632 Life Or Death?

Ling Lan relaxed after hearing Little Four's explanation. Little Four continued, "Little Blossom is still a baby. Thus, he doesn't have the capability to make any independent decisions. He will not be able to consume other people's spiritual power without your approval. The energy in this space is enough for him to evolve. Little Blossom does not need to consume spiritual power and intelligent entities to fuel his evolution."

Little Four glanced at Ling Lan carefully before saying, "Of course, if you voluntarily allow your spiritual power to be consumed to help Little Blossom evolve, Little Blossom would consume it."

Ling Lan stared at him intently. Little Four immediately waved his hands and emphasized, "You must do it voluntarily. If you don't, Little Blossom will never consume your spiritual power…"

Ling Lan nodded calmly. Little Four heaved a sigh of relief. He finally managed to pass this obstacle. Sob, boss looked so frightening just now.

"Even if Little Blossom can consume spiritual power, he will not be able to control the other party. He can only kill them." Although Little Blossom's ability was scary, it was different from what she wanted.

"Intelligent entities like us have replicas of ourselves. You can ask Little Blossom to hide his in the mindscape of the other party. Once he noticed that the other party wants to betray you, the replica will be awaken and consume the other party's spiritual power causing him to be brain dead." Little Four finally told Ling Lan how to use Little Blossom properly.

Ling Lan felt her heart pounding furiously. She didn't expect Little Blossom to be so powerful and frightening. This was an ultimate killing weapon. If she used this method to guard against other people, she would not need to worry about them betraying her.

Ling Lan spent quite a long time in the learning space but for the young man, she just went into deep thought for a moment. The next moment, Ling Lan stood in front of him and asked indifferently, "Do you want to live or do you want to die?"

The young man's eyes lit up. If there was a chance, he wanted to live. However, he thought about something and his eyes dimmed again. "I will never betray the society. Just kill me."

When he was at the end of his rope, one of the leaders of Soul Society found him and took him into Soul Society. His life was changed because of this opportunity. If he was a nobody in the Soul Society, he might betray the Soul Society in exchange for his life. But, his talent was noticed and was specially nurtured. That meant that he would never be able to leave the Soul Society.

His family members had been taken away by the Soul Society and was sent to a secret base. Every year, he would sit on a cruise sent by the Soul Society and visit his family. Yet, he could never remember the place where they were held hostage.

If he betrayed Soul Society and was found out, his entire family would die a horrible death. He couldn't let that happen.

"You want to live but you still chose death…" Ling Lan saw the struggle in his eyes.

A chair made of ice formed behind Ling Lan. Ling Lan sat down and looked at the young man who was kneeling in front of her. She seemed to be thinking about something.

"It must be someone important to you to risk your life for it. If I am right, you want to protect either your family or your lover. Which one is it?" Ling Lan placed her hand on her chin and asked the young man.

The young man's face changed. He didn't expect the other party to guess his secret so quickly. He pursed his lips and refused to answer Ling Lan's question.

Ling Lan didn't expect the young man to reply too. She continued, "You are a calm and logical person. Thus, you know how to make the best decision for yourself. I overheard your conversations when I came by. If I am not wrong, you should be the commanding officer of this operation. To reach this position, you must have spent a long time in the Soul Society."

"The rules of the Soul Society must have been around for quite a long time. Based on your character and ability, you will not allow yourself to have any weaknesses. Hence, you will never be in love with someone until the stage where you want to protect her with your life. That means that the people in danger are your family members…" Ling Lan exposed the young man's secret

"If you are unable to find a solution for this problem until now, it could only mean that your family members had been captured by the society." Ling Lan knocked her fingers on the ice chair. "Looks like it will be difficult to have you betray the Soul Society."

The young man followed Ling Lan's words carefully. When he heard the last sentence, he heaved a sigh of relief. He was grateful that this person didn't force him to betray the Soul Society.

He was shocked by his own thoughts. Why did he feel grateful towards him?

"However, can you be sure that once you die, the Soul Society will release your family members?" Ling Lan smiled coldly. She stared at the young man with sharp eyes.

The young man was stunned. He looked at Ling Lan fearfully. This was something that worried him for many years. He wanted to find the exact location of where his family was held hostage because he was afraid that once he got killed, the Soul Society would kill his family members too. As they would be useless to them. He had stayed in the Soul Society for a long time now so he knew how heartless the people inside Soul Society were. There were no useless people in the Soul Society.

"Let me remind you, young man. I will kill you using the same method as how I kill the rest of your group. You will turn into ice and disappear from the world. So do you think that the Soul Society will believe that you are dead or will they think that you had betrayed them and ran away?" Ling Lan's tone was calm but her words were straight to the point.

"You know that the Soul Society will most probably feel that you had betrayed them. Only people that were alive would destroy all their traces. Dead people can't do that. Unless the person who killed them had the hobby of collecting corpse… but, no matter what, there would still be some evidence left. But what could they find here? Blood? Weapons? Killing techniques? Can you see any traces of those left behind?"

Ling Lan's words were surprising but it didn't cause the young man to waver. He knew that the Soul Society didn't need their corpse to ascertain whether they were dead or not. They had their own method. Outsiders didn't know this…

He hoped that the Soul Society would keep their promise after he died. Even if they didn't release his family members, he hoped that they would let them live in the secret base until they would die naturally.

Suddenly, a communication bead appeared in front of him. A cold voice rang beside his ear. "You think that this thing can inform the Soul Society that you died?"

The young man was dumbfounded. He didn't understand what Ling Lan wanted to say.

"Can you tell me whose communication bead is this? And has it lost its communication ability?" Ling Lan asked the young man to take a closer look.

The young man took the communication bead from the fair and slender hand. He looked at it carefully. His expression suddenly changed. He confirmed that it was 9th Elder's communication bead. He saw 9th Elder disappearing into ice particles with his own eyes. However, his communication bead still showed that he was still alive. This didn't make any sense.

"The spiritual power of the user is stored within the communication bead. Once the user died, the spiritual power inside will disappear naturally. Once all the spiritual power disappears, the person will be announced as dead. If I just keep the spiritual power of the user within the communication bead, I can make sure that his death would not be noticed," Ling Lan explained.

The young man broke down when he heard this. He knew that if he chose death, the other party would keep his spiritual power inside his communication bead. They would think that he was still alive and had betrayed them, his family members would be killed as a result of that…

"I don't want to die!" Since death couldn't protect his family, he had no reason to seek death.

"Very good. I like working with smart people." Ling Lan clapped her hand indifferently.

The young man stared at Ling Lan with his cold eyes. He hated and feared this person. This was someone who played with his heart and forced him into a dead end. In the end, he had no choice but to work with him. If his family members died because of his decision this time, he would kill this demon and destroy the Soul Society.

The young man calmed down after making a decision. He asked, "What do you want to know about the Soul Society?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ling Lan smiled. "I am not interested in the Soul Society."

The young man was astounded. Why did he took so much time to threaten and entice him then?

"I am interested in you." Ling Lan raised her eyebrows.

The young man tensed up. Was he talking about that kind of interest? Some higher authorities did like pretty boys. They would find pretty boys to satisfy their fetishes. These pretty boys willingly gave up their bodies in order to climb up in rank. But, he as a straight man. He would never…

Erm, there is no such thing as never when it comes to a person's life. The young man gritted his teeth and said helplessly, "I am willing to give you anything you want."

Ling Lan was stunned when she saw the young man's expression. She wondered why he looked so humiliated.

Little Four started laughing uncontrollably in the mindscape. Ling Lan glared at him. Little Four stopped laughing immediately. Little Four's laughter caused Ling Lan to understand what the young man was thinking about.

She looked at the young man with disdain. "Don't worry. If I like man, I have many better looking men around me. I am just interested in your brain. I don't want my men to be exposed when they sneak into your society."

The young man was relieved. He managed to keep his chrysanthenum's virginity. He accepted Ling Lan's request to be a spy. It was a better option.

After that, the two of them had a peaceful conversation. Ling Lan knew that this young man was called Min Zhenyun. In Soul Society, he was called Xia Qingyi. There were four main groups in the Soul Society's east planetary sector business. They were known as summer, spring, autumn, and winter. Each group had four small teams in it. Everyone had their own nicknames. Min Zhenyun was under the Qing team of the summer group. He was ranked first in their team so his name was called Xia (which means summer) Qing (name of his team) Yi (which means one).

Ling Lan realized how big the Soul Society was after Xia Qingyi's explanation. If she wanted to get the materials for the communication bead from them, it might be even harder than stealing from the Federation.

However, she would not give up. It was impossible to get the materials from the Federation so her only hope was the Soul Society.

Ling Lan got Little Blossom to make a replica of himself and implanted the replica into Xia Qingyi's mindscape. Xia Qingyi didn't know how Ling Lan did it but he knew that there was a frightening thing inside his mind.

Ling Lan told him that if he had any thoughts about betraying her, the thing inside his mind would kill his brain. He would become brain dead. Hence, she wished that he would be careful. She didn't want him to die because of a careless mistake.

Xia Qingyi believed Ling Lan completely. His instinct told him that this thing in his mind was powerful and threatening. Xia Qingyi didn't tell Ling Lan the reason he was taken in by the Soul Society was because of his powerful instinct. With it, he was able to make accurate predictions. Before this, he thought that his innate talent was strong enough. However, now, he felt that it was still lacking. If not, why didn't he predict that this mission would be a failure?

Xia Qingyi didn't know that Ling Lan had the Profound Insight which was the highest level innate talent within the instinct talent section. When met with other innate talents from the same section, the other talents couldn't be used and the predictions made would be wrong.

That was why Xia Qingyi made many wrong decisions in this mission. He was fooled by his own innate talent.

Ling Lan prepared to leave after settling everything. Xia Qingyi shouted, "Are you planning to leave just like that? How will I explain this to my superiors?"

Ling Lan looked at him with a smile. She replied nonchalantly, "This will be a test for you. If you can't pass this test, it means that you are not good enough to be my subordinate. I don't take in useless people."

After finishing her sentence, Ling Lan disappeared from Xia Qingyi's sight.