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Chapter 1193: Not A Darkwood Anymore

Chapter 1193: Not A Darkwood Anymore

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Outside the Darkness Origin Hall, a completely naked woman suddenly sat up. Even though the energy in her body was still extremely weak, she looked no different from an ordinary person on the outside.

This woman was indeed the female cultivator rescued by Mo Wuji. After putting on a set of clothes, she bowed towards Mo Wuji, who was cultivating inside the Darkness Origin Hall.

Having done that, she sat back down as she started absorbing the god spiritual energy wildly.

Despite not having anyone to talk to, she was eminently shocked. She wasn't shocked because a random stranger passed by and put her down.

She was shocked because the Vitality Pills which this stranger took out was definitely of the peak grade. In fact, there wasn't even a trace of impurities. She would still be not as shocked as she currently was if that was all. In addition to the extremely pure Vitality Pills, this stranger even threw out a strand of the Breath of Hong Meng. If it wasn't for the strand of Breath of Hong Meng, she would need at least a few thousands of years to recover part of her elemental energy. She would undoubtedly be far away from her current condition.

Not everyone could possess a treasure like the Breath of Hong Meng. Even if one did own it, one would never take it out to help a stranger like herself.

If the Breath of Hong Meng and peak grades Vitality Pills shocked her, then the thousands of peak and high-grade god spiritual veins almost caused her to suffocate.

Ever since she embarked on her cultivation path, she had never cultivated among such terrifyingly dense god spiritual energy. Even if the strongest sect in Dark World were to be multiple times wealthier, it wouldn't as wealthy and generous as this cultivator.

She didn't know why Mo Wuji would spend so many resources to save her. Regardless, this was her opportunity. With such a frightening support by this cultivator, how could she not make full use of the time to recover her cultivation as soon as possible?

The countless years of torture were indeed painful and tough. However, she felt like her sea of consciousness was being sharpened on a grindstone. Her sea of consciousness was much more stabilised than before. Even her spiritual will had the potential to become much stronger too.

What she did not know was that Mo Wuji was merely extending a helping hand by gifting the items he threw out. It wasn't really a lot of resources in Mo Wuji's eyes.

Similarly, Mo Wuji didn't know that the woman he rescued was already starting to recover. He was absorbing the god spiritual energy intensely and at this moment, he broke into Quasi-Sage Level 9.

At the instant he advanced into the Quasi-Sage Level 9, Mo Wuji woke up from his secluded cultivation.

He could sense a majestic dark energy just beside him. When he extended his spiritual will on this dark energy, he gained deeper insights into the Dark Laws.

Mo Wuji stopped cultivating as he walked out of the Time Plate. To his surprise, he saw a fragment of the Darkwood had already turned into a 15cm sapling.

The small sapling was filled with life force. After Mo Wuji walked out, it even emitted a friendly energy towards Mo Wuji. The Soil of Breath and Darkness Origin Bead beside the sapling had already disappeared. Mo Wuji could sense the clear energy of the Dark Laws from the sapling. This was when Mo Wuji knew that the Darkness Origin Bead was absorbed by the sapling.

The sapling would emit energy of the Dark Laws because the small sapling absorbed the Darkness Origin Bead. Such a small sapling was actually able to release such clear energy. Once this sapling continued to grow, the Dark Laws would definitely become even clearer.

This piece of the Soil of Breath and Darkness Origin Bead were not wasted…

At the thought of wasted, an idea popped up in Mo Wuji's head. If the sapling could absorb the Darkness Origin Bead, would it be able to absorb other origin beads? Not only did Mo Wuji possess quite a decent number of god spiritual veins, he had a few origin beads too.

As this thought lingered in his mind for some period of time, Mo Wuji couldn't bear with the temptation anymore. He took out the Earth Origin Bead and he placed it beside the sapling.

In less than an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji could sense the energy from the Earth Origin Bead depleting. On the other hand, the sapling had an additional energy of the Earth Laws. The sapling with pure Dark Laws had an additional characteristic of the other law.

Because he stopped cultivating, the flow of the god spiritual energy in the area finally started to calm down. However, god spiritual energy was being absorbed intensely by the sapling once again.

This was really possible?

Without hesitation, Mo Wuji placed the Water Origin Bead, Metal Origin Bead and the Lightning Origin Bead beside the small sapling.

Indeed, Mo Wuji was able to sense the depleting energy of the three origin beads. Dense god spiritual energy was swept towards the sapling again.

After a few hours, the energy of the sapling gradually contained a few other energies of the different origin beads. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. If he gathered all the various origin beads, what kind of sick tree would his sapling grow up to be?

Mo Wuji didn't allow the sapling to continue growing here. He sent the sapling into his Mortal World. The growth of the sapling would definitely not take a day or two. He couldn't possibly stare at it forever.

According to Ku Xinren's jade letter, the best place to nurture the Darkwood would be the centre of Dark World, within the Darkness Origin Hall.

However, Mo Wuji sensed that after his Darkwood absorbed the energy of the other Laws, it started to drift away from the category of a pure Darkwood. Presently, his Darkwood did not just contain Dark Laws. It contained other attribute Laws too. Since that was the case, putting the Darkwood in his Mortal World wouldn't be bad.

As his cultivation level continued to grow, his Mortal World was also growing. Besides that, the many different Laws in his Mortal World were also clear. Mo Wuji felt like it was the most appropriate place to grow his current Darkwood.

Han Qingru, who was in Mo Wuji's Mortal World, was already in the early Immortal Emperor Stage. It seemed like she managed to undergo a few tribulations in his Mortal World throughout the years.

Mo Wuji wasn't particularly shocked to see Han Qingru's improvement. The Laws in his Mortal World were all perfect and there was also the Breath of Hong Meng. These were in addition to the piles of pills without impurities. Mo Wuji would be more shocked if she didn't improve that quickly.

Mo Wuji didn't interrupt Han Qingru's cultivation. Only half the god spiritual veins he implanted were used so he would naturally keep the other half.

As for the woman he rescued, not only did she recover fully, her dao aura was also extremely condensed. Mo Wuji suspected that she might be stronger than she was previously. She was already in the early Unity God Stage.

The woman felt it the second Mo Wuji kept the god spiritual veins. She stood up hurriedly as she bowed towards Mo Wuji, who was standing on the outside of the Darkness Origin Hall. "Junior Dai Nanjian was rescued by senior. Junior is unable to return the favour so senior can order me to run any errands you need."

After many years of cultivation here, she could sense the exceedingly dense god spiritual energy as well as the incredibly clear Dark Laws. Given some more time to cultivate, she was confident of entering Quasi-Sage Stage. A Quasi-Sage ah, she would be the number one expert of the Dark World just like that.

Mo Wuji waved his hand, "I am also a passer-by and I'm merely extending a helping hand. You don't have to worry too much about it. Oh yes, what grave mistake have you committed? Why are you pinned right outside the Darkness Origin Hall?"

Hearing that Mo Wuji was questioning why she was pinned, Dai Nanjian became anxious once more. She held her fist tightly as she tried her best to calm herself, "This Darkness Origin Hall was actually built by my brother…"

"Your brother built this?" Mo Wuji looked astonishingly at Dai Nanjian. Dai Nanjian's brother built this Darkness Origin Hall yet she was pinned outside? Wasn't this a little too ridiculous?

"My brother's name is Dai Fang. After the disappearance of the Darkwood in Dark World, the Dark Laws in Dark World between the Heaven and Earth gradually depleted. Previously, countless experts appeared in Dark World. After the Darkwood disappeared, there were lesser experts here too. My brother wasn't happy and finally one day, he found a fragment of the Darkwood on the battlefield…"

After hearing what Dai Nanjian said, Mo Wuji suspected that the fragment he found was the one Dai Fang found.

"My brother took out the fragment of Darkwood and address how Dark World was declining because of the disappearance of the Darkwood. He hoped to place the fragment of the Darkwood back where the Darkwood was originally grown on. He wanted to build a Darkness Origin Hall here which would be used to nurture the Darkwood. Once the Darkwood grew again, the Dark Laws in Dark World would be complete again." After a while, Dai Nanjian seemed to have composed herself.

"What happened next?" Mo Wuji heard from Tong Ming about the building of this Darkness Origin Hall. In fact, Tong Ming hid here previously.

Dai Nanjian saw the empty space far ahead and she took in a deep breath before continuing, "Afterwards, many experts in Dark World agreed with the words of my brother. They even flattered my brother saying that he is the number one expert of Dark World. After the Darkness Origin Hall was built, my brother, Dai Fang, became the first Hall Lord of the Darkness Origin Hall. Restrictions and arrays surrounded the Darkness Origin Hall and no one would be allowed to come close to it.

The number one cultivation clan in Dark World, the Ku Clan, took the initiative to find my brother. They wanted to connect our two families by marriage. At that point in time, Dark World's number one talent, Ku Chu was also courting me. Not only was he the number one talent, he was also extremely good looking. Because I've always been under the protection of my brother, I didn't find anything peculiar about this. Moreover, I really do like the good looking talent, Ku Chu. Therefore, I accepted him."