Wuxiaworld > Isekai Nonbiri Nouka > Chapter 214

A problem occurred in Village One .

They seem to have trouble eating pork .

「Don’t! I will never allow you strangle Tonko . 」

「Are your eyes open? Don’t you know that you need to eat? What are you doing?」

「She’s already family!」

「Unfortunately, pigs are food . 」

「I even gave it a name… . 」

「Bring it here now!」

Most of the men don’t want to eat them and most of the women are fine eating them .

The group that doesn’t want to eat are being sentimental .

As for the pigs, they did not leave the side of the men who they know are protecting them .

「We have a lot of food . You don’t have to make these pigs food too… . 」

The beastkin Mamu shyly explains the situation to me .

「Then what are they good for aside from meat?」

「But the meat from the monsters of the forest of death is really high quality . 」

「I see . However, if you don’t eat them, the pig will only consume food . 」

For goats and cows, you can get milk and for chickens, you can get eggs .

As for horses, they can be used as a mount and workforce too .

Given the pig’s reproductive power, they are unsuitable as pets .

In short, pigs are not that useful… .

Have they read my mind? They started consulting each other to defend pigs .

And they started a presentation for me .

Idea number one .

Pig race .

It can be held to a place even if it is not wide, however, will it be exciting?

Thinking about it, it will probably more exciting if we had the demon spiders ride them .

Okay .

Idea number two .

Simple workforce .

They can be a special carrier but can’t carry heavy things .

Also, the soil in the forest of death is hard so it needs to be plowed first .

Okay .

Idea number three .

Pig fight .

It is survival of the fittest in this world .

It is inevitable for someone weak to be eaten .

However, let’s give them a chance .

If they fought against a fanged rabbit from the forest and win, they’ll be safe .


Areh? That rabbit is a monster .

It’s alright?

Are you sure?

You’ll show it .

But you hope that there will be a handicap .

If they were defeated and died, they will be eaten as it is .

If possible, using a delicious recipe… .

Is that so?

Okay .

… .

This is painful to eat!

Though it is possible to eat it, I already lost my appet.i.te!

I’ve given them to Village One but look at what they have done!

They are no longer domestic animals but pet!

They cherish them!

d.a.m.n it!

Let’s just make that race track and cart for pigs!

Fighting is dangerous so don’t ever try it again!

「Is that okay?」

「Until they struggle for food . 」

「Pigs give birth many times a year, won’t it be terrible after a few years?」

「I know . When that time comes, let’s think of what to do . 」

It should be fine .

Because they are smart enough to make a presentation before me .

At a later date, it was decided to extend the pigpen .

Majority of the newly born children were handed over in either Village Two or Village Three .

「Because food is important . 」

「You can’t just live by looking cute . 」

Village Two and Village Three are angry a Village One .

They seem to treat pigs as pets .

They are indeed reliable .

And I have to reflect because of that .

Village One is… .

They publicly revere pigs like how they publicly wors.h.i.+p the G.o.d of creation .

What a splendid tough head they have .

In Village One, pigs continued to do simple work and race .

It can’t be helped .

Yeah .

The dinner that day was fried pork from Michael-san .

It was delicious .

Though my brain and my stomach are different .

I’m drinking some tea after meal while thinking about how selfish I am .

In the future that will never happen .

Fanged Rabbit: There’s no way I’ll lose to a pig… . . what is that a strange power?

Pig A: If you kill me I’ll be eaten . So what .

Pig B: Even if you lose, I’ll go next .

Village Chief: As for the fanged rabbit’s handicap, let’s break its fangs .

Fanged Rabbit: How can you be so bias!