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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Author:Madam Ru

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After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and uneventful life in her new healthy body, fate had other plans… Forced to disguise herself as a boy just so she could inherit her deceased father’s premium military benefits, Ling Lan’s journey...
《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》 Text
Chapter 1: Souls Actually Exist after Death?
Chapter 2: Young Master Ling Lan is born!
Chapter 3: Assessment of the Newborn!
Chapter 4: The Childish Voice in the Mind!
Chapter 5: Luckily Still a Girl
Chapter 6: A Shameless Person
Chapter 7: Burning Bridges?
Chapter 8: Comparison of Assessments
Chapter 9: Gene Stimulating Agent!
Chapter 10: Absorb Everything!
Chapter 11: Learning System Activated!
Chapter 12: Tests Could Be Anywhere
Chapter 13: Car or Plane?
Chapter 14: Fear of Heights is a Big Problem
Chapter 15: Sorry, I Lost Control!
Chapter 16: Little Four Wants to Earn Money
Chapter 17: Redemption of Honour Points?
Chapter 19: The Powerful Cheat Code
Chapter 18: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Chapter 20: Ling Lan is a Glutton
Chapter 21: The Intricacies of the Qi Exercises!
Chapter 22: A Life Free From Debt!
Chapter 23: The Scout Academy’s Test
Chapter 24: The Overly Friendly Little Boy
Chapter 25: Companions in the Same Group
Chapter 26: The Exam Begins
Chapter 27: The True Intention of the Test
Chapter 28: The Data of the Ten Children
Chapter 29: The Final Lap
Chapter 30: I Order You All To Attack Me!
Chapter 31: The Weak Have No Right to Speak
Chapter 32: Ling Lan Makes a Move!
Chapter 33: Savage Little Wolf Cubs!
Chapter 34: A Sure Hit!
Chapter 35: Test Completed!
Chapter 36: Becoming a Boss
Chapter 37: The Examiner’s Recommendation!
Chapter 38: Who’s the Opponent?
Chapter 39: Modifying the Scores
Chapter 40: Downed By a Glass of Wine!
Chapter 41: Wilderness Training?
Chapter 42: Hunting and Being Hunted!
Chapter 43: The Experience of Death!
Chapter 44: Resolving a Potential Problem
Chapter 45: Who Wants to Kill Ling Lan?
Chapter 46: Scared?
Chapter 47: The Self-Volunteering Little Four!
Chapter 48: The Psychotic Grandpa Chamberlain!
Chapter 49: The Threat of Long-Range Attacks
Chapter 50: Fighting For Time!
Chapter 51: Super Homing Projectiles?
Chapter 52: A Genius among Geniuses!
Chapter 53: The Ling Family Rescuers!
Chapter 54: Ling Lan's Loyalists
Chapter 55: I Suspected It From the Very Beginning!
Chapter 56: Individual Plots
Chapter 57: The Still Unresolved Fear of Heights!
Chapter 58: A Familiar Totem!
Chapter 59: Freaktastic Boss!
Chapter 60: Group 072 Gathers!
Chapter 61: An Intense World of Competition!
Chapter 62: An Intentional Arrangement
Chapter 63: Number Five Appears!
Chapter 64: The Rabbit Sky Leap Skill!
Chapter 65: A Rip-Off of a Mission Clear Reward!
Chapter 66: Still Ended Up a Boarder
Chapter 67: The Impudent Challenger
Chapter 68: You've Lost
Chapter 69: Ling Lan's Problem
Chapter 70: The Meaning of Companions!
Chapter 71: Lin Zhong-qing's Objective?
Chapter 72: A Response Which Exceeds Expectations
Chapter 73: Ling Lan's Crisis!
Chapter 74: Little Four's Suggestion
Chapter 75: The Dream of Having Kids!
Chapter 76: The Ranking Tournament Begins
Chapter 77: The Debut of Techniques and Secret Skills!
Chapter 78: Advancing in One Move!
Chapter 79: Talent Killer!
Chapter 80: Advancing Into the Top 13!
Chapter 81: Initiate Disciples!
Chapter 82: Ling Lan vs Qin Yi
Chapter 83: Extreme Talent!
Chapter 84: The Top 4 Emerges!
Chapter 85: Qi Long vs Li Yingjie
Chapter 86: Sixth Sense?
Chapter 87: A New Upset Record
Chapter 88: Ling Xiao's Legacy?
Chapter 89: The Mysterious Murals!
Chapter 90: Evolution Mission!
Chapter 91: Test or Choice?
Chapter 92: Massacre In Progress!
Chapter 93: The Resurrected Demon in the Heart!
Chapter 94: The Test of Dao
Chapter 95: Cracking the Mission!
Chapter 96: The Dominance Dao!
Chapter 97: Logging Into the Virtual World!
Chapter 98: Legacy Mission?
Chapter 99: Walk One's Own Path
Chapter 100: The Case of the Glass Window!
Chapter 101: A Simple Test?
Chapter 102: A Test of Questions and Answers!
Chapter 103: A Heartless Dad?
Chapter 104: The World of Belief!
Chapter 105: The Real Token!
Chapter 106: Vision and Hand Speed!
Chapter 107: Transported to the Capital?
Chapter 108: A Dangerous Man!
Chapter 109: God View!
Chapter 110: Hide and Seek?
Chapter 111: Calling Me Big Brother?
Chapter 112: Mecha Training Hall
Chapter 113: Rabbit Mecha?
Chapter 114: God-Class Operator Ling Xiao!
Chapter 115: The Tragic Rabbit!
Chapter 116: Arbitrary Punishment!
Chapter 117: The Learning Space's Warning!
Chapter 118: The Real No.1 of Year 4738
Chapter 119: Taking Lin Zhong-Qing In as a Follower?
Chapter 120: Joining Officially!
Chapter 121: Battle Points for Self-Redemption!
Chapter 122: The Cheetah Mecha Operator!
Chapter 123: Breaking Through a Bottleneck!
Chapter 124: Don't Choose to Graduate?
Chapter 125: The Emergence of Gods?
Chapter 126: A Strange Sense of Rapport!
Chapter 127: Preset Control Mode!
Chapter 128: Rabbit-Cheetah Duo!
Chapter 129: Missed It?
Chapter 130: It's Been Tough On You!
Chapter 131: Planet Azure
Chapter 132: Thoroughly Convinced!
Chapter 133: Sparring!
Chapter 134: Top 5 of the Class
Chapter 135: As the Fights Progress!
Chapter 136: Ling Lan's Wrath!
Chapter 137: Qi-Jin Stage?
Chapter 138: The Mysterious Planet!
Chapter 139: To Withdraw or to Remain?
Chapter 140: Hunting Preparations!
Chapter 141: The First Hunting Lesson
Chapter 142: Enemy Attack? Enemy Attack!
Chapter 143: The Mecha Battle Kicks Off!
Chapter 144: Chance! Make a Move!
Chapter 145: Controlling Polar Light!
Chapter 146: Discovered?
Chapter 147: Ace Operator?
Chapter 148: Number X ...
Chapter 149: Looking For an Answer!
Chapter 150: Ling Lan's Crisis!
Chapter 151: Only Chance is to Get Close!
Chapter 152: Self-Destruct!
Chapter 153: Goddess of Luck?
Chapter 154: Awakening!
Chapter 155: My Father Is Ling Xiao!
Chapter 156: Why Did You Die?
Chapter 157: Innate Talent Awakens!
Chapter 158: The Instructors of the Learning Space Assemble!
Chapter 159: Take a Wife or Marry a Husband?
Chapter 160: A Grand Game?
Chapter 161: Grand Armed Melee!
Chapter 162: Fighting For Honour!
Chapter 163: The Grand Armed Melee Begins!
Chapter 164: The Strongest Student in the Academy!
Chapter 165: Team Zhang Jing-an!
Chapter 166: Who’s the Opponent?
Chapter 167: Drawing a Snake Out of Its Lair?
Chapter 168: Is This Mission Really Right?
Chapter 169: Demon?
Chapter 170: Split-Core Twofold Detonation Technique!
Chapter 171: I Want to Live!
Chapter 172: Domain Stage?
Chapter 173: What Kind of Personages?
Chapter 174: A Fearsome Ability!
Chapter 175: Collaboration? No!
Chapter 176: Ling Xiao's Instructor!
Chapter 177: Old Beast Mu Shui-qing!
Chapter 178: Ling Lan Wakes Up!
Chapter 179: Cry 'Daddy'!
Chapter 180: Proud Of You!
Chapter 181: The Disappearance of Ling Xiao's Legacy!
Chapter 182: I Want to Become Strong!
Chapter 183: Latent Problems and a Mission!
Chapter 184: Divine Command Sect!
Chapter 185: Three Years Later ...
Chapter 186: Ling Lan Returns!
Chapter 187: My Role?
Chapter 188: Applying to a School!
Chapter 189: The Flames of War Rise Again!
Chapter 190: The Mysterious Mecha in the Black Hole!
Chapter 191: The Fearsome Combat Ability of a God-Class Operator!
Chapter 192: The First Marshal!
Chapter 193: Ling Xiao's Request!
Chapter 194: Terrible Odds?
Chapter 195: General Ling!
Chapter 196: An Infuriated Ling Xiao!
Chapter 197: A Determined Destiny!
Chapter 198: Cruel Punishment
Chapter 199: Fellow Disciples?
Chapter 200: Ling Xiao vs Ling Lan!
Chapter 201: Acceptance Letter!
Chapter 202: Preparing for Departure!
Chapter 203: Send Off?
Chapter 204: A Brass-Necked Diplomatic Personnel!
Chapter 205: I Used a Backdoor!
Chapter 206: Journey!
Chapter 207: Scheming!
Chapter 208: Ling Lan's Plan!
Chapter 209: Move!
Chapter 210: The Operation Begins!
Chapter 211: New Members!
Chapter 212: Disguised Infiltration!
Chapter 213: Take Control of the Central Control Room!
Chapter 214: Ling Lan's Intention
Chapter 215: Respective Decisions!
Chapter 216: The Ship's Mainframe!
Chapter 217: Proclamation of Battle!
Chapter 218: Negotiation!
Chapter 219: A Successful Mutiny!
Chapter 220: Space Fortress!
Chapter 221: Salute!
Chapter 222: What Right?
Chapter 223: Natural Born Rogue!
Chapter 224: The Deep Waters of the Military Academy!
Chapter 225: The Various Factions!
Chapter 226: New Cadet Regiment!
Chapter 227: New Cadet District!
Chapter 228: The Adorkable Rabbit Mecha!
Chapter 229: Accepting a Mission!
Chapter 230: The Open Secret of the Military Academy!
Chapter 231: Sneak Attack!
Chapter 232: The Python Family!
Chapter 233: The Weapon 'Regretless'!!
Chapter 234: Starlight Conversion Power Core!
Chapter 235: It's Time to Change!
Chapter 236: Newcomer Matchups!
Chapter 237: Combat Style!
Chapter 238: Phoenix Thrall Fate!
Chapter 239: Slaughter a Chicken to Strike Fear into the Monkeys?
Chapter 240: Leiting's Intentions?
Chapter 241: Truth!
Chapter 242: Letter of Challenge!
Chapter 243: The Distance between the Two?
Chapter 244: My Goal!
Chapter 245: The Dux Li Shiyu!
Chapter 246: What Virtues Or Abilities Have You?
Chapter 247: Wager!
Chapter 248: Luo Lang Fights!
Chapter 249: Still a Little Ways Off!
Chapter 250: Innate Talent Activated!
Chapter 251: The 4th Form of One-Inch Punch!
Chapter 252: Fatal Weakness!
Chapter 253: Stand Up!
Chapter 254: I'm Proud of You!
Chapter 255: Qi Long Enters the Stage!
Chapter 256: The Unkillable Roachie!
Chapter 257: Breakthrough in a Hopeless Situation!
Chapter 258: Fatal Weakness!
Chapter 259: Giving Him a Taste of His Own Medicine!
Chapter 260: Spiritual Life Coach?
Chapter 261: Wu Jiong’s Calculation!
Chapter 262: The Reactions of the Various Factions!
Chapter 263: Oppressive Aura!
Chapter 264: The Final Victors!
Chapter 265: A Hypocritical Person
Chapter 266: The Li Family Brothers!
Chapter 267: Transferral of Treatment!
Chapter 268: Are You Threatening Me?
Chapter 269: A Twenty-four Filial Exemplars Dad!
Chapter 270: Setting a Trap?
Chapter 271: Become Friends?
Chapter 272: The Mission of the New Cadet Regiment!
Chapter 273: Where Is Luo Lang?
Chapter 274: Tianji Mecha Clan!
Chapter 275: Act Independently!
Chapter 276: (276) Infiltration! & (277) How Dare You!
Chapter 277: (278) Little Four Takes Action!
Chapter 278: Domain Master?
Chapter 279: The Aftermath!
Chapter 280: Resolution!
Chapter 281: Bestial Personality! // The Target Appears!
Chapter 282: Scheming!
Chapter 283: Completion!
Chapter 284: Misdiagnosis!
Chapter 285: Apprehension!
Chapter 286: The Assessment Team!
Chapter 287: Missing His Son?
Chapter 288: Ling Xiao's Wish!
Chapter 289: Not Wronged!
Chapter 290: Ambition!
Chapter 291: A Trap!
Chapter 292: Top-Class Elite [belief]!
Chapter 293: Wind's Shadow!
Chapter 294: Mecha Instructor!
Chapter 295: The Composition of a Battle Clan!
Chapter 296: The Price of Fate!
Chapter 297: Advanced Mecha Warrior?
Chapter 298: Ling Lan’s Mistake!
Chapter 299: The Truth of Control!
Chapter 300: Seven Years Ago?
Chapter 301: Rabbit? Leopard?
Chapter 302: A Strange and Wondrous Misunderstanding!
Chapter 303: Interrogation!
Chapter 304: Joining!
Chapter 305: Battle Clan Members!
Chapter 306: Accepting a Mission!
Chapter 307: SSS-Rank!
Chapter 308: Planet X192!
Chapter 309: SSS-Rank!
Chapter 310: Planet X192!
Chapter 311: Abandon?
Chapter 312: Robbery
Chapter 313: Precious Power Source!
Chapter 314: Rapport
Chapter 315: A Nature-Defying Existence!
Chapter 316: Magnetic Storm!
Chapter 317: Destruction!
Chapter 318: Entering the Mainship!
Chapter 319: Secret Weapon!
Chapter 320: Awakening!
Chapter 321: Comradery?
Chapter 322: Anxiety!
Chapter 323: Clearing a Hurdle!
Chapter 324: The Truth!
Chapter 325: The Mantis Stalking the Cicada!
Chapter 326: The Oriole Comes From Behind!
Chapter 327: Spiritual Share!
Chapter 328: Spectre!
Chapter 329: Volunteering to Fight!
Chapter 330: The Lingtian Battle Clan in the Eyes of Chang Xinyuan!
Chapter 331: The Existence of a BUG
Chapter 332: The Aberrant Modification Innate Talent!
Chapter 333: A Weakness Appears!
Chapter 334: An Intense Battle!
Chapter 335: Destroy Them All!
Chapter 336: Tricked!
Chapter 337: T-Virus?
Chapter 338: Confession!
Chapter 339: Flaws!
Chapter 340: Mutual Destruction!
Chapter 341: The Sleeping Baby!
Chapter 342: Mutated Spiritual Self!
Chapter 343: Use!
Chapter 344: Rest In Peace!
Chapter 345: Ultimate Weapon!
Chapter 346: Death Descends!
Chapter 347: Ace Operator!
Chapter 348: Escape in High Gear!
Chapter 349: Never Letting Go Again!
Chapter 350: Flee the Base!
Chapter 351: Mission Reward!
Chapter 352: Operation Kill the Fledgling!
Chapter 353: A Father's Responsibility!
Chapter 354: Enemy Invasion?
Chapter 355: Ambush?
Chapter 356: Tampering?
Chapter 357: Arrangements!
Chapter 358: This is Real Battle!
Chapter 359: Requesting Backup!
Chapter 360: The Mecha Storehouse!
Chapter 361: Kings of Massacre!
Chapter 362: Thunder King Qiao Ting!
Chapter 363:
Chapter 364: Prepare to Fight!
Chapter 365: The Owner of the Giant Sword!
Chapter 366: An Awesome Boss!
Chapter 367: Making Mischief!
Chapter 368: Power Gap!
Chapter 369: Team-M's Annihilation!
Chapter 370: The Team Members Arrive!
Chapter 371: Ace VS Ace!
Chapter 372: Crisis!
Chapter 373: Mutual Destruction!
Chapter 374: He’s Still Alive!
Chapter 375: A Physical Constitution Problem?
Chapter 376: Don't Lose to Yourself!
Chapter 377: Ling Lan's Choice!
Chapter 378: The Attribution of Victory!
Chapter 379: The Truth is Revealed!
Chapter 380: Break Apart!
Chapter 381: General Ling!
Chapter 382: Daddy is Here!
Chapter 383: A Game!
Chapter 384: Little Four's Mistake!
Chapter 385: Immortal Bird Ling Xiao!
Chapter 386: Li Lanfeng's Illness?
Chapter 387: Unfilial Daughter!
Chapter 388: Weak!
Chapter 389: Li Yinfei!
Chapter 390: Decadent Voice!
Chapter 391: The Same Face ...
Chapter 392: No Longer Li Mulan!
Chapter 393: The Lingtian Mecha Clan!
Chapter 394: Leiting's Letter of Challenge!
Chapter 395: Gao Jinyun's Suggestion!
Chapter 396: Stepping Stone and That Chicken!
Chapter 397: Choosing A Mentor!
Chapter 398: The Problem of Dao!
Chapter 399: Personal Testimony!
Chapter 400: Plan to Create a God!
Chapter 401: Honest Confrontation!
Chapter 402: Mecha Modification!
Chapter 403: Black!
Chapter 404: Betrayal!
Chapter 405: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 406: Hidden Machinations?
Chapter 407: Lingtian No.7!
Chapter 408: Reversal!
Chapter 409: Disciple!
Chapter 410: Discovery!
Chapter 411: Inscrutable!
Chapter 412: Tricked!
Chapter 413: Self-Destruct!
Chapter 414: Missions Exchanged!
Chapter 415: The Slowest Member!
Chapter 416: A True Ace!
Chapter 417: Prioritizing Personal Interests!
Chapter 418: All Alone!
Chapter 419: Empty-Handed Weapon Grab!
Chapter 420: Chang Xinyuan's Revenge!
Chapter 421: Tactical Genius!
Chapter 422: Trust!
Chapter 423: Not Much After All!
Chapter 424: You Are Destined to Be My Stepping Stone!
Chapter 425: Domain!
Chapter 426: The Possibility of Collaboration?
Chapter 427: Caught Out!
Chapter 429: Invitation!
Chapter 430: Target for Collaboration!
Chapter 431: Goading Qiao Ting!
Chapter 432: Two Girls!
Chapter 433: The First Men's Military Academy!
Chapter 434: Very Ugly, Very Scary?
Chapter 435: Provocation!
Chapter 436: Shopping!
Chapter 437: Harassment!
Chapter 438: Peerless Prodigy!
Chapter 439: Satisfied?
Chapter 440: A Special Guest Arrives!
441 Respective Plans!
442 Opening Ceremony!
443 Half Step to God-Realm?
444 Ling Lan's Crisis!
445 Ling Lan's Fulcrum!
《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》 Volume 2
446 Her Little Friends ...
447 Not That Complicated!
448 Single Mecha Combat!
449 Admitting Defeat!
450 Lin Xiao vs Jiang Shaoyu
451 Brutal and Savage Revenge!
452 A Shameless Person?
453 To Gamble or Not to Gamble?
454 Punishment and Equal Placement prelude !
455 Qiao Ting's Innate Talent!
456 Quandary and Decision!
457 Difficult to Let Go!
458 Goal!
459 A Strange Injury!
460 Fatherly Love Like a Mountain!
461 Ling Lan's Operation Type?
462 Naming —— Ling Lan Shooting Art!
463 Qiao Ting's Plans!
464 Give Up!
465 A Bizarre Line-Up!
466 Where Is Your Moral Integrity?
467 The Incident of the Yang Chun Noodles!
468 Miscalculation!
469 52 Shots?
470 Ling Xiao's Pride and Troubles!
471 Zhao Jun's Predicament!
472 Seed?
473 Six-Chain Combo
474 Advancement Into the Finals
475 The Third Match!
476 The Secret of Rock-Paper-Scissors?
477 A Great Move!
478 Guest Award Presenters!
479 Commander!
480 The Mighty and the Overbearing!
481 Forming an Alliance with a High-Five
482 A True Battle Royale
483 Signal Flare Gather Up
484 The Yin and Yang Sea!
485 Little Four's Origin?
486 The Mirage City Under the Sea!
487 Let's Play Something Stimulating
488 The Fifth House?
489 Deeper Meaning!
490 Gemini?
491 Weakness?
492 Only Life and Death, No Good and Evil
493 Diverting Troubles Away?
494 Fallen into a Trap!
495 Closely Linked!
496 Everyone guessing?
497 Attack!
498 Close Range Combat!
499 Crisis!
500 Mutual Understanding!
501 Sure-kill!
502 Persistence!
503 Taken Advantage Of vs Being Taken Advantage Of!
504 Despicable?
505 Infiltration!
506 Submission!
507 Crisis!
508 Real or Fake!