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Chapter 1581 Raw 1563 : Intense Battle

Chapter 1581 (Raw 1563): Intense Battle


Xiao Chen’s taunt angered the tyrannical Ink Flame Tiger. It roared and launched itself at Xiao Chen.

The Ink Flame Tiger tore across the air, looking like a beam of black light passing in a flash.

Nearly the next instant after the Ink Flame Tiger roared, its enormous body appeared before Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was slightly startled. Unexpectedly, this Ink Flame Tiger was so fast.

He quickly executed the Fish Dragon Art in the time it took for a spark to fly. In the blink of an eye, he left many afterimages on the ground.

“Crack! Crack!”

The afterimages shattered. When Xiao Chen moved far away and stood firmly, two crisscrossing claw marks appeared on his chest. Blood seeped through his white clothes and dyed it red.

Luo Nan exclaimed softly, “How did this fellow cultivate his physical body? Even after the Ink Flame Tiger launched itself at him, he suffered only superficial injuries.”

“Senior Brother, what should we do now?”

Fei`er felt very anxious. She was kind-hearted by nature. Upon seeing Xiao Chen, who helped her senior brother and her, in danger, she immediately felt worried.

When Luo Nan heard this, he quickly pulled Fei`er behind him. Then, he took a few steps back and said, “At this moment, not helping is the best help. He was able to shock those Yang Essence Stage ferocious beasts with his air. This already explains a lot.

“If we go down and help, those Yang Essence Stage ferocious beasts will immediately tear us apart. He will have to save us, and we will end up distracting him.

“Believe in Xiao Chen. Since he dared to go down, he must be confident.”

Although Luo Nan did not like that his junior sister was worried about Xiao Chen like that, for her sake, he still did his best to comfort her.

Below, Xiao Chen looked at the wounds on his chest. The other party’s claws were unexpectedly sharp, much sharper than the claws of the golden-patterned Demon Tone Bats.

He no longer dared to be careless. When facing a ferocious beast that was as strong as a half-step Primal Core cultivator, he needed to use his full power.

With the Ink Flame Tiger enraged, the other ferocious beasts did not dare to interfere.

This was good, as well. Since coming to the Great Thousand Realms, Xiao Chen had never truly fought at full power.

He could use this battle to test his strength properly.

Xiao Chen waved his left hand, and the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared. Then, he raised his head and looked at that Ink Flame Tiger as he spread out his Dao Might.

The Ink Flame Tiger felt pressure, and it roared, somewhat irritated. As it roared, its ferocious aura intensified. Eventually, its aura formed dense black smoke soaring into the clouds.


The guardians at Profound Yin Island’s gathering point immediately sensed this development.

“That group of ferocious beasts on Profound Yin Mountain is causing a commotion again. Should we go and take a look?”

“What is there to see? There are always people who are not afraid of death every year, trying to go to Profound Yin Mountain. There is no need to bother ourselves with this matter. If we end up provoking those old monsters of Profound Yin Mountain into coming out, that would be truly problematic.”

“That’s true.”


At Profound Yin Mountain, when Xiao Chen faced this Ink Flame Tiger that brought out all its ferocious aura, he felt some pressure. Then, he slowly condensed the might of his Great Dao into one point.


The Ink Flame Tiger, which snarled endlessly, roared at Xiao Chen, sending its berserk aura to press down on him.

“Dao!” Xiao Chen called out gently. The Great Dao Energy that was condensed into a point soared ten meters. Then, his aura clashed boldly with the Ink Flame Tiger’s.


Amid a loud noise, the two berserk auras pushed against each other without giving way, colliding violently.

Ferocious beasts within fifty thousand kilometers fled in panic. Many birds took to the air.


Xiao Chen drew his saber and joined the battle, taking the ferocious beast head-on.

There was no way to deal with it aside from being even more ruthless—more ferocious—than the opponent.

Xiao Chen had experienced the baptism of his Emperor’s Road, the Demonic Calamity, and countless huge battles in his twenty years in the Kunlun Realm. His killing Qi was dense and heavy, far from what this Ink Flame Tiger could summon.

When the two auras clashed, this Ink Flame Tiger’s ferocious aura was actually weaker than Xiao Chen’s.

“Rumble…!” The din of battle rang out continuously. One man and one beast fought furiously in this mountain forest. Xiao Chen used his Flawless Saber Technique together with the Yinyang Saber Domain and supported by Great Dao Energy.

He did not use Dharmic World, the Dragon Blood Soul Breaking Finger, or any of his other trump cards. He only relied on his skill with the saber and strong body.

Even so, Xiao Chen fought evenly with this Ink Flame Tiger, not inferior to it.

His white clothes became stained in blood. Wounds riddled his body.

However, his momentum did not decrease at all.

The more Xiao Chen fought, the braver and more ferocious he became.

Saber lights flashed, reflecting the calm and ferocity in his eyes. The ferocious beasts watching were all stunned.

The Ink Flame Tiger was not in a good state, either. Although it was a ferocious beast, its thick fur and dense flesh giving it an advantage, Xiao Chen’s saber lights were supported by Great Dao Energy. Every attack penetrated the beast’s body and was nigh unbearable. Its internal organs now had many tiny cracks.


The man and beast fighting each other parted. The Ink Flame Tiger staggered back and crouched on its four legs, growling deeply and continuously.

Its savage nature was completely on display. As it opened its mouth to breathe, fierce black flames leaped about its entire body.

In its memories, there never had been a sect disciple this ferocious and ruthless. While being at the Veritable Essence Stage, this person managed to reduce it to such a sorry state.

If the Ink Flame Tiger could not kill this white-clad bladesman today, it would definitely lose its foothold in this Profound Yin Mountain.

Xiao Chen stood upright while holding up his saber. The Ink Flame Tiger before him was more difficult to handle than he had imagined.

Due to that fur, anyone in the Kunlun Realm would have difficulty breaking through its defense.

Furthermore, the Ink Flame Tiger’s speed was even faster than lightning.

Its sleek and streamlined figure gave it an innate speed advantage.

Xiao Chen had long been very confident in his Movement Technique.

However, all the wounds on his body were inflicted by the beast when it forcefully broke past his saber light using its speed.

Even so, everything remained within Xiao Chen’s control. He had yet to use a single one of his four trump cards.

If he used even one, he could immediately turn the situation around.

Xiao Chen let the blood drip off the tip of his saber. He only wanted to force out the potential of his body. If he could not even cope with a beast in this Great Thousand Realms, how was he to handle even stronger opponents in the future?

He revealed an evil grin. This time, he took the initiative to charge over.

“Flawless Saber Technique, Heartbreaking Stance!”

A tear opened in Xiao Chen’s heart, causing intense pain to rack his body. Then, he roared ferociously, pouring all his pain into this saber strike.


An audible ‘crack’ came from the Ink Flame Tiger’s chest, which blocked this saber strike.

However, the physical body of this beast was startlingly strong. Its heart was far sturdier than a human’s heart and could not be severely injured so easily.

After the fight had gone on for so long, those Yang-Essence-Stage-level ferocious beasts had long since fled to a side already.

They were all frightened silly. None of them had expected the human youth that descended to be this ruthless.

As the saying went, “Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.” The Ink Flame Tiger’s physical body was very strong, even stronger than the Azure Dragon War Body that Xiao Chen cultivated.

After all, he had reached only the threshold of the Azure Dragon War Body and did not cultivate the Dragon Race’s even stronger Cultivation Techniques for tempering the body.

Hence, his physical body could not compare to the innately strong physical body of the Ink Flame Tiger, which had also been continuously tempered over time.

However, Xiao Chen had his combat experience and exquisite Martial Techniques. The Ink Flame Tiger could not match him in those aspects.

As the battle dragged on, the Ink Flame Tiger’s disadvantage became clearer.

Eventually, Xiao Chen adjusted to the Ink Flame Tiger’s speed. More and more saber lights accurately landed on the Ink Flame Tiger’s body.

“Dragon Subduing Stance!”

Dragon Might spread out. Using the power of True Dragons, Xiao Chen executed the most berserk move of the Flawless Saber Technique.

“Boom!” In this head-on clash, the Ink Flame Tiger went flying back, and after it fell, it could no longer get up.

The Ink Flame Tiger struggled to stand up, but the force of the saber nearly shattered all its internal organs, causing blood to pour out of its mouth continuously.

No matter how hard the Ink Flame Tiger tried, it could not stand up. Its strength was drained, and it eventually had difficulty even moving.

“Senior Brother, you really managed to kill this half-step Primal Core Realm ferocious beast!”

Fei`er and Luo Nan flew over together and gave Xiao Chen incredulous looks.

This was especially so for Luo Nan. While he knew that Xiao Chen was strong, he never expected that Xiao Chen could fight something of the half-step Primal Core Realm.

Such an outstanding and talented genius would be an elite disciple in a Rank 3 sect or a legendary outstanding talent with the bloodline of one of the Great Desolate Eon’s ten thousand races.

Luo Nan remembered how he kept mocking Xiao Chen, and felt very embarrassed, wanting to hide his face.

He was probably like a clown to the other party.

However, Fei`er did not think that much. She smiled and said, “Senior Brother Ye Bai is truly incredible. What should we do with the corpse of this half-step Primal Core Realm ferocious beast?”

The corpse of the Ink Flame Tiger was worth cities.

Xiao Chen casually wiped off the blood on his saber before looking around warily. He shook his head and replied, “Don’t touch it. There are even stronger ferocious beasts in this Profound Yin Mountain. They will be attracted here soon. We should leave first.”

Actually, doing this was even more so a form of respect. Although this Ink Flame Tiger was not human, it was brave and unyielding.

It fought in a straightforward and upright manner, allowing Xiao Chen to thoroughly enjoy his fight and gain a lot.

Not touching its corpse was a form of respect.

When the group safely left this place, Xiao Chen immediately started scolding Little Yellow Feather, which was in the Immortal Spirit Ring.

While he fought with the Ink Flame Tiger, this fellow sneaked back into the Immortal Spirit Ring and started boasting to Ao Jiao about the “glorious” deeds that it did on Profound Yin Mountain.

This nearly frustrated Xiao Chen to death.

Hehe! Xiao Chen, don’t be angry. Little Yellow Feather said that it found the ten-thousand-year-old Baleful Yin Energy.