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Chapter 828: I Want Dao Friend Mo’s Immortal Puppet

Chapter 828: I Want Dao Friend Mo’s Immortal Puppet
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The skinny man said faintly, "Even if he was in the void and not in the Kun Guest Hall, a fella who had yet to enter the Saint Stage shouldn’t expect to escape from me, Fu Feiyan. Let’s go and meet this person together."

"Master, only the two of us?" She Du was slightly hesitant as he was quite fearful of Mo Wuji.

The man who addressed himself as Fu Feiyan shouted, "Once something like the Phecda Clay reveals itself, who in the Thousand Talismans Mountain wouldn’t want it? This is a peak grade material for talisman which is capable of reconstructing the heavenly talisman and fleshly body. How could we reveal it to everyone else?"

"Yes, Master," She Du hurried to answer.


"Senior, this is our Kun Guest Hall. May I invite senior to head in?" Huan Feifei brought Mo Wuji to the entrance of a luxurious looking hall. She stopped and extended her arms to direct Mo Wuji.

Yet, Mo Wuji stood there with his furrowed brows. Having installed the defensive array of the Cosmos Edge and Ping Fan Immortal City, he consider himself as a legitimate Grade 9 immortal array master. Moreover, there were still some differences between an average Grade 9 immortal array master. The difference was that he deduced his Array Dao from his Immortal Mortal Technique so it was considered to be one of its kind.

Because of the Immortal Mortal Technique, Mo Wuji could even treat something ordinary like trees and grass as array flags. Additionally, Mo Wuji was also proficient in void array runes technique.

Yet, when standing in front of this guest hall, Mo Wuji felt incredibly uneasy.

Other than his sixth sense, Mo Wuji could sense something different given his current standard of Array Dao. This seemed to be an extremely concealed deathtrap array.

Mo Wuji frowned at how treacherous She Du's plan to assassinate him with a plot like this was.

"Oh yes, what do you call this hall again?" Mo Wuji questioned.

"Kun Guest Hall, this is one of the big three conference hall of our Thousand Talismans Mountain. Usually, we would usher the respectable guests to either the Kun Guest Hall or the Qian Guest Hall," Huan Feifei explained.

Mo Wuji sneered at the names of these halls. Kun Guest Hall and Qian Guest Hall in other words would be ‘trapping guest’ and ‘capturing guest’. [1]

Naturally, a sect which installed concealed deathtrap array within their own guest hall showed how unsurprisingly narrow minded this sect was. Mo Wuji did believe that She Du brought him over to the Kun Guest Hall with ill-intentions. Otherwise, She Du wouldn’t have not asked for Mo Wuji’s name after his 180 degrees change in attitude. In fact, She Du didn’t even ask for Mo Wuji’s name or where he came from throughout their entire encounter.

As Mo Wuji was about to install a few void array runes, a haggard looking middle aged man walked over.

Huan Feifei hurried to bow and greet this middle aged man as he walked over, "Huan Feifei greets the Talisman Lord."

The Talisman Lord of the Thousand Talismans Mountain? Mo Wuji had heard of this person from Ape Mo so he stood out with his clasped fists, "Could this be the Talisman Lord, Fu Xiuhan of the Thousand Talismans Mountain?"

The middle aged man looked doubtfully at Mo Wuji as he asked, "I am indeed Fu Xiuhan and may I ask who this Dao Friend is?"

Before Mo Wuji could reply, Huan Feifei interjected and said, "This senior is Deacon She’s friend. Deacon She has to attend to some matters and will be very soon."

Hearing that Mo Wuji was She Du’s friend, the originally doubtful look of Fu Xiuhan had disappeared without a trace as he said, "Since this is the case, treat the guest properly."

Having said that, Fu Xiuhan hurried off and couldn’t even be bothered to listen to what Mo Wuji had to say.

Mo Wuji was slightly speechless. Everyone here in the Thousand Talismans Mountain treated him like he was extremely desperate for a talisman.

Was a Grade 9 Talisman Emperor very impressive? He, Mo Wuji, was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, Grade 9 Smith Emperor as well as a Grade 9 Array Master. Even so, he didn’t think of himself as impressive.

Because of the unfavourable impression Mo Wuji held for the Thousand Talismans Mountain, he continually used his spirit storage channel to carve out array runes after array runes. In a short period of time, the entire entrance of the Kun Guest Hall was filled with Mo Wuji’s array runes.

"Senior, please," After Fu Xiuhan left, Huan Feifei bowed and said.

Mo Wuji nodded as he secretly drew out a few array flags to hide within his array runes before entering the Kun Guest Hall.

Huan Feifei’s had a limited cultivation so she had no idea Mo Wuji actually managed to do so many things in that short period of time.

Once Mo Wuji entered the Kun Guest Hall, he knew that the concealed deathtrap array was even stronger inside. In fact, it was chained with the one outside too. He said to Huan Feifei, "You can wait outside while I sit and wait here."

"Yes, Senior," Huan Feifei dared not speak much as she left the Kun Guest Hall in a hurry.

Huan Feifei left and Mo Wuji grabbed a bunch of array flags. He started to install a counter deathtrap array fearlessly. Simultaneously, he started sketching out array runes.

This Kun Guest Hall was also a Grade 9 deathtrap array. For others, countering a deathtrap array of this standard would almost be impossible. Without mentioning how rare it was to find Grade 9 Array Masters, even Grade 9 Array Masters who could notice the Grade 9 deathtrap array wouldn’t be able to counter it in a short period of time.

Once someone entered the area covered by this deathtrap array, they could forget about leaving.

Mo Wuji was not an average person because he cultivated the Mortal Dao. In Mo Wuji’s eyes, no matter how deep the array flags were concealed, it would simply look ordinary to Mo Wuji. Moreover, Mo Wuji reversed his Immortal Mortal Technique and was thus, skilled at countering such deathtrap arrays.

"My Lord, is there something wrong here?" Looking at how Mo Wuji installed the various array flags, Da Huang asked.

Shuai Guo said disdainfully, "What do you know? Whether something is wrong or not, our Lord is preparing for the worst. Da Huang, you should watch and learn instead of just cultivating."

"Haha I’ve let this Dao Friend wait too long. I am the Thousand Talismans Mountain’s number one Supreme Elder Fu Feiyan. May I ask how do I address this Dao Friend here?" A loud laughter could be heard and a skinny, skeleton-like man walked over.

The person behind this man was She Du, who Mo Wuji knew from earlier on.

Mo Wuji stood up and said, "Rogue cultivator Mo Wuji greets Dao Friend Fu. I’ve heard of the reputable name of the Thousand Talismans Mountain so I came in hope of a specific talisman."

"Alright, let’s take a seat and discuss about this." Fu Feiyan’s eyes instantly fell on Da Huang while he was speaking to Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji sat down once again and knew why She Du would try to plot against him. The reason must be Da Huang. This Thousand Talismans Mountain must have some impressive technique to be able to see through Da Huang’s Phecda Clay body.

"Dao Friend Mo, this immortal puppet seems to have an average type of spirit and wisdom. May I ask where Dao Friend Mo manage to obtain this immortal puppet?" Fu Feiyan didn’t act immediately because he seemed to sense some peculiarity about Mo Wuji. He was half a step into the Saint Stage yet he was unable to sense the spirituality fluctuations around Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji just appeared to look like an ordinary mortal.

Fu Feiyan didn’t believe that Mo Wuji was ordinary. Would an ordinary person be able to tear their Grade 9 Pseudo-World Talisman?

Indeed, Mo Wuji smiled as he said, "Da Huang is my friend and had lost his fleshly body during one of the battles. On one rare circumstance, I managed to find a piece of Phecda Clay and used it to condense Da Huang’s fleshly body."

"Ah…" Fu Feiyan stared at Mo Wuji with a gaping mouth.

He was shocked at not only how Mo Wuji said without hesitation that Da Huang was forged using the Phecda Clay, he was even more dumbfounded at how Mo Wuji knew about the Phecda Clay and still used it to forge an immortal puppet’s fleshly body. Had this fella gone crazy?

"Sigh!" Fu Feiyan puffed out a breath before containing his emotions as he said, "Dao Friend Mo, may I know where did you get your Phecda Clay from? And if it is convenient to let me know?"

Mo Wuji smiled, "There is nothing inconvenient about it. I was within the depths of a trap array and met this benefactor called Yu Minjiang. This benefactor is kind and charitable as he told me about the location of the Phecda Clay and then let me obtain it."

"So do you still have any Phecda Clay?" Fu Feiyan asked while feeling uneasy.

Fu Feiyan could already tell that Da Huang’s fleshly body had been forged for less than half a year. This meant that they could still retrieve apart of the Phecda Clay from Da Huang. However, the more Phecda Clay he could obtain, the better for him especially so for Phecda Clay which had yet to be used.

"I have used everything to recover Da Huang," Mo Wuji maintained his smile.

Only half of the Phecda Clay Mo Wuji had was used on Da Huang while the other half was still in his Undying World. Mo Wuji would naturally not bring out a treasure like the Phecda Clay so casually.

Fu Feiyan was cursing in his heart at how this fella was ruining this item.

"Dao Friend Fu, I’ve heard that the Thousand Talismans Mountain have all sorts of talismans. I wonder if I could request for a few talismans?" Mo Wuji didn’t wish to continue blabbering about the Phecda Clay so he simply mentioned his purpose of visit.

"May I ask which talismans does Dao Friend Mo need?" Fu Feiyan suppressed his thirst for the Phecda Clay as he inquired calmly.

"I would like to ask for a few World Rending Talismans and preferably the World Rending Talisman which could lead me to the Mortal World," Mo Wuji asked while clasping his fists.

After his talk with Ape Mo, Mo Wuji knew about the different grades of the World Rending Talisman. The grade of the talisman allowing one to head from the Immortal World to Cultivation World would be lower than that which allowed one to head from the Immortal World straight to the Mortal World.

Fu Feiyan replied, "My apologies because a World Rending Talisman like this was something no one in my Thousand Talismans Mountain was able to forge. Without mentioning the World Rending Talisman which could bring one directly to the Mortal World, our Thousand Talismans Mountain didn’t even have a talisman which could bring one from the Immortal World to Cultivation World. If Dao Friend Mo’s cultivation level is below the Grand Luo Stage, I might still be able to help you get a few World Rending Talismans of that grade."

Mo Wuji was instantly disappointed when he heard this before sighing with his fist clasped, "Since that is the case, I shall not disturb Dao Friend Fu anymore."

"Hold on." Seeing that Mo Wuji was not interested in that Grand Luo World Rending Talisman, Fu Feiyan added. "Dao Friend Mo, even though I might not have a direct method of getting the highest grade World Rending Talisman, I might have an indirect method."

"Oh, please share some pointers with me," Mo Wuji was inwardly pleased as he asked.

"Does that mean Dao Friend Mo is willing to trade with me?" Fu Feiyan asked again.

Mo Wuji knew what the other party was thinking about yet he remained calmed and said. "That’s right, as long as you are able to get me the World Rending Talisman which would allow me to head back to the Cultivation World, I am willing to trade."

"Very good, I need Dao Friend Mo’s immortal puppet," Fu Feiyan pointed to Da Huang, who was standing right beside Mo Wuji.

[1]: Different words with the same Hanyupinyin. Qian and Kun here are two of the Eight Trigrams of ancient China (as well as two of the ancient Chinese compass points)