Incest Complex
117 Acceptance?
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Incest Complex
Author :ScarletBloodMoon
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117 Acceptance?

After pleasuring the unsatisfied women in the bath. Though there we're other women who didn't want to have sex with me such as Kira-nee and the other lily girls. Some we're scared about the size of my cock and hesitated.

Although, I said we didn't have sex with them that doesn't mean I did not do anything.

My beautiful Kira-nee, She sucked my cock greedily. She forbid me to fuck her cause it's a taboo. As expected of her she's always a virtuous woman. Her morality is still active but I guarantee that when time passes, I will have to eat her at some point.

She suck me just because she can't control her cravings and desire for man. Despite having self control of herself she couldn't really persuade her aching body with willpower alone.

To respect her willpower, I limit ourselves by making her suck my cock as I lick her pussy with my tongue skill. Her moan is incredibly lewd.

I promise, I will make Kira-nee mine.

"Kira-nee I'm gonna cum in your mouth, take it!"

I sensed that she was about to cum, I also wanted to cum with her.

"Mmmmhhhfuu!!" Kira-nee with my cock inside her mouth reaching to her throat. I jammed my cock inside her as I bursted semen straight to her stomach.

To respond my burst. Her body shivered as I made her cum. Her pussy juice leaked out from her hole erotically.

Slowly, I take out my cock inside her mouth as I slowly stood up. Looking down at her, Her body convulsed from time to time. This reaction is too much. Damn, I didn't expect my pheromones could result into this. Hot damn, this is so lewd.

"Shido that was so amazing~" Kira-nee said with a wide lewd smile plastered on her silly face. She then closed her eyes as she passed out.

"Thank you Kira-nee."

I then walk over to another woman as I gave her a pleasure she could have in her lifetime. I continued my endeavor making the room into my sex dungeon.


When this is happening, I realized that Sona, Fuuka and Rei seems to already knew my past. They said that Shiroe told them about it. Shiroe also told them about the crystal heart that was corrupting the human mind. I was a bot surprised that Shiroe told them, however, I trusted Shiroe's decisions. I knew she planned it ahead of time.

I asked the trio about their reaction. At first they we're only told about the crystal heart that was bothering me and Shiyuki-nee.

Sona seems to catch something up that also bothered her. For her, Shiroe was not telling the whole truth. She thinks that Shiro is still hiding something from them. Sona discussed about it to the other two and made decision that they will make Shiroe tell them the truth.

Shiroe as a woman who can't ignore these women whose heart was unwavering and have deeply affections to her husband Shido. As a woman who have a good heart she can't hide anything anymore from the trio. She told them about Shido's real identity, No, his past self. She didn't hide anything anymore.

Her words made the trio slumped on the ground. Stunned silly and Speechlessness, nothing could come out from their lips. Their eyes turn blank from hearing the news.

Shiroe felt a slight regret for telling them the truth. But, She didn't help them and she just walked away leaving words 'Will you accept Shido as he is right now or not. Make your decision at end of the day or forget about him forever.'

The three women who heard Shiroe's words could feel their hearts tightening as they put their hands above their chest clenching her aching heart. The word forgetting Shido forever pierced them the most.

But their minds was confused and their feelings became complicated. They didn't know what to do at that point.

They thought they resolve themselves that they will accept anything what Shiroe would say before confronting Shiroe about it. But, It seems they overestimated themselves. The news didn't only broke their resolve but they also forgot what to do.

They remained slumped on the ground. However, Time does not wait for them. A long time passes as they slowly recovered from their befuddled selves.

Sona told me that after that event the three of them discussed themselves on what to do next. So they set this party for me, They wanted to see if they still loved the current me now they know who am I.

Rei told me when I got inside the bath. She already got her answers just by seeing me. She knew who I am and yet her heart told her that this was the man who took her heart. Simple yet thousand meanings behind it. This is the man that snatched her heart, She didn't care who he was. From the moment hr took her heart, her love for him is already set. It was really a heartfelt confession and made me fuck Rei to oblivion.

Fuuka told me, She blanked out hearing the news but it didn't affect her badly. The same reasoning as Rei she loved me of who I am. However, she felt sorry for the real shido though. But I assured her that I am also shido so she didn't need to worry about it. I didn't explain much about it, Fuuka whispered to me that we could talk about it later. Hehehe this woman is really naughty. So I gave her what she wanted.

The last one is really hard to deal with. Sona-nee, She was the most affected of the three. Hearing that her real brother had already passed on made her verge on breaking down. The world around her suddenly turn into dark as if everything disappeared. Her reaction what scared me the most, I don't know what to do to console her. I stayed silent as I listened to her. Her words just made my heart felt being crushed. I was hopeless, I created a barrier around me and Sona. I don't want anyone to see her like this. I sat next to Sona-nee, I didn't do anything but listened to her sadness.

Time passed silently. We didn't do anything, Our arousal dissipitated quietly. The only thing we could hear is silence.

"Shido, no should I call you Shin instead."

I turn my head to her as our eyes meet. Looking at her eyes my heart clenched painfully. Her eyes seems normal as she smiled at me but within those eyes hides deep Sadness, Loneliness, Betrayal, Depression, Despair and Lost.

I clenched my teeth as I made a move without responding her. I opened my arms as I hugged her tightly. She did not struggle.

"Sona, Don't give up!" I shouted.

She didn't respond to my words. She let me hug her tightly. Despite our naked bodies touching with each other. My mood for pleasure died down. The only thing I was feeling is heartache.

Thanks to the barrier I created the other cannot see us or hear us. I wanted to be alone with her.

"Shin-san right. Don't worry I won't."

"No, You are not! Don't lie to me." I didn't believer her in the slightest.

"What do you mean lying to you. I meant it." She said softly as if everything is normal. But I know she wasn't acting normally. "Let's get into it Shin-san. You want to continue right."

"Stop talking Sona! You are not allowed to talk anymore!" I loudly commanded her. It might be harsh for me but she is not acting normally.

"Okay." She got quiet.

I let her go and look into her. She seems look normal on the outside but I know she is not.

"Sona, tell me."

"What should I tell you? Shin-san."

When she call me by my past name my heart ached for some reason.

"Tell me what you are feeling. Sona you are not yourself, you are forcing yourself don't do that. You should tell me or else I won't understand you."

Her expression wavered as I said that. She didn't reply but I waited her response. The two of us stared each other's eyes for a few minutes but for us it feels like eternity.

Her expression changed to sadness. Tears flows down from her eyes. I grab her hand as I grip it tightly. Her tears continued dropping.

"Shido-kun, Shido-kun, Shido-kun uwaaaaahh!"

Finally, She let go of her emotions. She seems to already know Rei and Fuuka's decision so she forced to endure her deep sadness inside her and agreed to Rei's plan. She didn't tell the two what she was feeling. Unbeknownst to her, Rei and Fuuka knew she was hiding it. They already knew that's why they told me about Sona.


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