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In Fairy Tail with Djinn Equipment
Author :RaulXD
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When Akashi opened his eyes, he was surprised by a scene he did not look at in years.

A forest full of life and youth.

Tall, leafy trees.

Animals that ran, while the birds sang.

Akashi felt a bit melancholy about not being able to see Sinbad again, although it was only a few years, Akashi recognized him as a true friend.

"So, finally, your adventure will begin, what will you do first, do a company, become an adventurer, or found a country, I have not felt moved in millennia , it was always something boring just to see " (Sinbad)

Akashi did not expect Sinbad to continue, but he did not care much, so Akashi started thinking about his plans.

Sinbad could go to almost anywhere he wanted, but only people who had magoi could see him,unless he made some changes, but since he did not plan on doing any of that, Sinbad decided to have fun at Akashi's side .

Although Sinbad had the strength to move objects, and even to kill people without being noticed, this was out of Sinbad's mind, when he died, swear not to interfere directly with the world, and if one day humanity faces a great threat, then the humans of that time will have to solve it.

Sinbad already saw many times how humans almost disappear from the world, either by some creation, monster, or the same humans fighting among themselves, but in the end, hope always prevailed, and little by little humans managed to overcome their adversities.

Sinbad could not be happier of his actions when he was alive, there was nothing more incredible than the human effort to overcome adversity.

But over time this bored Sinbad a bit, so he could not expect to see Akashi's achievements , since Sinbad considers him his disciple.

Akashi recovered quickly, so he started checking his equipment.

The last thing he remembered was Baal recognizing him as his new king.

he immediately noticed his sword, which was in a scabbard, but Akashi's face darkened.

The melted gold, and the threads that formed the strap were platinum.

Akashi learned to differentiate metals, since the grave was full of it.

After that he notice that his tunic was of a different material, and when he checked it out, Akashi noticed that it was very strong, but very soft.

Akashi had a set of clothes worthy of a king, but being very striking could bring him problems, but as it seemed to be a gift from Sinbad, he decided to leave it for the future.

With everything ready, Akashi was ready to return to his village, but he noticed the ring on his finger.

"That's a space ring, in my times they were made in large quantities, but the one you have is that I used, so it's very likely that not even in 100 lives will you see everything in that ring" (Sinbad)

Sinbad felt quite satisfied, although perhaps it was too much for his disciple, it would be a waste to keep everything down, so he gave it to Akashi.

"Just use a little magoi to get inside, and with a thought you can get what you want" (Sinbad)

Akashi already knew that Sinbad must have been quite extravagant when he was alive, but he just understood it when he looked inside the ring.

In his mind appeared mountains of gold, relics, jewels, weapons, wine, and much food with a delicious aspect, and even there was a mountain of stinking green fruits, Akashi wanted to curse Sinbad, but remembering that Sinbad gave him food for 3 years for Akashi to overcome this small problem.

After a few glances, Akashi found a wardrobe, full of robes for several lives.

Akashi sighed, at least he should not worry about clothes in his entire life.

"Whatever it is, I'd better get it going" (Akashi)

Akashi started running through the forest, and with the help of his memories he managed to reach his village, but when Akashi's eyes got cold.

The whole town was destroyed, and every house had been burned.

Akashi did not know what to feel.

Although he had no real interaction with the people of this town, he still felt great amounts of guilt and frustration.

Sinbad wanted the adventure to begin as soon as possible, so he went to Akashi.

"Easy, your two wives are fine" (Sinbad)

Akashi decided to ignore the word wife, to return what Sinbad said.

"What do you mean?" (Akashi)

"You know, the red-haired girl, and the little girl with the purple hair and the bun on her head, they're fine, although they could be better," Sinbad added.

"Tell me where they are?" Akashi vowed to protect the last action of the owner of this body, so he could not allow anything to happen to them.

"Do not worry, you'll find them sooner or later, but I recommend that you first go for the redheaded girl, now her heart is in chaos for a blue-haired boy, so you can not allow any of your wives to make you netorare "(Sinbad)

Akashi did not understand the last word, but if they were okay, the rest did not matter.

Sinbad was very disappointed with his disciple's reaction.

"I do not know what kind of life you were living before reincarnating, but I can tell you that there is nothing better than spending time with a beautiful woman while you take a good drink of wine, so do not waste your life!" (Sinbad)

Although Akashi could be in the body of a child, something told him that he was an adult before , but in all ways it was too early to worry about those things, so he decided to ignore Sinbad.

"First I will find out what this place is about" (Akashi)


Akashi could only apologize to Kagura, in recent years he had forgotten about her, since the last impression was of him old Akashi giving his life for Erza.

And after taking time to remember, Kagura was very attached to Akashi, to the point that shedeclared herself as her husband in the future.

Although Akashi was feared by most of the children because of his blood-colored eyes, this was the reason why he became such a fast friend of Erza, since she was also discriminated by his hair.

Soon Kagura joined little to play, and practically grew up together, since they spent almost 5 years of their lives since they met.

Akashi considered Kagura as his little sister, although Kagura already had an older brother.

Kagura should be 10 years old, and that age was quite small, so Akashi decided to look for her, but Sinbad stopped him.

"I can promise you that it's okay, you'll have a chance to meet her in the future, trust, so first try to dominate your metal container" (Sinbad)

Akashi had forgotten Baal because of his concern, but since he seemed to have enough time he decided to practice diligently.

So taking out his sword, Akashi started, but having no idea what he should do, he looked at Sinbad with hope that he could say something.

Sinbad started to laugh.

"Do not look at me, I managed to dominate my metal container without any help, so I hope you have fun" (Sinbad)

This world was full of powerful magicians, so Akashi could not be casual.

That's why he decided to look for a river and train.

Akashi could only afford to bathe when it rained, so he would not waste this opportunity.


3 months passed in a very short time.

During this time Akashi maintained his extreme training regime, either to train his body to the limit, to train his observation Haki, but during the day he also added his training to control his metal vessel.

The first step was quite easy for Akashi, he just had to imbue a little magoi to interact with the metal vessel.

But his luck would end there, since in his first attempt he almost lost his life when a great beamdestroyed the place.

After that Akashi had to train his control, but his progress was slow, so it could only be constant.

Also during these days, Akashi let out his first tears since he could remember.

The taste that seemed to be dead, only made that when Akashi ate a roasted rabbit it tasted like a heavenly delicacy.

Akashi did not know if Sinbad had done it properly, but he was grateful to give him such good experience.

Although Akashi wanted to continue training, Sinbad suggested that he join some guild, since his strength was still too small to become the only king of this world.

Akashi paid attention to the part of joining a guild, and turned a deaf ear to the part of becoming the king of the world.

With that Akashi started his journey.


But when he got to the nearest city, Akashi really did not want to join any guild.

It seemed that they were all lunatics, and it seemed that the guilds were doing more harm than good.

But at the end of the day, Akashi was forced to choose a guild.

So after a day of information gathering, Akashi reduced everything to two options.

"Fairy Tail, or Blue Pegasus" (Akashi)

The two had their strengths.

Though FairyTail fame was stronger guil, also they had the reputation of being the guil with the most troublesome people.

So Blue Pegasus was a good choice, Akashi does not care about the strength of the guild, where there was a place where he could increase his strength slowly enough.

But in the end the one who decided was Sinbad.

"I think you should join Blue Pegasus, I heard that most of them are women, and although I also hear that some are very promiscuous, there is nothing better than a woman with experience, that would be a good place to sharpen your skills" (Sinbad)

"Then we go to Fiore, I hope there are not many requirements to join Fairy Tail" (Akashi)

"Wait, you'll ignore my opinion, do you think that dominating women in bed is easy" (Sinbad)

During the road Sinbad could only bother Akashi.

"I do not want to see you regret when you have your first trio and you're up to alcohol, and you do not have the necessary skills to show who is the boss" (Sinbad)

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