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Expletives were thrown out of Noah's mouth as he watched the mirage of King Neptune disappear as soon as the story was finished, a white door appearing on the bottom of the floor that would lead to the outside world.

The new information he gained couldn't help but make him curse as he realized just how arduous it would be to get his hands on the Supreme Treasure that King Neptune left behind. 

The Kraken.

This was a legend that young Atlanteans and Merfolk were told to scare them into submission. One of the calamities that roamed the seas. A creature of destructive power that could swallow cities whole if it wished. He had to come face to face with such a beast just to see if it held the Trident of the Sea that the dying king left behind?

Noah breathed out as he calmed his mind and thought about his next moves. [Thought Accelaration] worked in the background as he focused on the main problem at hand first, getting used to his body that continued to let out a golden sheen. 

In the next 10 minutes, explosive sounds continued to resound in the last floor of the Aqua Tower as Noah exerted his strength slowly and tried to reign in the large boost of power under his control. 

The smallest contractions and flexions of his muscles would send him shooting out with high speed, and it took him a few minutes to get it under control. After some time, he felt his body vibrating as he observed the gold light being drawn in under his skin, things seeming to finally be settling down. 

He looked at his achieved goal that granted him a powerful body as he checked off one of the aims in his checklist. His naked body became draped with the [Deep Sea Armor] as he prepared to head towards the white space that would take him out of the Aqua Tower and put him into the outside world where his commotion should have drawn in a few key figures.

His body passed through the white space as he flashed out, appearing on the same clearing beside the tower. The illuminated sea around him had the same quietness that he felt when he came to the Aqua Tower with Ula for the first time. This was a huge mismatch as the area was surrounded by even more figures than when he first entered the tower. 

Magnificent [War Sharks] and [Killer Whales] with exquisite saddles and reigns on their backs floated in the sea carrying powerful auras that looked towards him. Noah found the Atlanteans and Merfolk floating in the surrounding waters bow towards him as a thrumming wave resonated outwards with their voices.

"Sea King!"

"Sea King!" 

"Sea King!"


Sea King. This was a title granted only to those that stood at the peak of power in Atlantis. Someone who had made their way to the lowest floor of the Aqua Tower was naturally granted this title, as they were put in the category of some of the strongest worriers Atlantis had to offer. 

On the leaderboard attached to the tower, the name Noah Osmont had reached the 5th position, meaning only four other beings had reached the 100th floor of the Aqua Tower along with King Neptune.

This didn't mean that Noah was more powerful than the beings that ranked in the top 10 of this leaderboard. Many of them had their names etched into the rankings when they were younger, and left with the rewards of differing grades of the Golden Serum before rising in strength over the years. Since they had already gone down the tower and achieved the infusion of the serum, they would not descend again in the future as there was nothing to gain for those who had already received a reward. 

Noah looked around him and felt the vibrations explode out as he received a welcome unlike any other as soon as he came out of the Aqua Tower. Merfolk raised their tridents up as they began to glow in colorful lights while Atlanteans raised their [Plasma Guns] that glowed bright blue as the cheers continued. 

"Alright, alright, order!"

A strong voice reverberated outwards, originating from a humungous golden whale that looked to be carrying the most luxurious seats around. The cheering Atlanteans and Merfolk heard this voice and were shocked, turning around to find a figure that they rarely saw.

"Ocean Master!"

Shocked voices resounded out as the identity of an Atlantean in a purple armor was ascertained. This was the current ruler of Atlantis, a being holding immense power that continued to push back against the invading enemies and taking the title of Ocean Master, King Zaonn.

The Ocean Master sat atop the golden whale letting out waves of Mythical power as he looked interestingly at Noah's figure. He gave a slight nod to his son in the distance while his deep blue eyes shone brightly as they scanned Noah up and down before a bright smile appeared on his face.

"Young hero, come with me."


While huge events were occurring in the Lost World, even more monumentous ones were taking place between two worlds far away. It had only been a few days since expansive changes began to occur on both worlds as the concentration of essence in the surrounding environments were elevated to high degrees.

For the Beast World, something foreign appeared in front of their eyes as their strengths were quantified into observable numbers and they gained the power to strengthen themselves even more from the many possibilities the new system provided.

Skills that would take them years to learn and master could be obtained with ease from enemies they defeated, and they could combine skills they had been using all these years to elevate them to a higher level. 

The day after this change began, the leaders of the remaining kingdoms in the Beast World as well as the leaders in Noah's blue planet received similar messages from the wills of their worlds, and that was to prepare for an even larger change where gateways would appear between their worlds. 


The Dark Sword, Kazuhiko, was floating valiantly on a sharp sword as he felt the congregation of essence in the air, his heart thumping as he waited for the door that would lead to a world he had only heard about from an envious guy.

He, as well as that boring mountain of a man from the Blessed Empire had both met with Sophia some time ago, learning of a few of the mysteries surrounding them and the reason they led in power in their world. 

They had received messages for them to go to a hidden village where this meeting occurred. Besides the abundant amount of information and how they would be moving from now on, they were also granted with many skill books and cores that allowed for their strengths to increase rapidly, both of them nearing the peak of Epic rank currently. 

There were many things to plan for and observe as the planetary cores of the two Worlds set the stage for a peaceful and mutual cooperation between the two sides while the construction of the gateways continued.