Incest Complex
116 Passion
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Incest Complex
Author :ScarletBloodMoon
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116 Passion

The Room was void of sound, As Akane attentively listened to my lectures. Watching her eager look made my smile widened, This Human girl whose virginity I took is like a cute creature right now.

Sheesh, Why am I so fickle about love? Never would have I imagine my harem keep rising. I just don't get myself. When thinking about my past I shouldn't be easy to fell in love. Was it because of my previous predecessor's traits. Hmm could be. Well there's no point complaining, I've already did it.

For now, I'll just enjoy every inch of these life.

Shaking those complicated thoughts away. I focused on teaching Akane.


With that said, My second body is going towards the hot bath.

There awaits a paradise a man could only hope to dream. Beautiful women, Naked Bodies trickling with steamy sweats as they licentiously rub their properties.

The air is so aromatic and it makes ones body feel hot good. The smell alone could make a person ascend from heavenly pleasure. If a man would enter they would go crazy and attack these women. Unfortunately, Only Shido is the only man around.

I didn't know if it's just a water sliding on their bodies, However, I notice one peculiarities for sure they are not wet from the bath. If one look closely, one could see a slimy yet translucent liquid coming out from between their thighs as the girls use their fingers massaging their private parts.

An Erotic yet licentious moan resounded throughout the bath. Some women we're using their lips to please the other. While skillfully using their tongue making the receiving end to moan erotically that sounds good to the ear and making my heart itchy.

As I enter the bath, The predatory like eyes follows my figure. Making my hair stand as I shudder. I could see hunger within those eyes. I gulped my saliva as I knew what I came in to. I already resolved myself to relieve these women from the start. There is no turning back at this point.

Blood related or not, niece or daughter. Hell I care about it. I will indulged with these licentious act of pleasure of immorality. Evil or Taboo, Never I cared about such law. One thing only drives me forward. These women accepted my twisted yet innocent love for them.

A beautiful girl comes forward and greeted me. Of course the girl in question is none other than my Lovely Daughter, Shina.

"Shido you're here."

A smile enough to make my heart jump. Shina held my hand as I appreciate her youthful body. My heart keeps beating loudly as I look around.

Sona-nee, Shiroe, Shizumi and the others. Wait isn't that Kira-nee!?

What is she doing in here? I just notice her because she seems using her tongue to pleasure my aunt-in-law. Kira-nee's eyes seems so eager and playful look. Wait don't tell me, Is she a lesbian. Whoa what a huge discovery!!!

Holy mother of Jesus! I didn't expect her to be interested in such things.


Surprised by my voice. Kira-nee seemed to notice me. She then stopped licking and looked at me stunned silly look on her face. Moments later her already pinkish cheeks reddens like a tomato. Her eyes is looking somewhere else as she also tries to cover her fit yet glorious naked body.

Shina let go of my hand as I walk towards Kira-nee. Yeah, I forgot to mention. Right this moment I am only covering my little dragon with a short white towel. It's just matter of time before it awoke from it's slumber.

"Kira-nee, you're here?"

"O-O-Oh! Shido n-n-nice to meet you h-here?"

Why the question. Shaking my thoughts away. She kind look like a small creature instead of a dignified yet heroic woman I know. But, She's so cute when stuttering.

I chuckled at her appearance.

"So why are you here Kira-nee?"

"W-Well Sona invited me. She said there was a hot bath party. I-I-I-I of course c-can't decline such offer as her little sister... It's not definitely about being intimate with others!"

I nodded my head. While I'm chuckling inside my mind. 'Kira-nee, No one said about you being intimate with others.'

"So Shido, Why are you here I though this is only a girl party."

Kira just noticed my body. Unlike her fit masculinity. She could only describe me as Manly. The pheromones I emits started to draft to her. She became conscious about me when she see me barely naked.

I could hear her audibly gulped as she stared at my body. She bit lips erotically and that made the dragon sleeping to wake up from it's slumber.

Kira watched as the towel rise. Her body responds as her body heat also rose up. While she can feel tingling sensation between her thighs.

It wasn't only her who saw the event. Everyone inside the bath watched with eagerness and some even drooled at the sight of the rising dragon.

This was the same cock they tasted last time. The same cock that made every woman who receive it's service go crazy for it everyday. Toys aren't enough to satisfy their cravings.

"Aaaahn, Shido-kun fuck my naughty pussy with your heavenly dragon. It's driving me crazy." I could hear Rei from distance as she use her daintly fingers to finger her lewd hole.

What she said was just spark to fire the oil. Everyone focused their eyes on my cock as they wanted to pierce.

Kira seems to snapped out from her daze. She realized everything just from the words everyone is saying.

"T-This party is for you?"

"It seems to be."

I gave her a teasing smile. Without waiting for her reply I leave her and walk towards my lovely woman Rei and the other wives. I noticed something when I was looking around. There are few new ones in this party, I chuckled at the sight when my rising dragon at full view they seems to be in a completely aroused just by the sight of it's mighty glory.

Of course, I became prideful and tried to show off. Even though it's lewd and vulgar I didn't care about that.

"I'm sorry for making you wait."


I lean my body towards the woman who we're playing with herself as she looked at me with love and heated passion in her eyes. Rei, You are a wonderful woman I could ever have. Thanks for loving me. I said in my heart.

Giving Rei a gentle kiss for a few seconds before turning into fierce kiss. Playing with our tongues, while my hands cupped her breasts as I knead these bountiful mounds of hers.

"Aaaghnn~~ Shido!"

Load moan came out from her mouth as I tease her pinkish nipples between my fingers. She retaliated by sucking my tongue as she bit it.

I felt a prickly pain, However such pain was non existent to me. Not because of my constitution but because of my love towards Rei. She even scratched my back with her sharp yet delicate fingers.

I ignore the pain as I continued pleasing Rei to oblivion. Her lewd moan resounded throughout the room making the already pinkish atmosphere to a heated dungeon of lust.

The women nearby watched me and Rei with heated expression while some filled with envy. Their minds was unstable as they keep thinking what would happen if such large cock pierced inside her.

For the mature women, They never have been pleased by a large cock. This was the first time they saw such thing. To think they would taste it sooner made them even more horny. Such thickness, Thinking about their former husbands, There's no comparison between their husband and Shido's cock. They watched the people who invited them into this bath party 'So they've already tasted that cock huh?' Seeing the heart-shaped pupil of the people in questions. Their hearts trembled just by the sight of their behaviour. 'Would we become like them?'.

As for the younger ones. Ahem! I mean the teenagers! They we're invited by Shina and Shizumi. I saw that some of these girls participated the events a while ago. I didn't see Rika though. The girls have deep shade of red on their faces as some couldn't stand anymore as they slouched on the floor watching the obscene event.

With power to control time and space. I didn't need to worry about running out of time.


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