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Chapter 1048: Here Comes Two Fiends

Chapter 1048: Here Comes Two Fiends

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There were Gods Race, God Domain, and God Continent cultivators present. What confused Mo Wuji was that the Gods Race and God Domain cultivators were sworn enemies but neither side made any moves while they stood here. It seemed like cultivating was the most important thing to everyone.

With such a large primal spiritual eye appearing here, Mo Wuji understood why everyone stood at its edge and didn't go in.

When a primal spiritual eye first explodes, its laws are very messy, and if you went in, it was very possible that your own dao would be messed up, which could make your cultivation go astray even thought you might not have cultivated inside.

Only after the various laws became clearer, no matter how much primal god spiritual energy seeped out, it would automatically return into the space with clear laws and that would mark the start of the fight.

A God Monarch Level 7 Gods Race cultivator suddenly flew up and fiercely declared, "There's too many people here and too little space. I would like to propose a rule to split this area into five, and each side will send out 10 people to spar. The top five cultivators will get the five parts."

Without any further explanation, everyone knew that this God Monarch of the Gods Race was referring to the two sides of God Domain and Gods Race. Mo Wuji scanned outwards with his spiritual will and found out that the God Domain had fewer people here due to the effects of the Minor Curse Arts. Out of the three to four thousand men around, almost 3000 were Gods Race cultivators while less than 1000 were from God Domain.

For the five God Monarchs with the highest cultivation levels, four were from the Gods Race and the God Domain only had a God Monarch Level 6. There was also a clear separation between God Domain and Gods Race cultivators as there was a distinct gap between the two groups.

"That's weird. Since there's more people from the Gods Race, why don't they charge forward all at once?" Mo Wuji was indeed puzzled. Based on the enmity between the Gods Race and God Domain, it wasn't impossible for them to massacre all of the God Domain cultivators here.

"You just arrived at Leafless Forest?" Initially, Mo Wuji's question was directed to Kun Yun, but an intermediate Heavenly God cultivator from God Domain overheard him and responded with a question of his own.

"That's right, I just arrived here." Mo Wuji nodded.

That Heavenly God cultivator patiently explained, "In the Leafless Forest, as long as a primal spiritual eye is found, there are normally no fights over it. Primal spiritual eyes have some spirituality, so if the killing intent that arises during the fight seeps into its laws, it would take an extremely long time for the laws to become clear again. Moreover, it is also very common for primal spiritual eyes to suddenly teleport away in the midst of a large battle filled with killing intent.

On top of that, there's a unspoken rule that everyone abides by here: fights for a primal spiritual eye has to be done outside of the it. Once the battle ends, and the victors occupy the primal spiritual eye, no one else should go forth to disturb the other party from cultivating."

This explanation gave Mo Wuji much clarity over the situation. This unspoken rule was beneficial to everyone as no one would want to be disturbed in the midst of their cultivation. However, he felt that this unspoken rule would only be useful when there was a large group of people involved. If there were much fewer people and a primal spiritual eye appeared, one side would definitely want to wipe out the other side and use it to cultivate.

After that Gods Race cultivator finished giving his proposal, no one opposed it. In reality, there wasn't anyone stronger from the Gods Domain that could step forward to reject it. The strongest cultivator from the God Domain had probably just become a God Monarch Level 6, while the Gods Race had two God Monarch Level 9s and one God Monarch Level 8.

Seeing that no one spoke up, the God Monarch Level 7 of the Gods Race carried on, "If that's the case, then outside can produce five members, and you can send forth five people as well…"

Before the God Monarch Level 7 of the Gods Race could finish speaking, a figure rushed out.

When Mo Wuji saw this figure charge into the primal spiritual eye, he naturally followed suit without hesitation. The person that charge in was Kun Yun, as the primal spiritual eye's laws had become clear in that moment.

The way Kun Yun acted came as no surprise to Mo Wuji. For an expert like Kun Yun, even though his cultivation level had regressed by a great deal, it wasn't at a level that a few Gods Race ants could hold back. He obviously did whatever he wanted to do and in Kun Yun eyes, that God Monarch Level 7 of Gods Race was probably as good as farting.

"You're asking to die…" Upon noticing that Kun Yun boldly charged into the primal spiritual eye, three God Monarchs of the Gods Race leapt forward. Two were God Monarch Level 9 and one of God Monarch Level 8. Behind those three were another two God Monarch, one of which was the God Monarch Level 7 that proposed the idea of sparring.

Mo Wuji didn't worry for Kun Yun as he knew that it was a piece of cake for Kun Yun to deal with these few God Monarchs.

The moment he entered the primal spiritual eye, his spirit storage channel went to work and in an instant, he located the origin of the primal spiritual eye.

There were two sources for the primal spiritual eye, and on top of that, there were other small spiritual eyes around. One of the two sources had been occupied by Kun Yun, hence Mo Wuji took over the other one without hesitation. Then, his two hands threw out all sorts of array flags and carved runes one after another.

The first array he set up was not a defensive array but a deathtrap array.

Kun Yun was the first to enter the primal spiritual eye, so a few of the experts had gone after him. Being the second to enter, Mo Wuji was sure that there were others coming for him as well, thus it was necessary to set up a deathtrap array.

Although Mo Wuji's Array Dao was inferior to Kun Yun, the strength and speed of his spiritual will were unparalleled.

When one God Monarch Level 5 cultivator came charging in his direction, he had already finished setting up the first Grade 4 deathtrap array.

Once the God Monarch Level 5 stepped into Mo Wuji's deathtrap array, he was constricted by Mo Wuji's domain. A Winding River was fired off with the half moon halberd, and it instantaneously tore apart the God Monarch Level 5 cultivator's domain.

Without using his deathtrap array, Mo Wuji had already neutralised this God Monarch Level 5 of the Gods Race. This God Monarch was obviously a war veteran as he knew that he wasn't a match for Mo Wuji when Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain swept towards him. At that point, how could he still care about dealing with Mo Wuji, so he backed up as fast as he could.

However, would Mo Wuji allow him to retreat? By throwing out another two array flags, the Grade 4 deathtrap array produced lightning bolts all over, trapping the Gods Race God Monarch who was backing up. The half moon halberd drew another halberd radiance in mid air, and the God Monarch Level 5 could not move backwards by a single step, hence he was ground to bits by Mo Wuji's halberd.

After Mo Wuji kept a ring away, he threw out a final few array flags which turned t he Grade 4 deathtrap array into a Grade 5 deathtrap array.

Following which, Mo Wuji didn't stop. He started setting up a defensive array. Combining a defensive array and deathtrap array was his ultimate aim.

At this moment, his spiritual will had already scanned Kun Yun's side. Kun Yun's defensive array had been set up even earlier than his own, and over 200m radius of land was demarcated by Kun Yun. As for the few God Monarchs of the Gods Race that charged at Kun Yun, there wasn't any sign of them at all.

Mo Wuji knew that those God Monarchs were definitely killed by Kun Yun. With Kun Yun's Array Dao, it would take a mere raise of his hand to set up a Grade 6 deathtrap array. Anyone that enters would be seeking death.

On the other hand, Mo Wuji's defensive array took up a 500m radius - more than two times greater in area than Kun Yun's.

The first two to rush into the primal spiritual eye were Kun Yun and Mo Wuji, and after that there were six God Monarchs that leapt at them. But in the end, those six people disappeared without a trace.

Even an idiot would recognise that Mo Wuji and Kun Yun were not to be messed with. After the both of them set up their defensive arrays and deathtrap arrays, no one dared to provoke them any further. The remaining thousands of cultivators rushed inside to fight for a spot of their own.

As for the battle outside of the primal spiritual eye, no one cared about it anymore.

Every cultivator that managed to obtain a small piece of territory swiftly marked out the area and set up a simple defensive array.

Under normal circumstances, a circle a few metres in radius would be enough. After all, this was a primal spiritual eye where primal god spiritual energy was spread out everywhere. Anyone that marked out a circle of a few hundred metres in radius like Mo Wuji and Kun Yun, others would look down on them as idiots.

What use was there to get a large area for yourself? Wouldn't the god spiritual energy still be dispersed for everyone to share?

Soon after, no one held that belief anymore. Regardless whether it was Mo Wuji's or Kun Yun's territory, a god spiritual energy whirlpool formed on it. The whirlpool not only sucked the god spiritual energy away from their marked areas, but also drew the god spiritual energy from the outside of the primal spiritual eye in.

With such a frightening cultivation process, no one dared to think of Mo Wuji and Kun Yun as idiots, much less try to fight for god spiritual energy in the territory of the both of them.

Even though the two greatest sources of primal god spiritual energy were occupied by those two, there were still some small primal spiritual eyes outside. The only difference between them was that Mo Wuji and Kun Yun not only took up the two sources of the greatest primal spiritual eye but also sucked the god spiritual energy away from the outside while they cultivated.

One could have been enraged with them,but no one dared to voice out their unhappiness.

As the primal god spiritual energy whirlpool above their heads grew larger, the small primal spiritual eyes began to dry up - no longer producing primal god spiritual energy.

Most people could only cultivate for half a day before they had to stand up. They gazed at Mo Wuji's and Kun Yun's cultivation location with envy, but could only sigh before leaving in search for new primal spiritual eyes.

The originally bustling place only had a few blood stains and two primal god spiritual energy whirlpools in the air remaining a day later.

All of the cultivators here had left.

Occasionally, one or two ignorant cultivators would pass by and charge in as they were tempted by the dense primal god spiritual energy whirlpools, never to be heard from again.

Since the moment that Kun Yun entered the primal spiritual eye, he had kept a close eye on Mo Wuji. When he observed that Mo Wuji found another primal god spiritual energy source in a short period of time, he couldn't help but feel more fearful than impressed. Soon after he noticed that the commotion from Mo Wuji's cultivation was greater than his. The primal god spiritual energy whirlpool was more intense than his, and he could only feel a little helpless.

A guy that relied on his own exploration in cultivation actually caused such a commotion. It seemed like Kun Yun's judgment was spot on - this guy was even more impressive than he thought him to be.

Thinking about Mo Wuji's terrifying rate of cultivation, Kun Yun quickly collected his thoughts and started to increase his speed of absorbing primal god spiritual energy. He definitely could not allow Mo Wuji to suppress him with a superior cultivation level. In his eyes, Mo Wuji wasn't someone easy to interact with.