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603 Flight of the Five Beasts

Once he had obtained the hoop, He Xiangyu's cultivation levels meant that he could compete against a practitioner at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir realm. It was the same for Grandmother Hui Ling. Once she got the Purple Bottle Gourd, practitioners at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir realm would find it hard to match her.

Other than their high cultivation skills, the two also had the support of a powerful sect. That was why they had dared to stay behind to face the terrifying Corpse Puppet.

The Corpse Puppet had just awakened, so its mind was still blank. This was the best time to fight it. Grandmother Hui Ling and He Xiangyu would naturally not drag this out. They looked at each other and then acted.

A ray of purple light filled the great hall, illuminating the surrounding area with a purple light. A purple cloud appeared under Grandmother Hui Ling's feet. The next moment, she flew several meters into the air and appeared above the Corpse Puppet.

She held the Purple Bottle Gourd in one hand and her cane in another. There was a glimmer of red light and the cane emitted a dragon's roar. A red dragon appeared above the cane and then headed for the Corpse Puppet's head.

Even though the Corpse Puppet was rather dazed, it could still perceive danger. It raised its arm subconsciously and blocked the cane.

There was a loud rumble and the air seemed to rotate.

The corpse puppet staggered back some steps. This was the first time it had been affected by an attack since the beginning of the fight.

However, Grandmother Hui Ling had suffered as well. The purple cloud under her feet cracked and she shook, flying back several meters. Her attack, of course, could not defeat the corpse puppet. She was just testing the waters to see how strong the corpse puppet was.

Facts had proven that even with the use of two spiritual weapons, the difference between the abilities of Grandmother Hui Ling and the Corpse Puppet was wide.

"It is possible to fight it." Even though it was Grandmother Hui Ling who had tested the puppet's strength, He Xiangyu could also see that it was possible to fight the puppet if he and Grandmother Hui Ling worked together.

His figure shimmered and he appeared in the air above the Corpse Puppet. He waved his hand and the five gold hoops in his hands were flung out. Each of the bronze hoops was shimmering with a piercing gold light.

The sounds of beasts roaring could be heard in the great hall. A ball of light started shining inside each of the five bronze hoops, turning into all sorts of demonic beasts. There was the tiger with sword-like teeth, a lion with wings on its back, a strong and vicious bull with horns on its head…

Each of the animals appeared very life-like and all of them had a bronze hoop on their necks. Through the bronze hoops, the five demonic beasts had an interesting connection.

"Flight of the Five Beasts!" Bu Zhangkun's face was grave and there was a hint of respect on his expression. The "Flight of the Five Beasts" was the greatest power of the Five Beasts hoop. Once the "Flight of the Five Beasts" was used, it meant that the Five Beasts hoop had been used to its limits.

Before Five Beasts Sect had grown powerful, the sect's five practitioners of the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm had worked together to use the "Flight of the Five Beasts" of the Five Beasts hoop and killed two later stage Golden Elixir realm warriors on the spot.

Every time Five Beasts Sect used the "Flight of the Five Beasts" it meant that they were facing a huge challenge.

Pavilion Leader Ye Rong and Bu Zhangkun looked at each other. Then, they turned around to look at Mo Wen. Their eyes were somewhat wary.

That was because Mo Wen had moved as well. He was no longer huddling in the corner but had walked out toward the Corpse Puppet.

The two of them knew that once Grandmother Hui Ling and elder He acted, then they would not be able to watch out for Mo Wen, who was a surprising factor. As such, they had another task, which was to watch out for Mo Wen and stop him from stealing the two treasures. The two of them could not do much against the Corpse Puppet but it was not difficult for them to stop Mo Wen. Pavilion Leader Ye Rong and Bu Zhangkun both moved at about the same time. They flashed in front of Mo Wen and blocked him.

"Sect leaders, what are you both doing?" Mo Wen asked lightly, looking at them.

Pavilion Leader Ye Rong's expression was grave. "You're too greedy. If you leave now, we will not pursue any further the treasures you've gotten earlier." Even though Mo Wen had gained a large number of precious treasure on the stone pillar earlier, they were not worth a mention compared to the Dark Soul Pearl and the Cries of Hades bell. She did not want to cause more trouble at this time and was afraid that Mo Wen would ruin their plans of stealing the treasure.

"Young man, you should know when to stop. We are not asking you to leave behind any treasures. The door is right over there. You can leave any time." Bu Zhangkun pointed at the door of the great hall. He was also worried that Mo Wen would cause trouble. After all, it was not an easy task for Grandmother Hui Ling and elder He to take the Dark Soul Pearl and Cries of Hades Bell from the Corpse Puppet. They might possibly fail if anything went wrong.

Bu Zhangkun and Ye Rong could see that Mo Wen was interested in the Dark Soul Pearl and Cries of Hades Bell. They both felt that the young man was too greedy, so much so that he did not know any better. Even if he got the Dark Soul Pearl or the Cries of Hades Bell, he would not be able to leave with the treasures alive. The best choice he had right now was doubtlessly to leave immediately.

If he stayed, he was certain to die.

"Whether I stay or leave is my business. The two of you don't have to worry about it," Mo Wen said lightly.

"So you're insistent on not leaving?" Pavilion Leader Ye Rong's eyes cooled.

"You're Banshuang's friend and I do not wish to kill you. I shall give you a piece of advice. If you insist on staying, you'll die here," Bu Zhangkun said with a dark expression.

Mo Wen laughed and said, "I want to see how I'll die in this place." Then, he moved like a shadow and disappeared like mist.

Pavilion Leader Ye Rong and Bu Zhangkun both narrowed their eyes. They had fought Mo Wen before, so they knew that he had an amazing spiritual weapon that could blur their eyes so that they could not tell where exactly Mo Wen was.

Almost without any hesitation, the two acted at the same time. Two terrifying inner Qi rays rushed out, enveloping Mo Wen from the left and right. The air around them solidified almost closing off the space entirely.

In the face of such an attack, even an intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm warrior would have to flee. However, Mo Wen did not seem to be affected. He turned into a gentle breeze and fluttered past the two.

"How is that possible!" Shock filled the eyes of Pavilion Leader Ye Rong and Bu Zhangkun. They had surrounded and sealed him in completely. It was impossible for Mo Wen to escape unless he broke the seal.

However, to their surprise, Mo Wen had escaped, not leaving a single trace, without breaking the layer of seal. In such a situation, even if the two had high cultivation levels, they would not be able to stop him in time either.

On the other side, He Xiangyu and Grandmother Hui Ling had put in all their efforts. The two strongest warriors in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension gave it their all. Their combat abilities would cause a later stage Golden Elixir realm warrior to tremble.

He Xiangyu stood in the air and pointed his finger. "Descent of the Sacred Beast." The five beasts called from the hoop immediately swooped down in five different directions and surrounded the Corpse Puppet.

The moment the five beasts landed on the ground, they immediately emitted golden rays of light. The innumerable rays of light joined together and turned into a chain that was as thick as an arm. The chains linked up and turned into a huge web that enveloped the Corpse Puppet.

Roar Roar Roar!

The Corpse Puppet was enraged as it came under attack. It reached out with its claws, caught hold of one of the chains and tugged on it fiercely.

The strength of the Corpse Puppet was scary. A later stage Golden Elixir realm warrior would be torn apart by it. However, the golden web was amazing. It only lost its shape slightly under the attack of the Corpse Puppet and did not tear at all.

The Corpse Puppet grew somewhat angry as it had not managed to tear the golden web. It stomped on the ground with one foot. It glowed with blood red light. There was a power to the light and it had a terrifying ability to eat away at things.

The moment the red light connected with the golden web, a tearing sound could be heard. Then, the golden web started to smoke and its glow dimmed.

Roar! The Corpse Puppet's arms were covered with a layer of blood red light. It immediately doubled in size and its arms caught hold of the gold web, ripping at it viciously.

Even though the golden web was strong, it could not hold on any longer at this point in time. It tore slightly and sounds of it ripping could be heard.

He Xiangyu, who was standing in the air, was pale. Blood sprayed out of his mouth. He controlled the spiritual weapon, and its destruction was clearly being felt by him. However, he did not back away. He shook his sleeve and a cloth bag flew out.

He Xiangyu glanced at the cloth bag. Then, rays of aura intersected each other and the grey cloth bag tore into pieces. Pieces of milky white spiritual stones fell out from it.

He pounded on his chest and spat out another mouthful of blood that splattered on the spiritual stones. Once the boiling heart's blood landed on the spiritual stones, they melted like dust meeting water.

He had activated the spiritual stones through a blood ritual.

This was commonly done amongst warriors. However, it was a dangerous way of using spiritual stones. The blood ritual could turn the spiritual stones into spiritual energy in the shortest amount of time. But similarly, it could endanger one's life if one was not careful.

Only people with cultivation like He Xiangyu would dare to use the ritual unhesitatingly without any preparations. But even someone like him would definitely damage their vital Qi whenever they used the blood ritual. They would take more than a year to completely recover.

At this moment, all the spiritual energy had turned into spiritual power. He Xiangyu pointed downwards and the spiritual power surged into the five bronze hoops.

The next moment, the five bronze hoops released an incomparable brilliant light. Each of the beasts seemed even more realistic and they looked even clearer. Their aura also grew even more powerful.

The five beasts looked up at the same time and a ray of golden light shone from each of their mouths. The five rays of light interspersed with each other and turned into five chains that were as thick as a man's arms and bounded the beast once more.

The power of the five golden chains was shocking. It looped around the beast tightened around it, binding it tightly.

Even the Corpse Puppet, which was incredibly strong, could not struggle out of its hold on it in a short period of time.

Just then, Grandmother Hui Ling struck. The Purple Bottle Gourd in her hands flew up by itself and appeared above the Corpse Puppet's head. The mouth of the bottle was pointed downwards and rays of purple Qi flowed out from the opening incessantly.