Incest Complex
115 Cute
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Incest Complex
Author :ScarletBloodMoon
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115 Cute

IC chapter 115

"So, Shii-chan who is that girl?"

Mama with her cute voice. She pointed her finger towards the girl who fainted. The girl was on the bed, resting.

After, I dealt with her. I brought her to the palace. I don't need to worry about the danger, Since I already got rid of it.

"Ah, Mama you're here."

I saw the little woman outside the door. She's so damn cute! I want to cuddle her! My eyes glitters just by seeing her cute appearance. I really can't stop admiring my mama's petite figure. I want to push her down right now! If not for my unrelenting conviction to solve the problem concerning her, I would have already lost my mind.

She then walk towards me. Sitting on my lap. Surprising me. It made me smile silly, Her small figure looks like that of a little girl. Oh god, my inner lolicon self is rampaging. Not good! I need to control my desire. It would be the death of me.

"Un, I heard you brought a girl. I thought I will go see it myself." Mama brought her index finger on her lips. Rising up the cuteness further. If I lost focus now, I'm really gonna have a nosebleed!

"I'm sorry Mama for not telling you directly."

Scratching my cheeks with my finger. I wryly smiled. Well, I really didn't tell her about it because I thought she might be busy. I saw her using my far sight, She was with Rai. They we're talking seriously until a maid came reporting what happened. That's why she tread hurriedly her way here.

With that, I already know she will come.

"Don't worry Shii-chan. Mama will forgive you. After all, you are Mama's Shii-chan after all."

She said with happy smile. It makes my heart warm hearing her. Sheesh, She's pampering me too much. I may really eat her right now....No! Dangerous thoughts.

But, I know I still can't do that. I need to listen to Shiroe. I don't really get why I can't touch my mother. The hurdle is so high... As a lolicon myself.

Gritting my teeth, Enduring my Desire to push my cute and squishy... Squishy....Shit... Her squishy rump is moving between my lap. I can feel those texture. It's tempting me but, I must endure! This is for the sake for both of us!

While I was crying inside my mind. My little brother, I command thee not to wake up.

The Loli in question seemingly oblivious of what she was doing. Unconsciously seducing her son. Driving him between the deep abyss hell and the holy paradise.

"Then, Shii-chan can you tell Mama where did you pick up this little girl?"

Should I pretend I didn't hear that? She's more than a little-

As if she could hear what I'm thinking. Her eyes suddenly squinted while her cheeks pouted.

"Shii-chan, Are you thinking about something rude to mama? Tell me you aren't right!'

Caught by her sudden change! My expression paled. Shit! I was careless. I forgot women's intuition!

"No! I did not. I would never think bad about mama in the slightest! I love mama so much! There's no way I would do that."

It's her turn to be caught surprised by my words. Although, There is no deep meaning behind my words but, just to show my filial pity. It seems otherwise to her. Her cheeks turn red.

"Is that so. What about this girl again."

She then change the subject. Not pursuing that subject any further.

"I think she was sent by an organization. She attacked me after all-"

"Wait Shii-chan, You are saying she is an enemy!?"

Mama Shizue interrupted me.

Well, if you think about it.

"More or less, was an enemy. Mama you don't have to worry about it. Because I feel like she's not a dangerous at all."

"Is that so, If shii-chan says that then, Mama will believe you."

Oi Really! You agreed with me that fast? Isn't it suspicious, What are you doing mama. You are the empress you should be cautious.

Then Mama lean her back on my chest. She then released a sigh. Where I circle my arm around her waist.

It seems someone is exhausted. I don't know what Rai and Mama talked about. I bet it's complicated stuff.

"Thank you Shii-chan."

Time passed fast. I could hear her audible breath. She's asleep. Mama how carefree are you? Shaking my head, I slowly got up and princess carried her.

When I got out of the room. I nodded to the bodyguard outside. She also nodded her head.

Without even communicating she understood what I was trying to say. 'Keep an eye out of her'.

Walking away from the room. I arrived at my Mama's room. I tucked her in the bed. I watched her sleeping for a while.

She's so beautiful. I lean forward planting my lips on her forehead. I saw her smile widened, She's having a good dream. It made me smile looking at her very happy.

I walked from her room.

Now then... What should I do next.

Oh yeah, I forgot this is my second body. I need to focus on what's happening to main one.


Main body pov.

Whilst teaching Akane about the world we live in. I controlled my second body using my second consciousness. In short, a parallel mind. Doing it for too long can be exhausting, especially, I'm having a headache just by teaching Akane.

She became enthusiased when I said I will teach her about magic. She keep asking questions after questions.

On the side note, I'm happy how excited she is. After all, I only thought she was an obedient girl. However, it seems she wasn't what she appears to be. Another thing I should remind myself about girls. It's good that I started to learn about them instead treating them like a tools for my desire.

And on the side, Kana watch me teaching Akane curiously. She was somewhat surprised on how intellectual I am when it comes to Magic.

As for why she didn't suspect something, It's because she knew I visited the hidden library and thought I learn about magic in there. Though, She was confused why would he teach Akane a normal human, magic. She knows that learning magic without orb of magic is not simple.

Somehow, She cannot retort when Shido is teaching Akane. Since the more she hears his words. The more she became surprised, because more or less she understood those words he spouted. It was not a lie he created but a truth. Shocking Kana silly.

Nevertheless, Akane with glitters in her eyes was listening attentively. No one knows when did a note and pen appeared on her hands. Human minds is not really good as mages, They can't remember everything that's why they took notes. Although, those with eidetic memory are quite an exceptions.

Another part of me was thinking about tomorrow. It was my last day in the village. I need to resolve things I left undone.


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