Imperfect Desires
523 On Her Stakes
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Imperfect Desires
Author :XiaoMeeHee
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523 On Her Stakes

It was midnight and Ying was finally able to fall asleep. From the moment she came back, her mind had been involuntarily thinking about Han Bohai and she couldn't understand why. Perhaps, it was because he was paying so much attention to her. Or was it because he was so open, sincere, and real about his feelings. He never talked in a roundabout way.

She couldn't even believe that now she had no problem with his eyes constantly staring at her. It bothered her at first but now, she somehow came to like the way his eyes followed her around and looked for only her in a crowd. 

Ying wasn't the kind of person to jump to conclusions. So, she wasn't willing to name these feelings for now. Since his presence allowed her to be herself. She didn't have to think of ways to impress at all. Because the idiot was already impressed to the point that he made it really difficult for her. He might be the first person she didn't even try to impress in her life.

While thinking about how unhealthy it was for her to keep thinking about him, she finally managed to sleep. Who knew it won't be for long.

She hadn't been asleep even for an hour when she felt like someone sat beside her on the bed. She had always been vigilant, this much of motion around her was enough to wake her up. She abruptly sat up and locked the arm of the intruder behind.

"Where is my cane?!" 

Ying bit her tongue and instantly let go before turning the lights on. Sure enough! There was her grandmother staring her down furiously. 

Ying grinned awkwardly and waved, "Hi, gummy bear! What's up!"

She was gonna hug her when she heard her grandmother's loud voice, "I asked for my cane!"

Let us clear something for you. Yan Ying's grandmother, Shania Chuan didn't need a cane to walk. She could walk perfectly without a cane at this age. What she needed the cane for was...

"Gummy bear, you can't possibly beat me at this age. I'm turning 30 now," Ying sounded aggrieved when she saw one of her grandmother's people passing her cane to her. Crawling backward, she added, "I was wrong. Please, don't!"

Seeing her expressions, her grandmother squinted her eyes, "So, you do realize that you're turning 30? And yet you have time to play around?" Ying lowered her head as she kneeled on the bed obediently like a kid who had really done something wrong. This was the woman Ying wouldn't dare to argue with. Yan Ying had never been scared of anyone except for her grandmother. 

Although her grandmother loved her and pampered her a lot, it never really stopped her from disciplining Ying as well. The only person who would dare to beat Ying was her grandmother, Shania. 

"You almost broke my old bones."

Ying scratched her head sheepishly while looking at the way her grandmother was rubbing her shoulder that had been assaulted by Ying earlier, "You sneaked up in the middle of the night. I acted without thinking. I'm sorry!" She took a pause and added, "But weren't you gonna come last week? What took you so long?"

"It's not like you missed me," replied grandmother Shania.

Cautiously, Ying slipped close to her and rubbed her face against her shoulder saying, "Of course, I missed my gummy bear. How can I possibly not?"

Her grandmother's expressions softened as she saw her granddaughter acting cute which was very rare. She stroked Ying's head as she said, "How are you?"

"I'm as awesome as always," replied Ying.

Her grandmother shook her head, "Did you think about what I said over the phone last time?"

Ying tried to replay the conversation in her head before her eyes widened, "I thought you're kidding with me. Ah!"

Ying couldn't help shouting when her ear was being pulled brutally by her grandmother, "Do you think it's my age to joke around with you? I was very serious but you certainly don't like taking me seriously. You're my only granddaughter and I'm tired of trying to talk some sense into this brain of yours. When are you gonna grow up?!"

"I'm already a grown-up," replied Ying innocently.

"If you're a grown-up, then how come you're avoiding your responsibilities? Is it that hard to take your position as the heiress of the Yan family? Why do you have to run from it as if it's a plague?"

Ying could only sigh heavily. This was the reason why she avoided talking with anyone from her family. See? She was seeing her grandmother after a year and the first thing she was talking about was how Ying was running from her responsibilities. How typical!

"Gummy bear..." Ying whined. "Can we not talk about that? I'm seeing you after such a long time."

"Can't you see that I'm worried about you?" Her grandmother's voice sounded very soft and Ying was startled by it. She had never seen her grandmother talking like this. As if she was almost feeling helpless. "You're turning 30. It's high time that you start thinking about yourself. When are you gonna get married? Or are you planning on wandering around the world all alone?"

Ying was actually thinking exactly that. She didn't think she needed another person in life. 

"Grandmother, about that..."

Before she could continue, her grandmother cut her off, "I've arranged a blind date for you. Tomorrow at 6 in the evening, Royale Cafe. Don't be late!"

Ying's eyes widened before she shook her head again and again, "I can't go."

"You better have a good reason for that," said Shania Chuan leaving Ying stunned. "You either take the blind date or take your position in the family business. The choice is yours."

"You're forcing me now," Ying felt wronged. 

"You left me with no other choice," replied Shan Chuan.

"But I can't take both," said Ying.

"Why not?" came the reply.

"Because I already have a boyfriend!" blurted out Ying. Her grandmother wasn't giving her a way out and she hated being trapped. If she had to be trapped, she'd even do that on her own stakes! 


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