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100 Chapter 100 : Hongqi's Verdic

The couple took the remaining time together before Hongqi leaves for work.

Today was such a good day not to go to the office. If only he could stay here and don't go. But there's an important meeting he has to attend. His heart was feeling heavy that he will leave soon. He wanted to stay more with her.

"Why not come with me in my office?" Hongqi suggested out of the blue while he stares at his wife's every move. Xiulan is currently tying his necktie for him.

Like a dutiful wife, Xiulan tried to copy everything that she read in a handbook about taking care of a family. There was a quote in there 'Tying his necktie for him might be average and common, but with this small step, you can talk to him a little and understand him a little.'

She put that quote in mind since she notice that they lack communication. But recently, she only did it since she just felt like doing it.

That handbook was given to her by her big sister Nuo Shu. She doesn't understand why her sister gave her that. She can only guess that her sister was helping her a little to retain this marriage longer.

Xiulan frowned at him. "No. I really don't like the idea of going to your office, to be honest. Besides, I will work here today because I need to rest then you want me to go to your office?" She made a last knot on his neck tie and smoothen the creases on his shirt.

"I'm here to hide. After all the fiasco happening in SNS right now, I better stay here and remotely work." Xiulan added and went to get his suitcase. "Your case is so heavy."

Hongqi sighed from hearing her answer. He wanted to snuggle and snuggle until his arms will fall off. "That case has eight hundred thousand yuan inside." He casually commented before he picks his sunglasses that was laying on top of a golden table.

"Huh? That's a lot. What is it for? It's like a ransom money." Xiulan commented and tried to measure the heaviness again. She walked towards the front door to bid her good bye to Hongqi.

"Han Pierre. We need some physical cash for a meeting." Hongqi stopped near the front door and looked at his wife one last time. He took the suitcase from her and casually kissed her lips. "Why you don't like going to my office? Did someone offended you?"

Hongqi tucked some strands of her hair behind her ear and lovingly stares at her while he waits for an answer.

"I…" she wanted to say that she was slightly insecure of the beautiful women in there but it was not time to be honest of her feelings. "I better avoid going in there. I might like someone and leave you for him. There are a lot of beautiful people in there." Xiulan teased with that charming joker smile. She slightly hinted of the beautiful creatures lingering in his office.

For today, she will lie a little.

Hongqi grinned when he heard her answer. "If you liked anyone of my artists, I will make sure I'll personally ruin their careers." He has a tone that he was kidding but he was actually serious about it. Hell no that he will let his wife like someone else, even if it's his top earning artist!

"I will keep my mouth shut then. Poor baby might lose a career because of me." She gave him an annoying teeth-smile to pester him more. "Go now, before I change my mind and come to your office with you. Hehe~"

Hongqi frowned at the way she mentioned 'baby', it was so endearing that he felt like he wanted her to call him that. He shook his head and thought that his wife was a little mischievous today. It might be because everything went smoothly this morning.

"Alright. I will come home early so prepare yourself again." He kissed her one last time before he left the luxurious suite.

Xiulan stared at his retreating back and only went inside again when she saw him enter the elevator.

Everyone in Hongqi's headquarters were all nervous of their president's arrival. They all knew that he might be not in a good mood today. He was extremely late and he was never late to any meeting before!

Due to Gong Yuming's daredevil stunt to meet Mrs. Xing in person, they might also receive the president's wrath. This is why they didn't bother to even give Gong Yuming a look when she arrived with her manager this morning. They were all irritated.

As what they know, Gong Yuming's manager was the only one summoned here today but the wrench insisted to come along. They knew very well she might act like an innocent vixen in front of Hongqi just to be spared.

They are not sure of the relationship between the two, but they all knew that Gong Yuming has a special place in Hongqi's mind. Not in heart, but in mind since he was his favorite before.

Their president can't love anyone. He was so capricious when it comes to women. That's why in his territory, no one dares to question if he was really sincere in his marriage or he's just acting.

When they saw Secretary Yang Bo emerging from the presidential elevator, they all understood that the president might be here soon. They all quickly gathered to the entrance to greet him.

Hongqi was wearing the wine colored suit that his wife picked for him and a branded sunglasses. The suit perfectly suited him today and add the mysterious feel from his sunglasses. The suit accented his well-built body and his long legs were very enticing to stare at. From his accessories down to his shoes, if they try to mentally compute the amount he wore just for today, it might be over a million yuan!

He was majestically handsome today that everyone can't help but gawk at him when he came out of his new car.

"Good morning, young master. I've done as what you instructed." Secretary Yang Bo took the suitcase and followed his boss to the presidential elevator.

"Thanks. While I'm in my first meeting for today with the investors, let Gong Yuming's manager wait for another two hours." Hongqi briefed while they were inside the elevator.

"Noted, young master. Also, Miss Gong came along with the manager. It seems that she was determined to talk to you today." Secretary Yang Bo mentioned.

"Tell her that I only want to see her manager today. If I saw even one bit of her hair, I'll really destroy her contract with us." Hongqi's dark tone gave the creeps to Secretary Yan Bo. His boss was always nice to women, but at times like this, even his past favorite won't be spared by his brutality anymore.

Hongqi's first meeting for today lasted for three hours. Waiting for him for three hours made Gong Yuming's manager's heart to be unstable. She can't help but be super nervous. After all, that little wrench managed to find Mrs. Xing under her nose.

"Manager… do you think Hongqi hates me?" Gong Yuming's nth question resonated in the manager's ears.

The manager has this sarcastic look on her face when she faced the cause of her hypertension. She really wanted to pull Gong Yuming's hair. "Isn't it obvious? They sided with Mrs. Xing instead of saving your ass. Yuming-ah, do me a favor and please wake up already."

Yuming pursed her lips and was silent for a while before she said something that made the manager's mood turn darker than before. "I think he's just doing this so people won't try to look at me as the mistress. He's actually saving me."

The manager's face expressed her disappointment and at lose of words to describe this crazy bitch. "Yuming-ah… DO YOU WANT ME TO SEND YOU TO THE MENTAL WARD!?" she shouted at her. She can't help but be irritated at this crazy woman.

The door of the meeting room suddenly opened, this almost cause the manager to jump from her seat. Secretary Yang Bo emerged from the door and subtly scolded the two women. "Please, no shouting. The president won't be attending the meeting since he doesn't want to see Miss Gong's face. I'll relay the message instead. I already told you that if you don't leave, the president will nullify Miss Gong's contract."

The two women went silent.

"I waited here for three hours…" the manager mumbled silently. The most aggravating three hours in her life went by just like that. At least she won't face that devil anymore.

"I understand. What did the president wanted to say?" the manager asked. She side-eyed Gong Yuming. She found the crazy bitch's head down and her white as snow hands were clutching on her dress. The crazy bitch seems very upset of this turn of events.

"Due to Miss Gong's stunt in the parking lot, this will be the first and last warning. If she tries to do something funny again, we will really terminate the contract with her and it also includes you. Due to your negligence of not letting her do such tricks, we sadly inform you that you are included in the termination." Secretary Yang Bo informed them with his utmost serious look.

"I… I understand." The manager mumbled that it was almost a whisper. At least they gave them a warning instead of pulling them out immediately.  

"Secretary Yang Bo… the company is too daring to end my contract like that. Do you know how much money I earn every year? A lawsuit will follow this company. Also, how sure are you that I went there to cause trouble? I actually wanted to meet Mrs. Xing so I can apologize." Gong Yuming smugly and courageously muttered. She sharply glared at Secretary Yang Bo, she won't back down easily just because of this issue.

Secretary Yang Bo lazily looked at her. "With all due respect, Miss Gong. We have the right to terminate you since we have a company policy, which is included in your contract.  That if an artist caused disruption and scandals this will fall under the violation of the company code of conduct or ethics policy. We can do whatever we want on the punishment and that includes termination. Didn't you read that clause?"

"I know. But how sure are you that I really planned meeting with Mrs. Xing? Someone might be doing this to ruin me instead. I wanted to talk to Hongqi!" Gong Yuming won't back down easily. Just like what her attorney said, don't ever say the truth even if the evidence is there.

"Miss Gong… we have all the evidence that you plotted this. If you want this to reach in court, well, we will gladly oblige. This will inflict more damage to you though. Young master is very busy and definitely doesn't want to meet you. If you don't go now, the young master might change his mind since he's listening to whatever is happening inside in this room right now. But, it may change to completely terminating you now. Do you want that?" Secretary Yang Bo won't let this wench see the light today. How dare her to talk back and play innocent.

Gong Yuming gulped and her fuming emotions died down a little. If they knew that she plotted this… how the hell did they found out? Did William and her assistant betrayed her? What the hell is happening? Why was her plan suddenly turn against her?

"Secretary Yang Bo, we will go now. I apologize in behalf." Gong Yuming's manager tugged her hand and pulled her outside so they can leave.

Gong Yuming was speechless while they walk to leave the company building.

When they are inside the car, Gong Yuming suddenly asked her manager with tears in her eyes. "Did Hongqi really put that verdict on me? I thought he likes me?"

The manager pursed her lips while she listens to Yuming's question. She turned on the car and was silent for a moment.

"Yuming, I thought you understand men well enough. I guess you don't really understand them at all." The manager vaguely answered.

"What do you mean?" Gong Yuming confusedly furrowed her eyebrows. She was really heartbroken. She really thought Hongqi likes her to the point that he will listen to all her selfish desires.

"A honest married man will do anything for his beloved wife. If he turns his back against his wife then he doesn't love her enough. Do you understand what I'm saying? Yuming, stop your delusions already and put in your head that Hongqi is happy with Mrs. Xing. Let it go!" The manager explained and made sure all her words will go inside Yuming's crazy head.

Hongqi was kind enough to give them a warning, it was the first and unfortunately last. She must stop this woman's delusions at all cost!