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Chapter 886: The Change In The Manor

Chapter 886: The Change In The Manor
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Xi Nianmo never expected that her father would even want to kill Mo Wuji so she stretched out her arm frantically to grab Mo Wuji. Xi Jing only needed a casual slap to kill Mo Wuji so now that his daughter had intervene, he had moderated the amount of energy in his slap.

"Boom!" The oppressive elemental energy from the hand whizzed past Mo Wuji’s body and instantly destroyed the stone pillar behind Mo Wuji into pieces. Despite Xi Nianmo’s last minute effort to grab him, Mo Wuji was still caught up by the aftermath of the attack as he spat out a mouthful of blood. When compared to Xi Jing, Mo Wuji couldn’t even be considered an ant.

Mo Wuji was enraged and disappointed. Despite knowing that Xi Jing was going to attack him, he was completely unable to avoid it. If it wasn’t for Xi Nianmo’s intervention, he would have been smashed into pieces already.

"Father, please do not kill Mo Wuji for he is innocent. In fact, he had even helped me by coming to the Lightning Sword Manor. If you kill Mo Wuji, I would forever not be at peace and it will definitely harm my dao heart…" Xi Nianmo didn’t wait for Xi Jing to act gain as she hurried to explain everything briefly.

Xi Jing sized Mo Wuji up before saying, "Since this is the case, Yibo, bring Mo Wuji into one of the immortal residence for closed door cultivation for a period of time to make up for his contributions."

Once Xi Jing said that, he threw a token to Xi Yibo.

Concurrently, Xi Yibo heard Xi Jing’s transmitted message to him, "Bring Mo Wuji to the place I cultivated and kill him there. Seal up that place and never let Mo’Er find out about this. Also, we are going to leave the Lightning Sword Manor very soon and this place would cease to exist in the future."

"Yes," The youthful looking Xi Yibo stood up promptly as he grabbed Mo Wuji and left the clan meeting hall speedily.

"Father, his primordial and spiritual roots have been blackened so he wouldn’t be able to cultivate at all…" As Xi Yibo brought Mo Wuji out, Xi Nianmo finally responded as she exclaimed.

Xi Jing sighed, "I have very dense god spiritual energy as well as peak grade god spirit pills and my legacy in my cultivation lab. By leaving him there, it would depend on his fate to see if he could recover and cultivate well."


When Xi Nianmo tried to continue, Xi Jing waved his hand to stop her. Following which, Xi Jing said to the rest of the people in the clan meeting hall, "In less than half an incense worth of time that I’ve been back, I’ve heard things that I didn’t wish to hear. There’s a saying that goes: Those who are not from the clan will always have ulterior motive. Xi Baren, Xi Ti, Xi Zhen and co. were all brought back by myself many years ago and had conferred to the surname ‘Xi’. After my disappearance, all of them suddenly jumped up to take charge. Fortunately, everyone seated here are direct descendants and disciples of my Xi Clan."

Everyone in the clan meeting hall remained speechless. Back then, their Manor Lord was already boundlessly strong. After all these years, it seemed like his strength had increased to yet another level. As for those who were killed, they were indeed not from the Xi Clan.

Xi Jing’s tone turned solemn, "If possible, I wouldn’t have wish to come back to the Lightning Sword Manor. However, I had to come back because if I don’t, nobody here would survive. I still have my Lightning Sword Manor’s legacy, clan mates and family here which I refused to abandon…"

Small discussions started within the crowd and Xi Jing waved his hand once more to indicate for everyone to listen, "I am the one responsible for inciting the extermination of our sect which is why all of us must leave the Lightning Sword Manor now. There are too many people here but I wish that after we leave this place, everyone can go on their separate ways to find a sect suitable for yourself. No matter what happened in the future, everyone must remember that your surname is Xi and you came from the Lightning Sword Manor. One day, my Lightning Sword Manor would rise again…"

"Father…" Xi Nianmo was invariably stunned when she heard the words of her father. If no one would survive here and that he wanted to bring everyone away, why did he send Mo Wuji to cultivate in his lab?

"Boom!" Just as Xi Nianmo called out for her father, the entire Lightning Sword Manor seemed to have been struck by massive hammer. The trembles felt was incredibly intense.

Xi Jing’s expression changed because he didn’t expect these people to arrive so quickly. He initially believed that he had at least half a day more to bring everyone from the Lightning Sword Manor away.

At a moment like this, there was nothing he could do as he said anxiously, "Xi Jun, bring everyone to the various defensive array to protect the Lightning Sword Manor. I will reinforce and strengthen the defensive array…"


Xi Yibo was a strong expert himself and after grabbing Mo Wuji, he flew past tens of places before heading downwards.

In less than half an incense, Xi Yibo stopped as he struck out a hand sign with the token in space. Soon after, a traceless big gate opened gradually.

Xi Yibo grabbed a pill as he sent it down Mo Wuji’s mouth, "Ai, because of the fact that you’ve helped little miss, let me give you a piece of advice. In your next life, pray for better fortune. This was where Manor Lord underwent his secluded cultivation and evidently, it has dense god spiritual energy. It isn’t bad that this will be where you have your long sleep. Consider this a compensation because you helped little miss."

After saying that, Xi Yibo immediately threw Mo Wuji into the gate and left in a hurry.

The door gradually closed and there was no longer any traces of it on the outside.

Mo Wuji fell to the ground but didn’t move. The pill that Xi Yibo gave Mo Wuji was clearly an extremely poisonous pill. The instance the pill entered his mouth, the toxic was instantly felt by the detoxification meridian and swept away in that same instance.

Mo Wuji wasn’t concerned about the toxic but was concerned about whether he could get out of this place or not.

Mo Wuji used the spiritual will of his spirit storage channel to scan the outside and he was able to see where he was. He was in a sealed up space. The god spiritual energy was incredibly dense and there was absolutely nothing in the room.

As he sensed that he was not in any danger, Mo Wuji immediately stood up to check for any possible exit.

Regardless of how many times Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to check, he wasn’t able to find any exit. This defensive array seemed to be sealed up naturally. Similarly, Mo Wuji didn’t find any monitor array around as he instantly grabbed out array flags to install a concealment restriction and a concealed spirit array.

Regardless if there were still monitor arrays which he didn’t manage to spot, Mo Wuji couldn’t care less anymore. The fact that he didn’t die after being fed the poison already revealed a major problem. There was no longer any point in concealing anything anymore. What was important was that he should make use of the time to cultivate.

This was the first time Mo Wuji cultivate in a place where the laws were complete and the god spiritual energy was so dense. When he used all his force to circulate the Immortal Mortal Technique to absorb the god spiritual energy, his entire body felt like it was immersed in the laws of Heaven and Earth. The god spiritual energy was swept away intensely by Mo Wuji’s spiritual circulation and Mo Wuji’s cultivation rose incredibly.

Additionally, the laws of his sacred arts were constantly being perfected.

Initially, Mo Wuji intended to think of a way and leave in another two days. Now that he was completely engrossed in his cultivation, he had forgotten that he should leave this place.

Mo Wuji had no idea that when he was absorbing the god spiritual energy crazily and increasing his own cultivation level, the Lightning Sword Manor had been blast countless times over. If it wasn’t for Xi Jing’s frightening strength and expertise in array dao, the Lightning Sword Manor would have been utterly destroyed.

Even so, the entire Lightning Sword Manor was trembling because of the explosions.

"Kacha!" After over 20 days, the Lightning Sword Manor was no longer able to hang on as the array was directly crushed.

Just when the array was broken, a dark radiance was shot from outside as it skidded through the air and pierced right through Xi Jing’s chest. Tens of shadows charged in and those disciples not previously killed by Xi Jing had all turned into mists of blood.

"Xi Jun, bring Mo’Er away immediately… Mo’Rr, never think about avenging me in the future. Always remember that…" Xi Jing said that and instantly dashed into the incoming crowd.


"Boom!" Mo Wuji felt as though his entire body exploded from within as an incomparable energy flooded his body.

Advanced Immortal Emperor Stage, Mo Wuji was so elated he only wanted to shout his lungs out. If he was in the Immortal World, he would probably rely on the accumulation of years to cultivate to the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage. Here, he only used one month and managed to reach it.

What Mo Wuji was even more ecstatic about was that his immortal energy had turned into god energy. Despite not seeing what a true god crystal was, Mo Wuji guessed that the green crystals he obtained previously were slabs of the god crystals.

Because those green crystals didn’t have complete laws within them, those were unable to help Mo Wuji transform all his elemental energy into god energy. This was the God Domain where the Laws of Heaven and Earth were completed which was why he could easily transform it into god energy. Simultaneously, he had a deeper enlightenment for the laws of his sacred art.

Mo Wuji had been in the same place for over a month and nobody came to visit him. This made Mo Wuji wonder if he had been forgotten. Regardless the case, he needed to leave this place as soon as possible.

Even though it seemed like Mo Wuji only made a small improvement by entering the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage, Mo Wuji felt like he had taken a huge step forward. The main reason was because he managed to transform all his elemental energy into the mightier god energy.

Mo Wuji used his spiritual will from his spirit storage channel to scan the outside as he started deducing the defensive array around this area.

Mo Wuji’s array dao had already surpassed the standard of a Grade 9 array master. As for the defensive array he installed for Ping Fan, it should be considered as a Grade 1 god array. Mo Wuji felt that there was no need for him to break this array apart as he only needed to find one exit. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Instead, Mo Wuji was stressed about the fact that even after deducing and studying it for five days, he wasn’t even able to understand the array let alone find any exit.

A few more days passed and just as Mo Wuji was wondering if he should continue doing so, the defensive atray suddenly opened without warning. Mo Wiji knew that no matter who or what opened it, it was his only chance of escaping. If he was brought to Xi Jing, he would definitely not survive.

At the very moment the defensive array opened, Mo Wuji dashed out and was prepared to shift away.

However, when Mo Wuji saw the woman lying outside the defensive array, he stopped. This woman was actually the pregnant woman back in the Lightning Sword Manor clan’s meeting hall. According to Mo Wuji’s deduction, she should be Fan Sui’s wife.

"You’ve saved me?" The reason why Mo Wuji stopped was because he saw this woman holding onto a token and this token was the one that opened this array.