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Chapter 1047: Leafless Forest

Chapter 1047: Leafless Forest

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Once Mo Wuji stepped out of Nirvana Resthouse, he could sense a sort of rotting and corrosive aura.This sort of aura was almost the same as what he felt coming from the curse seal of Gods Precipice Continent. It seemed like Kun Yun wasn't lying. This was really Curse Arts.

The cultivators on the streets had fear in their eyes, and many of the people that just entered the god city wanted to leave again. As all transfer arrays in the city were shut down, one had to fly off if one wanted to leave. However, once those cultivators walked to the city gates, they turned around as they thought of the ongoing Curse Arts outside.

Also, the defensive array of the god city was already activated, so cultivators on the outside could not come in anymore.

An elementary Heavenly God cultivator suddenly blew up not far away from Mo Wuji, and the rotting bloody smell immediately spread out.

Very soon, a few streaks of fire landed on the exploded Heavenly God cultivaotr's body, incinerating him to nothing.

"How impressive." Mo Wuji mumbled to himself. The Curse Arts had captivated him indeed.

Yet, Kun Yun laughed coldly, "How is this impressive. The dao energy of the Great Curse Arts can't be burnt away by normal flames."

After remaining silent for a moment, Mo Wuji responded, "Can the Curse Arts be transmitted through a person's energy or aura?"

This time, Kun Yun replied normally, "That's right. As long as you're touched by the Curse Arts, it'll mean that you've been inflicted by it. Can't you see that the god city has a restriction on cultivators entering the city? It is out of worry that the Curse Arts will spread through the city."

Upon hearing Kun Yun's words, strong killing intent rose up in Mo Wuji's heart. He wanted to kill this fella that unleashed the Curse Arts.

Instantly, Kun Yun sensed Mo Wuji's killing intent and chuckled, "With your current cultivation level, going to kill that guy who knows Curse Arts will be like striking a rock with an egg… No, you're more inferior than an egg."

"You're the one that's lousier than an egg." Mo Wuji snorted, not caring about Kun Yun anymore.

"Splat!" Just as Mo Wuji finished speaking, a fiery explosion occurred in front of him. An advanced Nascent God cultivator was directly reduced to nothing by the ball of flames.

"There's no need to look. He was inflicted by the Curse Arts, so he was incinerated." Kun Yun casually remarked.

A sense of helplessness arose in Mo Wuji's heart. Although he had many enemies, this was the God Domain, and he was also a part of the God Domain. Every single cultivator that stood here came for the purpose of killing Gods Race cultivators. Perhaps everyone could have been fighting for contribution points, but no one could deny that most of the people present had made some contribution to the defence of the God Domain.

However, after those who faced the Gods Race cultivators on the front line had been hit by the Curse Arts, they were still killed after using an escape talisman to return.

This was too saddening and unbearable. He knew that such incidents would occur more frequently in the future, but he couldn't do anything to change it.

"Kun Yun, let's go to the Leafless Forest. I need to cultivate." Mo Wuji took in a deep breath.

Smiling, Kun Yun replied, "That's the way. You'll be a much better help to me if your cultivation level is higher."

"You're going out?" There were two God Monarch experts guarding the defensive array, and at this point, there were only people streaming in constantly. How could there be anyone going out? The dao traces of Curse Arts didn't fade away that quickly. At least there was a defensive array as a shield, preventing the Curse Arts from seeping in.

"That's right, we're going out." Mo Wuji declared calmly.

"You should know that once you've gone out, you won't be allowed back in for the near future. On top of that, your life will be in danger and you can die at any moment." That God Monarch stared at Mo Wuji while speaking in a harsh tone.

"We get it. How naggy." Kun Yun remarked from the side. After finishing his piece, the aura around him began to grow.

When he sensed that Kun Yun wasn't someone good to mess with, the God Monarch didn't carry on and allowed them to leave directly. As long as they didn't come back in, it wouldn't make much of a difference to him.

Once they were out of the god city, Mo Wuji's spiritual will immediately spread outwards, and the sight before him gave him a shock.

There were God Domain cultivators fleeing everywhere, and many cultivators' bodies blew up in midair constantly.

"How is it that only a few hundred thousand people died?" Mo Wuji commented.

"Just care about yourself first." Kun Yun took out a flying magic treasure after finishing, and rushed into the sky.

Mo Wuji could feel a corroding energy seeping into his meridians that even wanted to tear his meridians up. Traces of his dao began to disintegrate, and his vitality started to leak out.

At this point, Mo Wuji finally understood what Kun Yun meant by asking him to take care of himself first. With the activation of his detoxification channel, the corrosive energy was swept away, never to be seen again.

Following which, he also took out a flying magic treasure and caught up to Kun Yun.

"Not bad, you blocked off the dao traces of the Minor Curse Arts so quickly. I originally planned to help you out if you didn't manage to handle it." Kun Yun happily said as he saw Mo Wuji catch up.

No reply came from Mo Wuji. He knew that if he couldn't shake off the Curse Arts, there was absolutely no chance that Kun Yun would turn around to help him. At most, Kun Yun would take his body and refine it to see what sort of secrets it held.

Although the Leafless Forest wasn't close to the God Domain Nest's god city, with Mo Wuji and Kun Yun's speed, they only took half a day to arrive there.

As its name suggested, an endless sea of trees came into sight, with the only thing that seemed out of place being the trees having no leaves at all. Not only that, every single tree had a sort of defeated feel to it.

What shocked Mo Wuji was that once he entered the Leafless Forest, the corrosive energy of the Curse Arts could not be felt anymore.

However, this didn't cheer him up a single bit. On the way, he had seen countless people that were killed by the Curse Arts. That sort of apocalyptic scene still lingered in his mind.

"Aren't you curious why the Curse Arts has no effect on the Leafless Forest?" Kun Yun prompted.

Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, the Leafless Forest is also at the border of the God Domain Nest, so why can't the Curse Arts reach this place?"

Kun Yun replied, "How could a mere ant's Curse Arts disturb a location that houses primal energy? There are countless primal spiritual eyes in the depths of the Leafless Forest, and if any curse energy comes close to the forest, it will be destroyed by the primal energy's laws. We just have to find a primal spiritual eye here and go into closed door cultivation."

Mo Wuji probed further, "What you're saying is that as long as you enter the Leafless Forest, you can avoid the Curse Arts?"

"Of course." Kun Yun replied without hesitation. "Even if you have been hit by the Curse Arts, as long as it isn't very serious, your condition will improve after entering the Leafless Forest. For those serious cases, if you can find a primal spiritual eye, they can still recover. You don't have to tell others about this because this information has already been spread out a long time ago."

Mo Wuji scanned inwards with his spiritual will, and indeed he saw many cultivators who were hit by the Curse Arts rushing towards the Leafless Forest.

"Let's go to the deeper parts of the forest. Even if there are primal spiritual eyes in the outer circle, they would have been drained completely by others already." With a flash, Kun Yun charged into the depths of the forest.

Suddenly, Mo Wuji thought of the broken planet that he found during the fight for resources in Nirvana Learning Academy, and he asked, "Kun Yun, back then I went to a planet with broken laws, and there was also some hidden primal god spiritual veins in there. I even cultivation in there for a long period of time, so were those primal god spiritual veins the same as this Leafless Forest?"

"You really found a planet with primal god spiritual veins? Quick, tell me where this planet is." Kun Yun immediately became excited upon hearing Mo Wuji's words.

Looking at Kun Yun's expression, Mo Wuji knew that the planet with broken laws was not simple.

"That planet has a very big secret. As long as you tell me its location, we'll split the benefits two ways. If you go by yourself, I guarantee that even if you spend a billion years searching, you won't be able to find the good stuff." How could Kun Yun not understand what Mo Wuji was thinking of, hence he quickly explained himself.

In response, Mo Wuji said, "Let me tell you honestly, I don't know where that planet is either. I only stumbled upon it by chance once."

Even though he said that, Mo Wuji was determined to ask Cang Zhengxing where the broken planet was the next time they met. Then, he would go inside to take a look. He didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to find whatever good stuff that Kun Yun could find.

Kun Yun was a little skeptical, and he began to think about how to convince Mo Wuji to bring him along on the search for the broken planet.

With that, the two of them rushed through the Leafless Forest depressingly before dense primal god spiritual energy hit them in the face. This made Kun Yun stop in his tracks as he spoke excitedly while looking in the distance, "Someone actually found the highest grade of primal spiritual eyes, let's quickly go over…"

After finishing his sentence, he couldn't even bother to care about Mo Wuji, and he turned around and charged towards the origin of the primal god spiritual energy.

Since Mo Wuji desperately needed to raise his cultivation level, naturally, he wasn't far behind. With his Wind Escape Technique, he wasn't any slower than Kun Yun.

An incense's time later, both of them stopped, looking at the scene before them in shock.

A spiritual eye at least a few kilometres in radius appeared in front of them, and the primal god spiritual energy emanating above it was frighteningly dense. It was like a hot spring had sprung up in midair.

While Mo Wuji was some distance away from the primal spiritual eye, the clear Laws of Heaven and Earth could be felt.

However, there were simply too many people around. The primal spiritual eye continued to spew primal god spiritual energy but no one went down to cultivate. There were at least a few thousand people surrounding it and more were on their way.