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In the Three Kingdoms with a System!


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Updates:66 Chapter. 65 Peaceful Days and an Master.

Tianlong was a historian, who was killed by an evil spirit which escaped the spirit road and brought five evil spirits, with it. So come, follow Tianlong on a journey as he travels, in the Three Kingdoms making a name for himself, while tracking down an evil spirit which escaped into the Three Kingdoms. (PS, This is my first time writing a story like this and would like good, bad and positive cr...
《In the Three Kingdoms with a System!》 Auxiliary Volume
-7 Notice
-6 Notice v2
-5 Technique Movements
-4 notice v3
-3 Notice v4
-2 Notice
-1 Announcentmen
《In the Three Kingdoms with a System!》 Conquest of Dunhuang
1 Prologue
2 Chapter.1 Reincarnation!!
3 Chapter.2 My father is Lu Bu!!!!!!
4 Chapter.3 Three Years
5 Chapter.4 Father’s Rebel
6 Chapter.5 Ten Years Later
7 Chapter.6 First War!!!
8 Chapter.7 Lu Tianlong!
9 Chapter.8 Start of the battle!!!
10 Chapter.9 First Clash!!!!
11 Chapter.10 Lu Tianlong’s Ability!!!!
12 Chapter.11 First Duel!!!
13 Chapter.12 Victory and Experience of Life and Death!!!!
14 Chapter.13 Respect!!
15 Chapter.14 Promotion and reposition!!!
16 Chapter.15 New Front and Mighty General Zhang Liao!!!!
17 Chapter.16 Lu Tianlong’s Speech
18 Chapter.17 Massacre and another Life and Death fight!!!
19 Chapter.18 Fight to the Death!!!!
20 Chapter.19 Injured!!!!
21 Chapter.20 Reaching First-Class General!!!
22 Chapter.21 Gacha Spin!
24 Chapter.23 Dominating Blood Wolf Army!!!
25 Chapter.24 Father and Son Meet!!!
26 Chapter.25 Youngest First-Class General alive!!
27 Chapter.26 Instinct!!!
28 Chapter.27 Sound of Might the Right Flanks Ferocious Charge!!!
29 Chapter.28 Bitter Brawl!!
30 Chapter.29 Breakthrough!!!
31 Chapter.30 Slaughter!
32 Chapter.31 The Rights Unstoppable Momentum
33 Chapter.32 The Rights Victory
34 Chapter.33 Ma Ai’s Retreat!!
35 Chapter.34 Birth of a Legend
36 Chapter.35 Final Battle!!
37 Chapter.36 Lu Tianlong’s strategy
38 Chapter.37 Eastern Walls Breakthrough!!!
39 Chapter.38 Stalemate of the Wes
40 Chapter.39 Victory of Dunhuang!!!
《In the Three Kingdoms with a System!》 Black Horse General
41 Chapter.40 Dunhuang’s recovery and Subjugation
42 Chapter.41 Argumen
43 Chapter.42 Massacre on Blood Sword Mountain
44 Chapter.43 Ambush on Blood Sword Mountain!
45 Chapter.44 Unwavering Army!!
46 Chapter.45 Black Horse Army
47 Chapter.46 Preparations
48 Chapter.47 First Meeting!
49 Chapter.48 Bottleneck and Barbarians!!
50 Chapter.49 Black Horse Armies First Battle!!
51 Chapter.50 Tianlong’s Fierce Charge
52 Chapter. 51 The Lefts Rally!
53 Chapter.52 Last Defense
54 Chapter.53 The First Clash Between the Two!!
55 Chapter. 54 Two Future Rivals Mee
56 Chapter.55 Liberation
57 Chapter. 56 Return and Victory
58 Chapter. 57 Tempering
59 Chapter.58 Birthday and the Necklace
60 Chapter.59 Preparations and Ambush!
61 Chapter.60 Breakthrough in the North!
62 Chapter.61 Battle for Wuwei and Descent of The Young Tiger.
63 Chapter.62 A Great Battle to Overcome Wuwei or Fail with his Head!
64 Chapter.63 Consolidation and The Conferred Land!
65 Chapter.64 Black Horse Army Strikes Out!
66 Chapter. 65 Peaceful Days and an Master.