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"What kind of worthless Seeker has to be sought out?"

The voice was strong and seemed to cover everything around the dark waters, the vibrations causing the sea to tremble as the power of one of the Calamities of the Sea registered. 

Noah actually felt relieved inside at these words as they affirmed a connection between Atlantis and this beast. Only a second passed before he replied. 

"Per the will of King Neptune, I've been searching the entirety of the Abyssal Zone for the friend he mentioned."

A moment passed as Noah's words rang out. The booming voice came out right after.

"A friend? Hmph, that dumbass wouldn't know a friend from an enemy. But it matters not right now. Enemies are circling in all directions, and the favored Children of the Sea are dumb and weak enough to not be able to defend their own homes."

There was a trace of wrath and disappointment in the Calamity's voice as the many tentacles wriggled powerfully around them. 

"So weak and helpless that I had to leave my dwelling where I should have been waiting for a worthy Seeker to start moving out myself, such a fucking joke. What does the world see in such weak creatures? You could all die for all I care."

Noah felt a slight trembling around him as the red eyes of the calamity became slightly cloudy, sensing another tremendous energy appear just for an instant.

"Hmph, whatever."

The Kraken's eyes focused on Noah as they looked through every corner, seemingly trying to pierce through all the secrets.

"Alright, Atlantean, prove your worthiness." 

The words boomed out in the dark waters as Noah felt his blood pumping. The attitude of the disgruntled Calamity that seemed to be acting under the will of the world showed many possibilities as Noah moved, casting the second PHANTASMAL skill he combined while he was moving across the Abyssal Zone these past few days. 

Through the combination of the Mythical+ skills [Summon Destructive Titan] and [A Rain of Death and Lightning], a new terrifying skill was born. 

[Summon Titans of the Abyss] :: A calamity filled with death is accompanied by another filled with wrathful lightning. Those that stand in their master's path will only face death and destruction.

The sea trembled as Noah provided the obscene amount of energy required to activate this skill, allowing for the appearance of two tremendously large behemoths that pushed away the swirling tentacles of the Calamity of the Sea. 

The dark waters roiled and became murky as dark energy pulsed out from one, while thunderous purple lightning spread out into the waters from the other. Their appearance was that of Triassic monstrosities that were just slightly smaller than those considered Kaijus in this world. 

The one filled with lightning had three purple glowing tails stretching out sharply, with a square head that had piercing horns stretching from both ends. The Abyss Titan filled with death energy looked even more terrifying, exhibiting a face that systematically opened like a blooming flower after every second, inside of it resting poisonous blue eyes that appeared and disappeared.


A nonchalant voice thundered out from the Kraken as Noah summoned out two PHANTASMAL ranked Abyss Titans that were only half its size. Noah wasn't done though, as his own body began bubbling, something seemingly wanting to break out.


[The Dictatorial Kaiju-Hydra], was initiated as the dark waters churned, the tight tentacles surrounding the area being pushed back even further as the three-headed dragon larger than 20 meters made its appearance. 

The three heads cracked with power as what seemed to be three tremendously powerful beasts appeared in the deep in the Abyssal Zone. The wriggling tentacles came to a standstill as the huge Kraken that was still a few meters larger than Noah's Hydra form and even the maddeningly powerful figures of the two summoned Abyss Titans stood against them.

It seemed like a tremendously powerful battle was imminent as the waters in the dark sea trembled, various colorful destructive lights appearing in each of the three heads that Noah sported when a snort rang out from the Calamity of the Sea.

"Hmph, that's enough, little Atlantean."

Noah, who was about to pounce, was startled at these words as the attacks he was preparing were stopped.

"You can summon pets that seem to hold one-third of my power while your ability to change into this form gives you even greater strength than them, that's good enough for me."

Noah was surprised at the turn of events as a blue light spread out from the Kraken and lit up the surrounding area.

"What, did you actually want to fight?"

The abyssal eyes of the Kraken shone with a deathly light at Noah's surprised faces as an overwhelming pressure crushed down around the sea once again. Noah felt a slight tingle from this as he replied.

"No, I just never thought the requirements set up by King Neptune would be so easy."

There was a period of silence as the pressure from the Calamity of the Sea faded and the dangerous light died down, a less thundering voice coming out.

"Hmph, he was a fool in life and the same in death. At his deathbed, all he requested was for another Child of the Sea who could handle the power of the trident. Now, the requirements are even lesser as all of you are about to die anyways. Haa, alright, come here."

A completely different image of the powerful beast dwelling in the sea was broken in Noah's mind as he found the attitude of the Kraken to be pessimistic and tired. He released his transformation and unsummoned the Abyss Titans as another startling sight played itself in front of him.


The dark waters trembled as the Calamity of the Sea in front of Noah began shining in a dark light, its body beginning to shrink down until it reached less than two meters. It was a surprising sight as it now looked like a normal squid with eight arms and two tentacles that were much longer floating around. 

The two longer tentacles came together as a blue light began shining, forming into the shape of a door that stood radiantly in the dark waters. The thunderous voice of the Kraken had changed into a squeaky one as it ushered Noah toward the newly created door.

"Hurry up, we have to go save your little city as soon as you finish inheriting that shining fork."

Noah followed the now miniaturized Calamity of the Sea into the glowing blue door as the task of finding the Trident of the Sea managed to be much easier than he expected.