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1248 There“s Only One Possibility!

"We are leaving ten minutes after the general left. This isn't the general's style." Luo Yang was worried.

"Something urgent must have happened. But, we just need to listen to commands and be ready for battle." Tian Fang didn't care about the details. Ever since they snuck into the depth of Twilight's planetary sector, he was prepared for tough times. However, their general planned everything smoothly for them. They didn't suffer much so far.

But, guerrilla warfare was just the beginning. If they wanted to end the war with Twilight, they would need to fight a hard battle.

Luo Yang had the same guess. "It looks like we'll be fighting soon."

"It's about time," Tian Fang looked up as he replied calmly.

The longer the war dragged, the worse it was for the Federation. Many nations had started joining the war. Once Caesar decided to enter, it would become a full-scale intergalactic war. Then, the Federation would have to handle even more stress and pressure. The results were uncertain.

In Base Nebula, Luo Lang focused on maneuvering the base outside of the wormhole. He didn't notice that Xie Yi had left.

"Meng Lan, how far away is our enemy?" The calm personality asked. He needed to know the exact position of their opponent so that he could find the best escape route.

"30 planet miles away," Meng Lan replied immediately.

"Huh?" The calm personality was surprised. A few seconds ago, their enemy was 20 planet miles away. The distance between them should be getting closer as time went by. Why did it become further?

"Ling Lan went to stop him." Meng Lan knew that Luo Lang was puzzled so she explained to him.

"How can he do that?" Luo Lang shouted agitatedly. The calmness in his eyes had disappeared. The primary personality came back in an instant once he heard this piece of news.

"Keep calm. Ling Lan hopes that you can guide Base Nebula out of this no-signal zone," Meng Lan repeated Ling Lan's order calmly.

"How can I remain calm? That's a god-class mecha. Boss won't be his match. There's no way he will be able to survive." Luo Lang unbuckled his safety belt and stood up.

Before Luo Lang unbuckled his safety belt, Meng Lan took over the piloting of the base. Base Nebula continued moving forward stably at a high speed.

"Luo Lang, calm down." The calm personality reprimanded the primary personality.

Luo Lang suddenly felt his mind clearing up.

"I'm sorry. I lost control of my emotions." Luo Lang apologised to Meng Lan.

"It's alright." Meng Lan replied indifferently, "I understand your feelings. I'm worried too."

"Meng Lan, I'll leave Base Nebula in your hands." Luo Lang had made his decision.

"What do you want to do?" Meng Lan frowned on the virtual screen.

"I can't let Boss fight alone." Luo Lang walked towards the door as he said, "I want to fight with him."

"If Ling Lan can't defeat the opponent, neither will you. Major General Li had already gone to reinforce Ling Lan." This was the first time Meng Lan spoke in an angry tone.

She didn't approve of Ling Lan's decision but the coding of her main chip meant that she couldn't disobey her master. Thus, she had no choice but to watch Ling Lan quietly as she left Base Nebula. She let Major General Li out because she was worried about her master. However, after she regained her composure, she knew that letting Major General Li out was a wrong decision.

Meng Lan knew that Ling Lan wanted everyone in the base, including the clones of Little Four, Little Blossom, and her, to escape death. That was why Ling Lan went to stop their enemy. She couldn't let Ling Lan's sacrifice go to waste just because of Luo Lang's reckless decision.

Luo Lang entered the passcode to the door. However, the main door didn't open. The entire base was controlled by Meng Lan. If Meng Lan didn't allow Luo Lang to leave, he wouldn't be able to.

"Meng Lan." Luo Lang immediately realised who was behind this.

"Master ordered you to control the base and escape from this no-signal zone," Meng Lan said calmly.

"Without me, you can do this too. I might not be strong enough but having more reinforcements is better than none." Luo Lang was furious.

"If master can't stop the god-class mecha, you won't be of much help too. I can't send you to your death." Meng Lan remained firm.

"I know I won't be of much help. However, I can block the lethal blow for Boss. It might be able to buy him some time so that he can wait for reinforcements. I just want to increase Boss's chance of survival. Why can't I do that?" Luo Lang was in agony. He hated himself for being so useless. If they were god-class operators, Boss wouldn't have to sacrifice himself to let them live.

In the end, they were still too weak.

Luo Lang was a proud person. Under Ling Lan's guidance, he became an imperial operator at a very young age. He was more powerful than most of the talents in the Federation. Sometimes, he would feel very arrogant. He might not be as strong as physically fit people like Qi Long but most of his comrades wouldn't be able to suppress him easily.

Luo Lang felt that he might not be able to become a god-class operator based on his talent but he could definitely become one of the strongest imperial operators as long as he listened to Boss.

Yet, now, being an imperial operator wasn't able to satisfy him. He hoped that in the future, Boss wouldn't have to stand in front of them to protect them anymore. He wished that one day, he could be the one standing in front of Boss and clearing the safe path for him.

Meng Lan turned silent. One second later, the main door opened automatically. Meng Lan had made her decision. Her emotions won.

"Thank you." Luo Lang rushed out immediately.

"I hope I won't regret this decision," Meng Lan muttered to herself. Then, her virtual image disappeared in the control room.