770 Wrong Person!

The organization asked the military to retreat out of the academy grounds. The military, of course, outrightly refused them. They prepared for so long and sacrifices so many soldiers in order to get evidence of their crime. How could they let these people escape just because of a few hundred hostages?

The discussion came to a standstill. The leader of this bunch of kidnappers sent a weird look to his men. Ling Lan, Mu Chaoran, and Tang Ningyu's heart stopped beating for a moment when they saw that look. They felt that something bad was going to happen soon.

Sure enough, the fake domain realm masters grabbed the scouts beside them.

The leader sneered at the commander-in-chief. "You might be willing to talk after we show how serious we are here."

The commander-in-chief's expression changed. He shouted angrily, "Stop it!"

However, his shout was not enough to stop his opponent. The leader from the kidnappers raised his hand, and his subordinates all started to release their energy, getting ready to strangle the scouts to death.

"Bastards!" The Federation's domain realm masters rushed forward furiously. However, the fake domain realm masters stopped them. The Federation's domain realm masters wouldn't be able to break through the fake domain realm masters' blockage and saved the suffocating scouts.

Just as the scouts were about to die, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran looked at each other, and without any hesitation, they activated their domain.

Lightning bolts and flames appeared from their bodies, attacking the fake domain realm masters who were strangling the scouts to death.

These fake domain realm masters who were occupied with strangling the scout suddenly felt a sense of danger. They immediately threw away the scout in their hands and activated their domain, blocking Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran's attack.

As for Ling Lan, the moment Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran acted, she used her spiritual power to send an order to Little White.

Just after the fake domain realm masters blocked Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran's attack, they heard a loud bang.

The entire ground started shaking. The buildings at the side crumbled to the ground. Dust flew in the air, blocking everyone's vision.

At that moment, multiple whips (tentacles?) flailed across the sky. Then, they heard numerous slapping sounds with screams and shouts for help also ringing through the air.

The military then saw the tentacles hurling numerous black balls at them at an insanely fast speed. One could hear screams of terror following the black balls.

Is this an attack? The military was worried. They couldn't see what the creature looked like but from afar, they could faintly make out its size. It was humongous. These experienced soldiers would not be able to resist an attack from it.

The domain realm masters, on the other hand, weren't scared of this huge creature. They could faintly see that those black balls it hurled at them were the hostages. No matter what this creature was, it was helping them. They quickly shouted, "Catch those people!"

As expected of soldiers, the moment they heard this order, they knew what to do. They acted quickly and split into teams of three. When they saw someone falling close to the ground, they would dash in and catch that person.

A while ago, they were hostages. Now, they were flying humans. The scouts couldn't control their emotions and started crying the moment they landed in the arms of the soldiers. They were not scared or surprised. They were just confused.

The dust settled soon, and a big white circular creature was revealed among the hostages. Its tentacles flew everywhere. However, the domain realm master could see that it was not flailing its tentacles wildly for no reason. It looked messy but the creature only hit those fake domain realm masters. As for the scouts, they were hurled to the military.

The circular creature was big and had many tentacles. By the time the people from the organization realized what was happening, only Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran were left.

Little White happily hurled one hostage after another. It reached out its tentacles and felt around… there was no one left. Little White realized that it threw all the hostages out already.

Did it throw everyone?

Huh? Little White suddenly widened its eyes and let out a screech of despair.

The literal sound waves it produced caused everyone around it to kneel to the ground. Some scouts that were weaker got internally injured by the sound waves and vomited out blood. Even some domain realm masters felt dizzy when they heard the screech. They had to activate their domain to block off the sound.

Little White dazedly looked at the empty place. It was flabbergasted.

It hugged its head with two tentacles in disbelief. It didn't notice that it threw its master out like a piece of rubbish! It, it, threw the wrong person! Ahhhh! It was dead.

Little White was so frightened that it turned small and hid in a corner of the hole, trembling in fear. It would definitely be beaten up by its master. Sob, can someone save me? I didn't do it on purpose.

Without the hostages, the military could finally attack without any worry. A battle between domain realm masters occurred. The scouts were able to spectate a domain battle, something they, by right, couldn't see this early in their life. This was a rare opportunity for them. Many students who were talented in physical skills received a lot of insights from this battle, thus improving their physical skills. A talented valedictorian set a greater goal for himself after watching this battle. In the future, this valedictorian became a domain realm master.

There were fewer domain realm masters from the Federation but the difference in strength caused them to subdue their opponents and take control of the situation.

When Tang Ningyu killed his second domain realm master, Mu Chaoran had killed his second domain realm master too. They looked around and realized that there were no more opponents around them. They exchanged glances with each other and nodded. Both of them wanted to go to the headquarters again.

Tang Ningyu still brooded over the fact that he didn't manage to enter the headquarters yesterday. The headquarters' boss was probably buying time for them to retreat by sending most of his men here. This time, he would not let them succeed.

Mu Chaoran wanted to investigate the headquarters too. He still remembered Su Pei saying that Xiao Yiqiu was caught. Although he had sent a message to the military headquarters, they would not change their plan for an unimportant person like Xiao Yiqiu.

Since they met and became classmates, Mu Chaoran didn't mind helping him along the way if he had a chance to.

As the two of them were about to leave, Mu Chaoran saw something from the corner of his eye. He walked there and squatted down near the hole. He looked inside and picked up a trembling round little ball.

"Haha, the pet is the same as its master. His pet is so timid too." Mu Chaoran looked at the teary-eyed Little White who was shivering in fear. He smiled.

"Suits him perfectly." Tang Ningyu smiled gently too.