermuda Triangle!
164 Snipers Against Injustice!
165 A Cup of Drink After I Caught The Bullet?
166 An Enemy’s Shot!
167 I’m Sorry, The Champion Is Going To Be Me! Part 1
168 I’m Sorry, The Champion Is Going To Be Me! Part 1
169 Follow The Procedure!
170 A New Moon Shines on An Old Friend!
171 An Inevitable Encounter Between Enemies, The First Shot Is Fired!
172 Pulling A Sword Out To Behead!
173 Baffled Crates!
174 A Holy Big Bang Level of Showing Off!
175 Key Strategic Location!
176 Would You Be Moved?
177 Enemies and Allies!
178 Everchanging!
179 A Shot That Burnt Souls, A Mighty Tide!
180 Valiant Swimmer Liu Zilang!
181 A 98K Found Underwater!
182 The Ocean Reaper
183 The Ocean Reaper
184 Unexpected Troubles, and a Double Chicken Dinner?
185 Winner of the Chicken Dinner, Decided in a Shot!
186 Good Luck Onii-chan!
187 Come Out if You Dare! His Cosmos is Burning Up!
188 Clutch 1v3, What ‘cha lookin’ at?
189 The Theory of Marksmanship And Cooperation!
190 The Safe Zone And The Future!
191 Destroying The Squad With A Vehicle!
192 Using The Infrared Signal To Freeze His Health!
193 Sniper That Didn’t Show Off!
194 He Won’t Rest Till He’s Dead!
195 Blessed by the Heavenly Circle!
196 That Chicken of the Final Circle Part One
197 That Chicken of the Final Circle Part Two
198 Advancing by Retreating, Being-Towards-Death!
199 Reaching His Pinnacle As Soon As He Debuts?
《Kar98K Upon Touchdown!》 Volume 4
200 Each Generation More Unstoppable Than The Preceding One!
201 Shake It, Loli!
202 Life Or Death Is Just A Show!
203 Self-punishment, Master Ma Goes Offline Honorably?
204 What Should I Use To Save You!
205 Defy Gravity And Throw A Punch!
206 It’s Wise To Not Oppress The Poor!
207 The King of Cold Weapons!
208 Was Everything A Setup?
209 Rifles! Combat! Art!
210 An Ambush!
211 A Thousand Miles Away!
212 Human Implant Hack VS Lip-pressing Hack
213 Vic The Monster Hunter!
214 The Ultimate Kill By Smashing His Helmet!
215 Foreigners Who Have Not Seen The World!
216 Peak Velocity!
217 King of the Building, Punching a Cow through a Mountain
218 Macho Man!
219 Humiliation Play, Squadmates Reunion!
220 Drop and Turn Into a Box!
221 M4 Is Like Xiaotong!
222 Skillfully Pampers His Younger Sister!
223 On That Day, Humans Finally Recalled…
224 There’s A Traitor Among Us!
225 An Antelope Flies Over!
226 The Lady Tank!
227 Give Me The Gun! It’s the Superman’s Cover!
228 Su Changming, The Esports Nanny!
229 Who’s Looking Down On Who?
230 The Legion Destroyer!
231 Fly to Fight For the Gun Part 1
232 Fly to Fight For the Gun Part 2
233 The Invasion Of Evil Forces Outside School!
《Kar98K Upon Touchdown!》 Text
234 Who Lives, And Who Dies?
235 A Heartless Killer!
236 Smile For Me!
237 If You’re My Brother, Let Us Share This Grenade Together!
238 Sniper Rhythm!
239 Sniper Rhythm!
240 What Goes Around, Comes Around!
241 Reunion and Goodbye
242 A Chance Encounter with Daimei
243 If We Can't Survive Together, We Die Together!
244 The Guests Have Arrived, Bring Out The Dishes!
245 The King of Anti-Flirt, One Car Four Lives!
246 An Angel Looked Over Me As I Planted An Orange Tree
247 I’ll Be Back!
248 The Distance Between Life And Death!
249 May I Ask, Is This The Live Streaming Channel Of The Attractive Section’s Chicken King?
250 A New Storm Has Appeared!
251 Magic Flying Car!
252 The Wind Is Rather Loud Today
253 The Return Of The Dual-Sniper! Part 1
254 The Return Of The Dual-Sniper! Part 2
255 The Return Of The Dual-Sniper! Part 3
256 Xiaotong-chan’s Snacks
257 The Howling Monster And The Qualifier!
258 Asia’s Number One Shotgun!
259 After Fighting This Battle, I’ll…
260 It Pricked My Heart!
261 Because Of Love!
262 Boom Shakalaka!
263 Heavenly Justice!
264 Why Are We Fighting?
265 Noona And Her Foreign Affairs!
266 An Assassin’s Belief!
267 Power Train!
268 Forget About Him, I'll Carry You With Bandages!
269 A Soldier’s General Knowledge!
270 Peace Chicken! Part 1
271 Peace Chicken! Part 2
272 Let Onii-chan Give You A Ride!
273 Asia’s Qualifier!
274 Aishiteru!
275 Reversed Chicken Dinner?
276 The Buildout Of A Top Student! Part 1
277 The Buildout Of A Top Student! Part 2
278 The Murmurs Of the Deceased
279 A Descendant Of God!
280 How Can We Brag About This?
281 Overwatch And Patrol Part 1
282 Overwatch and Patrol Part 2
283 Overwatch and Patrol Part 3
284 Spring Cleaning!
285 The Man Who Sees Through It All!
286 Roach Killer!
287 Knife Figh
288 My Shifu is the Best… Part 1
289 My Shifu Is The Greatest… Part 2
290 Triathlon
291 Team Rocket From Pokemon!
292 The Fallen Angel!
293 Slicing Maelstrom!
294 CaptainDark?
295 It’s Time To Face The Legend Of The Past!
296 My Honor Left a Long Time Ago!
297 The First Combat Form!
298 Rozan Shou Ryuu Ha!
299 Nothing is Impossible!
300 Dueling is an Artform!
301 Silencer and Uncivilized Trash!
302 The God of Aiming!
303 The Revolver Emperor And The Dual-Sniper!
304 Definition Of Cruelty?
305 The Beast From Sosnovka Military Base VS The Bridge-camping Monster!
306 Don't Leave After Recess Even If You Dare!
307 So Cute And Patient!
308 The Journey Of Dream Searching!
309 Highly Advanced Driver!
310 The Tacit Understanding Between The Dynamic Duo!
311 The Melee Magician Kim Doohwan!
312 The Mindblowing Battle!
313 Escorting The Target To Its Destination!
314 All The Encounters In This Lifetime…
315 Spare Me, Old Friend?
316 The God-like Shot!
317 This Chicken, My Treat!
318 That Glorious Feeling!
319 A Huge Explosion!
320 Shifu Opens The Path Part 1
321 Shifu Opens The Path Part 2
322 Shifu Opens The Path Part 3
323 A Dangerous Evaluation
324 The Freshly Cooked Spaghetti
325 Boiling Lolis With Milk And The Negative Influence Of A Scholar!
326 The Dazhou Empress Six Zetian!
327 Master Lang The Foot Massage Expert!
328 I, Qin Shihuang, Shall Take The Last Hit!
329 Calm Down, Everything Was Within The Plan!
330 Spraining The Ankle After Getting Out Of The Vehicle!
331 That Arrow Had Returned
332 The Legendary Female Driver, Missile Launch Site!
333 Summons from a Traffic Police! Part 1
334 Summons from a Traffic Police! Part 2
335 Summons from a Traffic Police! Part 3
336 One Single General Beats Out Thousands of Men!
337 Vibranium Black Technology!
338 Metaphysical Driving Skills, Scary as Hell!
339 The Ultimate Chicken Dinner Spot! Part 1
340 The Ultimate Chicken Dinner Spot! Part 2
341 I Want… What’s The Use Of This Metal Bat!
342 The Cooked Loli
343 Shifu’s Health Could No Longer Keep Up!
344 Do You Know How To Kill Ten People The Moment You Land?
345 The Fire Of The Stars Shall Burn The Entire Field!
346 Ultimate Technique. Red Wolf’s Hidden Shadow Clone Technique!
347 This Script Isn’t Right!
348 Haunted Villa, The Dead Returns!
349 Ultimate Trick!
350 It’s Verified, That Streamer Is Cheating!
351 Swindler, I’ll Take Your Life, Return Xiaotong-chan To Me!
352 The Master Of The Generation Is An Extremely Busy Man!
353 The Mystery Of Boxing And Asia's Qualifier Duos!
354 Twelve Golden Saints! Part 1
355 Twelve Golden Saints! Part 2
356 Piercing Through Space-time, Four Shots Per Second!
357 The Green Hulk On The Green Field!
358 Traumatized By That Man!
359 I Have A Unique Acceleration Technique!
360 Sister Lee Had Fallen From The Sky!
361 Literally Plundering A Burning House!
362 The Pervert Duo And The Car-fixing Strategy!
363 Shifu, It’s You!
364 It's Impossible That Shifu Is A B*stard!
365 No One Shall Leave Today!
366 The Toilet Duo, The Revering And Scaredy-cat Personality
367 Swallow Instant Counter!
368 Unsheathe The Sword For Battle As One Flies Up The Horse! Part 1
369 Unsheathe The Sword For Battle As One Flies Up The Horse! Part 2
370 Beep: Student Card! Attack My Own Teammate!
371 PUBG House-sharing, May the Heavens Bless the Four Angry Maidens? Part One
372 PUBG House-sharing, May the Heavens Bless the Four Angry Maidens! Part Two
373 Everyone’s Happy, Have You Heard of the Heavenly Circle?
374 Dat Man Needs to Make a Special Appointment!
375 Your Time is Up!
376 Liu Zilang’s Mighty Fatherly Love!
377 Dad, Please Stop INT-ing!
378 Long Time No See, Wang Erya!
379 The Development Plan Of Douyu’s Best Streamer!
380 SharkChilli’s Plan, Parallel Live Stream!
381 Unspoken Rules? Part 1
382 Top-up With A Code Of Conduct, Illegal Teaming? Part 2
383 Shifu, Faster! Part 3
384 The Whack-A-Mole Youngster And The Speeding Girls!
385 Loneliness Won’t Catch Me If I'm Quick Enough!
386 Don’t Shoot, Captain, He’s Friendly! Part 1
387 Don't Shoot, Captain, He's Friendly! Part 2
388 PUBG's Judicator, Vic May Be The Ultimate Winner!
389 The Bridgehead’s Secret Shop!
390 Starts Off As A Legend, Earning PUBG's Admiration!
391 15 VS 15, The Ultimate Battle!
392 Attack On Onii-chan, Xiaotong-chan's Enlightenment!
393 Xiaotong-chan’s In A Hopeless Situation!
394 The World Has Their Eyes On You! Part 1
395 The World Has Their Eyes On You! Part 2
396 The Past Doesn’t Matter, Eagle Strikes In The Sky!
397 The Happy Motorcycle!
398 Entry-Fraggers And The Grandmaster’s Geometry!
399 Art Of Concealing Weapons!
400 Guru G’s Challenge, Ten Shots Per Second!
401 Corpse Punishment's Ultimate
402 Mr. Lu Who Doesn’t Want To Be Named Passing By!
403 Hua Xia's Dream Squad, Using 8x Scope Without Holding One's Breath!
404 Fight Fire With Fire!
405 This is a Hole New Game Mode That You Have Never Played!
406 Thief Guevara of the Desert!
407 Have you seen a Firecracker Rocket before?
408 Have You Heard of the Double-Barreled Kar98k?
409 An AE86 is Going Up The Mountains!
410 Mt. Akina Knows No Tears!
411 I’m Fine, Just Let Me Cry for a Month!
412 Their First Intimate Encounter
413 Is It My Fault For Being Handsome?
414 Am I Not Cute At All?
415 The Flying Kick Has Returned!
416 Break Through The Shackles Of Traditions!
417 Asia Qualifier's Grand Final!
418 Kill Them As Early As Possible!
419 Adventuring Crazily On The Verge Of Death!
420 Ten Bullets In A Line And The Deep Affection Between Brothers!
421 You've Been Surrounded!
422 A Real Man Doesn't Turn His Back Around To Look At An Explosion!
423 Comrade's Funeral!
424 Is This A Fake Sniper Rifle?
425 The West Bridge's Bloodbath And The Tug Of War In The Sea Part 1
426 The West Bridge's Bloodbath And The Tug Of War In The Sea Part 2
427 The West Bridge's Bloodbath And The Tug Of War In The Sea Part 3
428 Dual-Sniping From A Thousand Miles Away, The Ultimate 1 Vs 3!
429 Attack The Horse Before Attacking The Rider!
430 Liu Zilang's Clairvoyance!
431 Air To Ground Regional Strike!
432 The Bulldozer By The Shore! Part 1
433 The Bulldozer By The Shore! Part 2
434 Graceful, Yet Accurate!
435 On Behalf Of Heaven, Thor Descends?
436 Peeping Tom, One Deadly Shot!
437 Winner And Loser Of The Final Circle! Part 1
438 Winner And Loser Of The Final Circle! Part 2
439 Winner And Loser Of The Final Circle! Part 3
440 Brothers Unite, Brings Fearsome Might!
441 Shifu, You Were Really Great!
442 A Perverse Player?
443 An Immature Thought!
444 I Should Cooperate With Your Performance…
445 A Certain Scientific Frag Grenade from Hell!
446 An Unimaginable Level of Instincts!
447 A Weapon Protruding Through The Wall!
448 Did You Seriously Just Take Half A Step Back?
449 Liu Zilang Thinks Ten Steps Ahead!
450 The Happily Poisoned Boy!
451 The Battle Between Men!
452 Weapon Drawing And The Death Whisperer!
453 Spawn Area’s Gun Kata!
454 Oh No. Is This What It Feels Like To Catch A Feeling?
455 I'll Live On With Your Share!
456 Ultimate Skill: Unification Between Man And Vehicle!
457 The Disciple Kills The Master And Takes Over His Seat?
458 That Vehicle Won’t Block My Sight!
459 Mutual Deception And The Shoulder-Aiming Rambo?
460 How Can We Lose A Four Against One?
461 The Demon King Walks Among Us!
462 The Man Who Wanders!
463 This Is Way Too Realistic!
464 The Antelope’s Flight Gone Wrong?
465 What Truly Is Shamelessness?
466 The Art Of Baiting With Zigzag Maneuver!
467 Scream At The Sight Of Injustice!
468 The Cheerful Girl Will Always Be Lucky!
469 A Gorgeous Floral Blouse!
470 Three Consecutive Actions Profits The Fisherman?
471 The Grand Escape, The International Battle In The Final Safe Zone! Part 1
472 Peep Through The Hole, The International Battle In The Final Safe Zone! Part 2
473 It’s All Fate, The International Battle In The Final Safe Zone! Part 2
474 That Feeling When You Jump!
475 Asia's Killing God Doesn't Need To Explain His Coolness!
476 It’s Time To Go Home!
477 A Courageous Idea!
478 Human Umbrella Protection Technique?
479 Haunting Us Like Baby Spirits, Soldier 76!
480 A Spring Of Fire Sticks!
481 As Long As You Have The Nerves!
482 One Man Can Hold Up Against All His Enemies!
483 Stunt Team!
484 A Salvo Farewell?
485 Being The Last To Know The Truth, I Wept…
486 The Law of Nature!
487 My Signature Airdrop-Looting Stance!
488 Life or Death Outside the Circle!
489 Sniper and Enchantment!
490 A Loud Noise in the Air!
491 Be Cheeky All You Want!
492 One Town, Two Sheriffs!
493 Art Is Explosion!
494 The First Meeting Of Two Devil Kings! Part 1
495 The First Meeting Of Two Devil Kings! Part 2
496 The First Meeting Of Two Devil Kings! Part 3
497 There’s Only One Brother Li On Douyu!
498 Brother Li Is Hung, And He Grows Toward Death?
499 Expert Of Crotch-strike, Arcane Shift!
500 My Surname Is Fei, Yet I Can’t Fly Into Your Heart!
501 He’s Not A Hunter, Right?
502 Exorcise The Demons!
503 The New Tri Dagger X And Brother Li’s Violence!
504 Can A Gentleman Do Whatever He Wishes?
505 The Destroyer Type Player
506 There's No Time To Explain. Get In The Car!
507 It's Impossible For Us To Die In This Gank!
508 Have You Heard Of The Crater Theory?
509 The Condemned One Or The Chosen One!
510 The Rivals Meet Again. Vivian The Jinx!
511 The Life And Death’s Jumping Execution!
512 I’ll Send You Home Crying This Time!
513 Asia’s Fastest M16!
514 Killing With A Cat On His Lap!
515 The Real 1v4v4!
516 You Say That You Don’t Want This, But Your Body…
517 Fly With Xiaotong!
518 Are You Willing To Be My Master?
519 Kill Vic, Capture Xiaotong-chan Alive!
520 The Widowmaker Of Sosnovka Military Base!
521 Gently Touched By A God, Like A Horse Riding A Swallow!
522 Sibling Love At Sosnovka Military Base!
523 Slash Me If You’re A Man!
524 Speed Like A Youngster!
525 Prison’s Meat Grinder!
526 The Best Pig-like Ally!
527 It’s Getting Dark, Close Your Eyes!
528 The Real Elite Masters!
529 Deadly Thunderous Blade!
530 Liu Zilang The Killing God!
531 Evil Xiaotong-chan!
532 Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow?
533 The Trouble Of Having Three Ladies At Home!
534 Blow Away, Blow Away, My Pride And Indulgence!
535 A Trip For Four
536 You’re A Fish, A Mermaid!
537 World Tournament In California!
538 Fighting For The Title Together!
539 Slipper Gods Of War, The Benefits Gained By Feet Lovers!
540 None Of Them Can Fight!
541 Piano Keyboard
542 Strong But Gentle, Mischievous But Steady!
543 Who’s Number One In The World At Scouring Rural Areas!
544 A Real Man For Five Seconds?
545 Surprised?
546 That Guy!
547 A Cowardly Move, Unacceptable!
548 Put The Chair Down, Let’s Talk It Out!
549 PUBG’s Great Escape!
550 Tyrant’s Eye Of Truth!
551 I Have A Gun That Can Shoot Through Mountains!
552 Bullet Time
553 Universally Condemned!
554 What Is A Strong Team?
555 This Is An FPS World Tournament! Part 1
556 Eyes Ahead, No Turning Back Part 2
557 Asia’s Last Hope! Part 3
558 Asia’s Last Hope! Part 4
559 The Real 1v4 Battle! Part 1
560 Flying As Light As A Startled Swan, And As Graceful As A Swimming Dragon! Part 2
561 I Came, I Saw, I Conquered! Part 1
562 It’s Him! Part 2
563 You Cannot Stop the Force of Nature! Part 3
564 Comrades-in-Arms? Part 4
565 You’ll Never Walk Alone! Part 5
566 Have You Asked for My Permission to Leave? Part 6
567 Is This Man Poisonous?
568 Think You’re Qualified to Snipe?
569 Add Oil, Onii-chan!
570 The Dream Opening? Part 1
571 Marseille Turn at the Brink of Death! Part 2
572 Major Enlightenment in the Bushes! Part 3
573 God-Forsaken Jinx, Scouting Solo! Part 4
574 God-Forsaken Jinx, Scouting Solo! Part 1
575 Kite Monster! Part 2
576 The Decisive Turn! Part 3
577 Cat and Mouse? Part 4
578 Shattered! Part 1
579 Who is Faster? Sorry! Part 2
580 Four Monkeys on the Bridge! Part 3
581 Procession of Ghosts! Part 4
582 Culling the Weak!
583 There and Back Again!
584 Same Sky, Different Fates
585 The Hunter and the Hunted
586 1AM Turnaround! Part 1
587 Explode, Dog Head! Part 2
588 Folded Part 3
589 I Am Vic. Aren’t You Scared? Part 4
590 One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Tiger Shark! Part 5
591 One-Man Squad! Part 6
592 A Little Bird on the Wall
593 Don’t Shoot, Captain!
594 Who is the Chosen One?
595 Someone’s Practising Military Boxing
596 Last Man Standing!
597 One-shot Chicken!
598 Who’s In Charge? Part 2
599 Whose Bullets Are Flying? Part 3
600 Any Gun Can Be A Sniper! Part 4
601 Overhead Pass!
602 Wanna See Fireworks?
603 A Cornered Beast!
604 3AM on the Tower and GodKiller! Part 1
605 3AM on the Tower and GodKiller! Part 2
606 Under Fire From A Brigade!
607 Did You Set Me Up?
608 Rozhok Tollbooth!
609 Catastrophe!
610 I’m just Joking, Bro!
611 The Phantoms of North America!
612 Godkiller Sniper and Face Value Chicken King!
613 Twin Snipers Squad Elimination, Spring of the Lone Wolf!
614 The Austere Li Muqiu and the Bold Liu Zilang!
615 Target Practice on the Tower, A Total Wipeout?
616 Temptation of the Wolf!
617 A Meteor Streaks Across the Sky, The Harbinger of Chaos!
618 Highlight of the Tournament?
619 Might As Well Jump!
620 He, Is An Assassin!
621 A Gun to Show the Way! Part 1
622 A Gun to Show the Way! Part 2
623 He Is Back!
624 Breaking the Ranks with a Flying Jeep!
625 Exterior Brothers, Family Bucket?
626 Convergence at the Summit, Se7en! Part 1
627 Convergence at the Summit, Se7en! Part 2
628 Convergence at the Summit, Se7en! Part 3
629 Champions, from Now to Eternity!
630 We are the Champions!
631 Let’s Go On A Date!
632 Happily Under One Roof!
633 Twin Shotguns and the God of Fire!