Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
Chapter 196
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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
Author :Kinosuke Naito
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Chapter 196

◆ Big Tree Village


Machio Hiraku Village chief

【Inferno Wolves】

Kuro(♂) Racial Representative

Yuki(♀) Kuro's partner.

Kuroichi(♂) First generation pup of the Kuro couple


Kuroni(♂) First generation pup of the Kuro couple


Kurosan(♀) First generation pup of the Kuro couple


Kuroyon(♀) First generation pup of the Kuro couple


Kurogo(♂) Second generation pup of the Kuro couple

Kuroro(♂) Second generation pup of the Kuro couple

Kuronana(♀) Second generation pup of the Kuro couple

Kurohachi(♀) Second generation pup of the Kuro couple

Fubuki(♀) Special existence. Cocytus wolf.

Masayuki(♂)has a harem

Aniki(♂) Tamed the puppy it picked up.

Many others.


Puppy(♀) Has a gallant name

【Demon Spider】

Zabuton Illegal Demon Spider

Makura One of Zabuton's spiderlings

Many others


Loo Lulus.h.i.+ Loo

Flora Loo's little sister like cousin

(Half?) Alfred Village chief and Loo's son


Tier Race representative. Angel of annihilation. Golem user.

Gran Maria One of the angels of holocaust

Kuudel One of the angels of holocaust

Corone One of the angels of holocaust

Kierbit Daughter of the present leader of the angels.

Suaruriu Twin angel

Suarukou Twin angel

(Half?) Tiselle Village chief and Tier's daughter

【High Elves】

Ria Race representative












(Half?) Ririus Village chief and Ria's Son

(Half?) Riguru Village chief and Rize's Son

(Half?) Ratte Village chief and Rafa's Son

Forty-two others.


Ann Race representative. Maid leader.

Ramurias Beastkin caretaker

(Half?) Torain Village chief and Ann's son

18 others


Daga Race Representative

Nuff Minotaur's caretaker

13 others + hatchlings born every year

【Beastkin】25(first batch migrants) + 3(Gutt's family) + 2(apprentices) + 4(Gulf's family)

Senna Race representative. Migrant from Howling Village.

Mamu Village One's caretaker

beastboys They were around 4 years old when they first came to this village.

20 others from the first batch migrants

Gutt's Family

(Human) Nas.h.i.+ Gutt's wife

(Half) Nutt Gutt's daughter

Gutt's apprentice A

Gutt's apprentice B

Gulf Best warrior of Howling Village

Gulf's wife

Gulf's son Already has a partner

Gulf's daughter A

Gulf's daughter B One of the first migrants from Howling Village


Rasuti Rasutisumoon. Race representative.

Hakuren Dors' eldest daughter. Rasuti's aunt.

Guraru Dark Dragon Girar's daughter

(Half?) Hiichirou Village chief and Hakure's son


Bulga Rasuti's servant(employee)

Stifano Rasuti's servant(employee)

【Demon/Civil Servant Girls】

Frau Fraurem. Village governor. Top bra.s.s of the civil servant girls. Race representative.

Ra.s.shas.h.i.+ Centaur's caretaker

Nine others

【Elder Dwarf】more than 50

Donovan Race representative



Others(more than 50 in total)

【Mountain Elf】

Ya Race Representative

20 others


Mach Race representative

41 others


Ursa Former ghost king and now a little girl.

【Clay Doll】

Clay doll Ursa's servant

【Gnostic Bee】

Queen Bee Enjoying her life in Big Tree Village


Wine Slime In charge of healing the village


Cat Former fallen G.o.d? Is it competing with the wine slime as the healer of the village?


Horse Belford


Colt Son of Belford

◆ Village One - There are around 20 nyunyu-daphnes + 20 humans

【Nyunyu-daphnes】(a race that can be considered as tree spirits)

Igu Village One's representative. Race representative.

Many others 20 were left in Village One and there are still others who are working as alarms and night light at other villages


Jack Representative of Village One's humans. Leader.

Morte Jack's wife. She can use spirit magic.

18 others

◆ Village Two - 72 individuals + newly born children

【Minotaurs】(Giants with horns)

Gordon Village Two's representative. Race representative.

Ronana Stationed in Big Tree Village

Mirua Stationed in Big Tree Village

69 others + newly born children

◆ Village Three - 104 individuals(initial migrants) + 41 individuals (f.u.ka's group)

【Centaur】(has a lower body of a horse)

Glueworld Representative of Village Three. Race Representative. Viscount.

f.u.ka Polo baron

143 others

◆ Hot Spring Area

【Ghost Knight】(Skeleton + Full body armor + good sword)

Ghost knight Sword expert

2 others

◆ Southern Dungeon

【Lamia】(has a lower body of a snake)

Junea Dungeon master

Sunea Dungeon warrior chief

Around 50 others

◆ Northern Dungeon

【t.i.tans】(Hairy t.i.tans)

t.i.tan race

Around 50 of them

◆ Shashaato City


Michael Goroun President of Goroun Company

◆ Demon King's Kingdom


Demon King Gullgald

Randan Four heavenly kings.(Domestic Affairs)

Glatts Four heavenly kings.(Military Affairs)

Hou Four heavenly kings.(Finance)

Beezel Four heavenly kings.(Foreign Affairs)

Yuri Demon king's daughter. Princess.

Volgraf Responsible for strictness in Gofrir's house

A certain young master. Son of a baron.

◆ Somewhere


Doraim Gatekeeper dragon. Dors' son

Grafaroon Doraim's wife

Dors Dragon king

Raimeiren Typhoon dragon. Dors' wife.

Suiren Dors and Raimeiren's daughter.

Maxbergak Suiren's husband

Helzenark Maxbergak and Suiren's daughter

Sekiren Dors and Raimeiren's daughter

Kworun Sekiren's husband

Domaim Dors and Raimeiren's son.

Kwon Kworun's elder sister. Domaim's wife.

Girar Dark dragon


Gucci Doraim's butler

◆ Faraway country


Ancestor-san Valgreif. Founder of Korin religion.


Fushu Korin religion's high priestess.

O'Brien Korin religion's warrior priest.

◆ Forest monsters and demon beasts(Some of them are not named until now)

【Killer Rabbit】

Fanged rabbit. Delicious.

【Great Boar】

Huge wild boar. Delicious.


A long-bodied weasel


Fat weasel

【Grappler Bear】

One of the four overlords of the forest.

Huge idiot bear. Doesn't taste good.

【b.l.o.o.d.y Viper】

One of the four overlords of the forest.

Huge snake. The taste is okay but it has this aphrodisiac effect.

Its eggs are delicious.

【Panic Caribou】

Ferocious deer. Can't be easily found. The horn is really delicious.

【Earth Rat】

It only inhabits part of the forest.

A huge mole.


Huge centipede.

【Poison Rock Hekaton】

Super big centipede.

【Death Ball】

Huge armadillo.

Side talk

The last two of the four overlords of the forest are the inferno wolves and demon spiders.

Demon Spiders - Their web is really troublesome. They are clever and strong.

Grappler Bear - Even alone, it is really strong. Has an amazing power.

b.l.o.o.d.y Viper – Even alone, it is really strong. It is really brutal in a specific environment, like a dungeon.

Inferno Wolf - It doesn't move alone. You're done for if you meet its pack.

A single inferno wolf can destroy an entire city. (setting)

◆ Women in "that relations.h.i.+p" with the village chief?




Ria, Rize, Rafa




All other high elves

All other oni maids





Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone


Some of the beastgirls(first batch migrants)

Ya and other mountain elves

Civil servant girls


The rest of the beastgirls(first batch migrants)


Bulga, Stifano

Kierbit, Suaruriu, Suarukou


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