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It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1266 Help Boss

The starships of Twilight suddenly started turning on their own starships. The Twilight army panicked.

Tian Fang was commanding the Destruction Devil and attacking the other starships from Twilight. When he saw this scene, a tiny little devil surfaced in his mind. Little Seven always ignored him but he never hid his ability in front of him. Once, he saw Little Seven hacking into the military headquarters easily to get him some information he wasn't authorised to get.

'Is this Little Seven's work?' This thought flashed past Tian Fang's mind.

The forces of Twilight were in a mess right now. They thought that their own people had betrayed them. This was a good opportunity for the 23rd division to exploit, so they immediately increased the intensity of their attacks and the tables were turned. Now, they were the ones beating up the Twilight army.

After Little Four helped the 23rd division to gain an advantage, he focused on finding a Destruction Devil to control. However, most of the Destruction Devils were at the frontline. After all, Destruction Devil was the most powerful battleship model.

"Which Destruction Devil should I take?" As Little Four was pondering over this question, Little Seven asked curiously, "Boss, why do you want a Destruction Devil?"

Little Four didn't block Little Seven when he was thinking, so Little Seven discovered Little Four's thoughts.

"My Boss needs it urgently," Little Four replied. Since Little Seven already knew of his intentions, he didn't plan to lie to him. Plus, he couldn't actually hide from Little Seven.

"Your Boss? That means he's my Big Boss. Since Big Boss requires a Destruction Devil, Little Seven can help. The starship I'm controlling is a Destruction Devil."

Little Seven was able to evolve so quickly due to the help of the data Little Four installed inside him. Thus, Little Seven treated Little Four like his life savior. His respect for Little Four was as high as the mountains and as long as the… well, simply put, his respect and admiration for Little Four was enough for him to forget about Tian Fang and the consequences his actions might bring.

Little Four's eyes lit up. If Little Seven willingly gave him control of his starship, it would save him much time and effort. Little Four could hack into the mainframe of a Destruction Devil but it required time too. If he could save time and effort, that would be the best. Ling Lan couldn't wait much longer.

"Okay. Little Seven, control your Destruction Devil. I will destroy your opponents. When they're gone, go to these coordinates at the fastest speed." Little Four gave Little Seven Ling Lan's coordinates. Then, he turned his attention to the starships of Twilight.

A moment ago, Tian Fang was still clashing with a Twilight starship. The next second, he saw the two opposing starships changing direction and colliding into each other. He was stunned.

The two starships continued crashing into each other until they were badly damaged. Then, they finally exploded. They became a part of the ruins in space.

"Captain… did they get possessed?" The pilot of the ship was dumbfounded too. The starships were controlled by both the mainframe and humans. It was almost impossible for such mistakes to happen unless it was intentional.

"Erm… maybe." Tian Fang pouted and looked at the blinking mainframe at his side.

Was Little Seven so powerful? But that was a starship we were talking about. Even if he was able to disturb their operations, there were still soldiers monitoring the controls.

Suddenly, Tian Fang noticed that his Destruction Devil was changing its direction too. It was moving quickly towards the Twilight army.

The captains beside Tian Fang's starship were puzzled at its movement but they didn't suspect anything. Confrontation was a method of battle too. If he was able to reach the Twilight army and interfere with them there, it was a good thing too. They thought that this was Tian Fang's intention.

They didn't know how surprised the people on the Destruction Devil was. They were so shocked that their mouths were wide opened.

"Captain, I can't control this damn ship. What should I do?" The pilot shouted agitatedly. No matter how he changed the mode of control, there was no reaction from the ship.

Everyone in the control center was flustered too. Fortunately, the other people outside didn't know this. They just thought that this was Captain Tian Fang's arrangement.

Tian Fang was speechless. However, he controlled his emotions and said, "Don't worry. This is all within my plans."

Then, he pressed the button on the mainframe and whispered, "Little Seven…"

He knew that this must be Little Seven's doing. Little Seven was the mainframe of this starship. He was able to control everything. He just needed a single thought to stop the manual control.

"Old man, I'm going to save someone." At least, Tian Fang was important enough to Little Seven that he answered him.

"Who?" Tian Fang asked curiously.

Little Seven only had talked to him after he had awakened. Even Luo Yang didn't know of Little Seven's existence. Tian Fang thought that Little Seven only knew him so he was surprised to know that he knew someone else other than him. Moreover, this person was even important enough for Little Seven to save him. Tian Fang felt a little jealous.

"You know him." Little Seven thought for a while before replying. When he reached his eventual destination, the old man would still see Big Boss anyway. In that case, it was better to tell him now, as it would prevent the old man from thinking too much too.

"Someone I know?" Tian Fang frowned. He knew many people. Little Seven's hint didn't help.

"The person who controlled me many years ago." Little Seven didn't want to make it difficult for his old man so he gave him the answer directly.

Tian Fang gasped. "Ling Lan."

That time, he suffered a huge defeat and was prepared to be punished when he got back. However, along the way, General Ling Xiao pulled him into the 23rd division, allowing him to escape the punishment. Tian Fang knew that Ling Lan must be behind this. She was doing this to compensate them for controlling their starship at that time. Tian Fang respected Ling Lan a lot. He felt that Ling Lan would become a prominent figure in the future, even if he wouldn't manage to climb as high as his father.

"General is there too." Tian Fang didn't know how Little Seven knew Ling Lan's location. General Ling Xiao already went to help Ling Lan too so he couldn't understand why Little Seven needed to save Ling Lan.

"Yes, general is alright but Big Boss is not." Little Seven accidentally revealed his way of addressing Ling Lan.

Tian Fang was puzzled. He thought that since Little Seven called him old man, Big Boss might be his way of calling Ling Lan. Little Seven might be calling Ling Lan 'Big Boss' because he was scared of Ling Lan since he got controlled by him once.

While Little Seven rushed over to help Ling Lan, danger appeared beside Ling Lan again.


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