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Chapter 1217: I Am That Arrogant

Chapter 1217: I Am That Arrogant

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"Deal!" After calling out thrice to no second bid, the old man directly slammed the gavel.

There was indeed no one that could offer a bid higher than Mo Wuji's. At this point, the grade of god crystals and god spiritual veins offered were secondary. The key bids were treasures. In particular, Primal Mother Crystals that were of the five elements, as offered by Mo Wuji, were in greater demand.

Thus, after Mo Wuji placed his bid, he directly succeeded.

After Mo Wuji was completed with his transaction, the green-robed old man brought out another jade box. He lifted the jade box and said, "The third item for auction is a page of the Book of Luo…"

Mo Wuji suddenly stood up. There were a total of 13 pages in the Book of Luo: he had six, Murong Xiangyu had five, Shuyin had one while the last one was elsewhere.

He was extremely worried about the origins of this page of the Book of Luo. If this page came from Shuyin, he might actually bring forward his massacre.

He soon calmed himself down. Even if he was to start a massacre, he needed to verify whether this page of the Book of Luo was from Shuyin. He was the one that gave the Book of Luo to Shuyin. If this page really came from Shuyin, then he would definitely know when he gets his hands on it.

There were only nine objects in this auction. He had already purchased two and there were two more than he needed. Now, there was a third item that he also needed to buy. If this went on, he would probably incite public ire. Even so, he would still obtain this page of the Book of Luo.

"1000 peak-grade god spiritual veins, 1 peak-grade flying equipment…"

"1000 peak-grade god spiritual veins, 5 billion high-grade god crystals and 1 peak-grade attack-type equipment…"

Although there were god spiritual veins and god crystals, Mo Wuji knew that such bids didn't have much competitive power. In a place like this, the most competitive bids weren't god spiritual veins, god crystals, nor god equipment. Instead, they were treasures on the likes of his Primal materials.

"Replica scroll of the Great Art of Destruction." Mo Wuji placed another bid.

Mo Wuji had purchased two treasures consecutively. Thus, there were already many experts monitoring Mo Wuji's box. Now that Mo Wuji had placed a bid, it immediately stirred the entire auction site.

"This friend, there are only a total of nine items in this auction. Do you think that you are the only person here?" An icy cold voice transmitted from another box in the hall.

Although the voice seemed calm, the icy killing intent within it could be felt from the entire box.

If this was some other auction, the auction organisers definitely wouldn't allow such a thing. However, this was the Sage Dao Conference. Even if someone were to publicly threaten Mo Wuji, the Sage Dao Conference wouldn't say that anyone was in the wrong.

Mo Wuji said calmly, "I need the Book of Luo more than anyone else. Of course, if dao friend is willing to place a bid higher than mine, then dao friend would naturally obtain the Book of Luo."

"Hmm. Do you think you can be arrogant because you feel that you have too many treasures? A mere replica of the Great Art of Destruction counts for what?" Another voice sounded. Compared to the previous one, this voice was far less polite.

Today, Mo Wuji had come to cause trouble and establish his might. If people were to talk to him nicely, perhaps he might explain. But after hearing such words, he didn't bother to remain polite, "That's right, I am that arrogant. If you have the abilities, you can use the Great Art of Destruction to prove your arrogance as well."

Killing intent immediately exploded and surged towards Mo Wuji's box.

A Law flushed through the air, instantly negating that killing intent. Seemingly aware the might of the Sage Dao Conference, the cultivator that released the killing intent did not continue to act against Mo Wuji. At this point, everyone knew that a huge battle would begin after the auction ended.

The Sage Dao Conference did not prohibit fighting. Here, you could battle as you wished. After the battle, you simply needed to pay twice the compensation for any damages.

At this point, the green-robed old man suddenly said, "This friend, if you can offer the original scroll of the Great Art of Destruction, the owner of the Book of Luo would be willing to accept it."

Mo Wuji said blandly, "For the Great Art of Destruction, one page of the Book of Luo isn't enough. It must be the entire set."

"I offer 3000 peak-grade god spiritual veins, one Quasi-Sage Dao Fruit and a Minor Art of Rejuvenation." Another person placed a bid.

With this bid, Mo Wuji knew that his bid wasn't even worth looking at. Just a Mo Wuji was prepared to modify his bid, the green-robed old man suddenly said, "For the friend that previously bidded the Great Art of Destruction, if you can offer the original scroll of the Great Art of Destruction or 12 Primal Motherfire Crystals, this Book of Luo is yours."

Even if the value of the Book of Luo was any higher, it definitely couldn't compare to the original Great Art of Destruction, nor 12 Primal Motherfire Crystals.

"Wait…" A raspy voice sounded. Following which, a bid was placed, "I bid a replica of the Great Art of Thunderclap and a piece of Thoughtless Gold. At the same time, I offer 1000 peak-grade god spiritual veins and the location of the true Great Art of Thunderclap."

The hall went silent. On the surface, this bid was not comparable to the previous one. However, the true value of this bid was the location of the Great Art of Thunderclap.

If a lightning-type cultivator obtained the Great Art of Thunderclap, then he would definitely be on his way to proclaiming himself the hegemon of the universe.

"If no one else is placing a bid, then…"

"Wait…" This time, it was Mo Wuji that called out. Seeing that it was Mo Wuji, everyone's spiritual wills concentrated back on him.

Mo Wuji's box was different from others; others had seals to prevent spiritual will probes. Unless there was a deep-seated hatred, people usually wouldn't use their spiritual will to attack these seals. But for Mo Wuji, he didn't even have such seals.

The bids that Mo Wuji placed previously contained treasures like the Primal Crystals and the Breath of Hongmeng. Thus, everyone was anticipating whether Mo Wuji could really offer 12 Primal Motherfire Crystals.

"Oh, this dao friend really has 12 Primal Motherfire Crystals?" The green-robed old man immediately got spirited.

The Great Art of Thunderclap was definitely good stuff. However, this thing had a limitation: only lighting-type cultivators could use it. Moreover, the previous bidder was only giving away its location. This did not necessarily mean that it could be obtained.

Mo Wuji said, "I don't have 12 Primal Motherfire Crystals…"

The green-robed old man's face sank, "Then what's the meaning behind asking me to wait? You can place any bid in the Sage Dao Conference but the premise is that you must have it. Otherwise, you are challenging my Sage Dao Conference."

Mo Wuji said disdainfully, "Are you death? When did I place a bid of 12 Primal Motherfire Crystals?"

He was already going to fire shots when the Tao Tie Pot comes out. Why would he care about showing an auctioneer face?

"Good, good, very good…" The green-robed old man said 'Good' repeatedly. Although he didn't release any killing intent, everyone knew that Mo Wuji would definitely be retained by the Sage Dao Conference after the auction.

The spiritual wills that were monitoring Mo Wuji actually lessened. This Mo Wuji was clearly courting death to offend the Sage Dao Conference. They no longer had a share on such a person. They also wondered where this fella got his balls from, to actually be arrogant to such a degree.

A voice suddenly transmitted into Mo Wuji's ear, "This dao friend, I suggest that you leave immediately. If you wait till the auction ends, the number of people that will cause trouble for you wouldn't reach 1000 but there will at least be 800."

Mo Wuji's spiritual will questioningly landed on a black-robed cultivator. He didn't think that there would actually be a kind-hearted person who would send him such a message. Could this fella be asking him to leave earlier so that there would be less competition? That didn't seem like it though.

"I'm old so I'm deaf. It's just that I still haven't heard dao friend's bid?" The old man sounded calm but his voice contained intense killing intent.

Mo Wuji said calmly, "One Primal Motherfire Law…"

Just as Mo Wuji said this, his heart suddenly pounded. He did have a Primal Motherfire Law. However, he also had the Scholars Heart. What would happen if he merges the Scholar's Heart with this Motherfire Law?

"What?" The moment Mo Wuji uttered those words, the entire hall was dumbfounded.

He was using a Motherfire Law that was formed during the splitting of the primordial chaos to exchange for a page of the Book of Luo? Was this guy crazy or crazy? The value of a Motherfire Law was many, many times more than a page of the Book of Luo. The two objects weren't even on the same level.

"You are really going to use a Primal Motherfire Law to exchange for a page of the Book of Luo?" The green-robed old man momentarily forgot to slam the gavel.

"Kidding." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say. "I bit two Primal Motherfire Crystals, one Primal Motherwater Crystal, 1000 peak-grade god spiritual veins, one replica of the Great Art of Destruction and the location of the Great Art of Destruction."

Mo Wuji was rejoicing that the other party did not slam the gavel. If the old man did so, then he would have no choice but to take action now. However, now wasn't the time that he hoped for. Both the Tao Tie Pot and that Dao Law of the Universe hadn't come out.

"That means that you were merely diverting me?" The old man's face darkened.

Mo Wuji spoke in a calm and unflustered manner, "I already said that I was kidding and you didn't slam the gavel. If you are willing to accept the items that I said in the second bid, then we have a deal. If we don't have a deal, then there's no need for nonsense."