1168 Clearing Mission!

"There's no need for that. Just bring me in." Luo Yang knew that this was a necessary procedure but he didn't want the female officer to alarm her head. Hence, he rejected her.

The female officer bit her lips helplessly. The other party was a major general but not informing her head about a visitor was against the rule. Should she bring him in?

"He just wants you to bring him in. Why are you hesitating so much? Hurry up and lead the way." At that moment, her superior whispered to her.

The female officer sighed with an air of helplessness. She had to listen to her superior. Forget it, she would be the one taking the blame if anything went wrong. The female officer convinced herself and led Luo Yang in.

Once they reached the door, the female officer turned to look at Luo Yang. Luo Yang signalled with his eyes for her to quickly open the door.

She turned around and sighed at her helplessness again. Then, she took out her metal card and swiped it at the door. The door opened.

Luo Yang walked in without any hesitation.

Jiang Wei thought that it was one of his officers walking in so he didn't look up when someone entered his office. He only sensed something was amiss when he heard the footsteps of multiple people.

He raised his head and saw Luo Yang standing in front of his desk. He was puzzled when he saw the insignia on his shoulder. "May I know who you are?"

Luo Yang took out his work I.D and answered sternly, "The leader of Team 02 of the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee, Luo Yang."

'The Disciplinary and Investigation Committee!' Jiang Wei's eyes bulged out in shock. He hurriedly stood up from his seat, walked out from behind his desk, and asked, "The reason for your visit?"

As the head of the Military Safety Department, Jiang Wei knew nothing good would come from a visit by the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee. However, he was not afraid, he just wondered who they were looking for.

Luo Yang lifted his hand and one of the officers behind him took out a piece of document from the file in his hand and passed it to Luo Yang.

Luo Yang took the document and scanned it in front of him. "Major General Jiang Wei, please come with us."

"What do you mean?" Jiang Wei was flabbergasted.

"Exactly what you heard." Luo Yang was used to this type of reaction. That was usually the first sentence everyone said when he invited them to leave with him.

"You don't have the authority to do this. I'm the head of the Military Safety Department. I'm a major general." Jiang Wei glared at Luo Yang. He was furious at the uninvited guests' disrespectful behaviour.

"The Disciplinary and Investigation Committee can invite anyone, even if he is a general." Luo Yang replied calmly. Of course, if they wanted to invite a general for tea, their head would have to go personally.

However, they weren't able to invite officers whose rank was higher than a general. In that case, they had to collate enough evidence and send it to the military headquarters, the Ministry of Justice, and the Flying Dragon Special Forces before they could come near such high caliber officers. These three factions would then take a vote. If more than two factions agree to the warrant, they would then be able to impeach the officer.

Hence, it was almost impossible to impeach the three great marshals and the ten great generals, unless they betrayed their country. However, someone in such a high caliber position generally wouldn't have any reasons to betray their country. It would just be hurting themselves, and no one who at the top of the food chain was stupid enough to do so.

Jiang Wei was green with anger. He had heard about how forceful the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee was but he had never seen them in action before. He thought that they would only be forceful to those small characters, not high-ranking officers like him. Now, he knew their methods were the same towards soldiers of any rank.

They silently confronted each other for more than a minute. Finally, Luo Yang opened his mouth. "Major General Jiang, please."

Jiang Wei sneered. Suddenly, he flicked his right hand in an attempt to press a button below his desk.

Before Jiang Wei could touch the button, someone tightly clasped his hand.

"Major General Jiang, this won't look good on your record," Luo Yang was stern as he impassively said.

"You charged into my office without any warning. Are you trying to start a rebellion?" Jiang Wei glared at him.

Luo Yang sneered. "Major General Jiang, you're showing your true colours here."

Jiang Wei let out a loud roar and a strong force of presence started to burst out from his body.

"I knew you would be difficult." Luo Yang released his force of presence too.

"Domain!" Jiang Wei's expression was filled with indignation and anger. He didn't expect the major general who came to catch him was a domain realm master too. Moreover, Luo Yang's aura was more powerful than his own. That meant that he might be a titled domain realm formidable warrior so subduing him, an average domain realm master, would be a piece of cake.

"You should analyze the situation you are currently in and make the right decision, Major General Jiang. If things get out of hand, you won't be able to remain in the military," Luo Yang reminded him.

Jiang Wei's expression kept changing before he deflated like a balloon with no air as he realised that there was no way out. The other party had came too well prepared, so he closed his eyes and calmed his emotions. He gritted his teeth as he spoke to Luo Yang. "Fine, I will cooperate. However, once I know who reported me, I won't let him off."

"You can do whatever you want." Luo Yang didn't care about the threat.

Everyone who went to the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee would threaten them but not many would be able to come out with the same attitude, especially those high-ranked soldiers, as those officers were usually called for tea when they had found enough evidence against them.

Plus, the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee wasn't the mastermind in this matter. Their department head didn't tell them much but he guessed that it must have something to do with one of the three great marshals. A few of the ten great generals must be involved with the matter too.

It was obvious that the higher authorities wanted to clean up some bad apples within the military. Based on what he knew, Jiang Wei wasn't the highest-ranked person on the list given to him as there was an even bigger fish on the list with their head personally looking for it.

Their head was good at keeping secrets so no one knew about the reason behind the sudden 'invites'. He could only guess what happened when he saw his head heading out personally.

Similar events occurred in various other departments. The Disciplinary and Investigation Committee acted quickly and precisely. They didn't give the other party any time to react.

This was the result of their hard work over the last three days. In these three days, they did a thorough investigation on these people and predicted their actual stages in physical skills. To get all this information, they worked overtime for all three days. Then, they sent the best candidates to catch these people. These factors combined allowed them to have it gone as smoothly as it was.