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1440 Fight Until The Very End

Luo Lang barely managed to beat back the mechas surrounding him. The damage of his mecha had already reached 60%. The combat ability of his various mecha components had dropped drastically. Fortunately, the evil personality was nice enough to fuse and replenish his spiritual power so that he could maintain his exceptional reaction speed. Moreover, since he was fighting them like a rabid dog, the enemy mechas were quite afraid of him so they didn't dare to attack him too violently. If not, he might be at his wit's end already.

Luo Lang shook his head suddenly. Just now, he felt his vision getting blurry. He was a little dizzy.

"Have I reached my limit…" Luo Lang sighed softly as he gave a bitter smile. Was he going to go back on his promise?

"Don't be disheartened. We can do it." The evil personality that had always looked down and mocked him unexpectedly encouraged him.

"So you're afraid of death too." Luo Lang laughed heartily. He finally found a chance to get back at this evil person who didn't treat him nicely.

Although Luo Lang was pure and naive most of the time, when he wanted to anger people, he was quite good at it.

The evil personality didn't say anything. He seemed to be agreeing with Luo Lang silently. But, he also felt wronged. How can he be nice all the time when talking to this stupid and naive person whose brain never worked properly?

"Don't worry. I will not let you die until the very last moment," Luo Lang suddenly retracted his smile and continued his sentence in a serious tone.

He wasn't joking or teasing the evil personality when he said this. He was being totally sincere. In Luo Lang's heart, the calm personality, the evil personality, and all the other personalities were never clones of himself. He had always treated them like real humans. He treated all his personalities like brothers.

The evil personality trembled a little. His gaze turned deep as he looked at Luo Lang. Suddenly, he seemed to understand why the calm personality respected the primary personality so much.

'Maybe, this time, you're right,' The evil personality thought to himself.

"Sure. Let's fight until the very end," the evil personality said calmly. His tone and expression sounded a little like the calm personality now.

Luo Lang felt comfortable with how the current evil personality was acting. He smiled and said, "Okay, let's fight until the very end."

He pulled the control stick furiously. His spiritual power, with the support of the evil personality, exploded again.

The badly damaged mecha slammed into the mechas that were carefully closing in on him.

When they saw Luo Lang rushing over to attack them again, the mecha operators surrounding Luo Lang gritted their teeth and raised their swords. They charged forward and the fight started again.

Mechas fell down one by one. The wounds on Luo Lang's mecha got increasingly more severe as time went by.

"Alert! Alert! The damage of the mecha had reached its maximum. The mecha will lose its combat ability in approximately ten seconds. Alert! Alert!" The mainframe of Luo Lang's mecha suddenly gave off an ear-piercing alarm. It seemed like his mecha couldn't hold on for much longer

"Sigh, it's the end." Luo Lang gathered all his energy and unleashed it all in this final attack. Even at the last moment, he hoped he would bring more enemies down with him.

"You have done well." A familiar but unfamiliar voice appeared beside his ear. It sounded like the calm personality but maybe it wasn't.

"I still broke my promise." Luo Lang closed his eyes in pity. The mainframe had just finished its countdown and the mecha exploded with a loud 'boom'.

Luo Lang's mecha exploded into a giant mushroom cloud. Luo Lang's cockpit flew out quickly amongst the explosion.

When Chang Xinyuan designed this model in the past, he took into consideration the survivability of the mecha operator when the mecha lost its combat ability entirely.

He made use of the large explosion created by the self-destruct sequence installed in the mecha, as well as the immense energy and heat produced during this moment to disrupt the vision and the reconnaisse systems of the opponents' mechas so that the cockpit would be able to escape out of their visible range within a short time. The most extravagant thing was that these cockpits were equipped with the expensive chameleon system. After it shot out of the mecha, it would be able to collect information about its surroundings and merge with the environment.

"Finally! Hurry up and find the cockpit," The enemies shouted happily when they noticed that Luo Lang's mecha was finally done in by them.

Luo Lang killed so many of their comrades so they really wouldn't be able to let him go, unless they tortured the hell out of him. Even if he was dead, they wanted to find his corpse and beat it until it became a pile of blood to vent their anger.

But, before they could do anything, they saw a mecha dropping down from the sky.

Boom! The mecha landed with a forceful quake. Some weaker mecha operators almost lost their balance.

Ling Lan slowly stood up, allowing the dazzling sunlight shine on her mecha, almost blinding the onlookers in the process. She looked at the familiar mecha components scattered on the ground with a chilling gaze and her grip on the control stick tightened.

When the enemy mechas saw this newly arrived mecha raising its cold weapon that was drenched in blood, they took a step back uncontrollably.

"Don't be afraid, he's already at his limit." A team leader shouted loudly when he noticed that the morale of his men was being sapped away by their opponent. Although he was also scarred, those words he said still brought him a sliver of courage.

Still, he wasn't talking nonsense. The exterior of Ling Lan's mecha was indeed filled with scratches and burn marks. Even Firmament, which was covered with dried blood, had dents and chips all over its edge. The blade didn't even look sharp anymore.

Yet, even so, the straight and tall mecha body and the intimidating presence in the eyes of the mecha gave them the illusion that it was looking at them with contempt. The eyes of the mecha were a reflection of the eyes of the mecha operator. Although they were robotic eyes, it somehow gave them the feeling as if they were gazing at a metal giant.

It was a frustrating feeling. Finally, the frustration spilled out of their chest which turned into an angry roar. "Charge!"

All the mechas rushed out in tandem. The frustration in their chest, the huge pressure bearing down on them, and the fear and weakness in their hearts meant that charging forward was the only way they could save themselves. Once they shrunk back, they would lose all hope of becoming anything significant in this lifetime.

Ling Lan looked at them charging at her indifferently. She stomped her feet furiously and her mecha shot out like a black ray of light.




When the lights of all the mechas went dark, Ling Lan spun her Firmament and sheathed in its holder.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The mechas around her fell down consecutively.

"Ling Lan has become stronger." In the learning space, Number Three felt content when he saw how Ling Lan was performing.

"But she has already reached her limit," Number Nine, who was standing beside Number Three, said worriedly. There was pain in her eyes.

Number Five silently appeared beside Number Nine. He comforted her by saying, "This is the path she chose. No matter what the result is, she must accept it."

"I know." Surprisingly, Number Nine didn't argue with him.

"If you know it, why did you…" Astonishment could be seen in Number Five's eyes.

"I know that but I still feel bad for her, alright? Can't I feel this way?" Number Nine glared at Number Five.

"Erm…" Number Five was stunned by Number Nine's sudden burst of anger. He almost couldn't maintain the everlasting smile he had on his face, the smile that all the other instructors hated.

Number Nine snorted at him and disappeared the next second.

Number Five touched his face awkwardly. He just wanted to console Number Nine. How did he offend her instead?

"Women are unreasonable sometimes." Number Three gave a knowing look as he patted Number Five's shoulder. Before Number Five could respond, he moved and left.

Number Five patted the spot where Number Three touched him with disdain. He smiled and said, "You're just as worried about her. Why are all of you hiding it?"

He looked intently at Ling Lan who was still fighting. The next second, he disappeared.

He didn't notice that he had also lost his calmness. The living dead that never cared about anyone in the past was gone.