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Chapter 727: Very High Heaven’s Convenation Order

Chapter 727: Very High Heaven’s Convenation Order
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Sensing the gloomy atmosphere, Wen Hou hurriedly stepped forward and clasped his fists, "Elder Su, I've long heard of your great name. I didn't think that I would meet Elder Su here at Ping Fan. It's truly an honor."

Mo Wuji had just introduced Su Zi'An to Wen Hou, it was just what Su Zi'An didn't recognise Wen Hou. No matter how bad Tian Ji Sect was, it was still a sect, and he, Su Zi'An, was the sect's Grand Elder. On the other hand, Wen Hou might be a castellan, but he was the castellan of a low grade immortal city in the worst Immortal Domain.

Mo Wuji said, "Let's forget about the past. This time, after Right Protector Wei comes out from his seclusion, we will go cause a ruckus at the Great Sword Path. Zi'An, you're in charge of helping Wen Hou and co. settle down. From now on, Wen Hou will be our Ping Fan's Mortal District Deacon."

"Yes, sect head," Su Zi'An promptly responded.

Wen Hou sighed emotionally in his heart. He was very clear about Su Zi'An's status; Su Zi'An was a late stage Immortal Reverent and was also the Grand Elder of Tian Ji Sect. Now, he actually ended up in Mo Wuji's sect. Coupled with the fact that the immortal spiritual energy over Ping Fan was so rich, this place is simply a dao holyland. Mo Wuji, himself, was even a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. One could clearly imagine that Ping Fan would definitely shock the world.

This sort of holyland would definitely become packed with people. Him being able to enter Ping Fan at this time, and even get the position of a deacon, was truly due to his daughter Lianxi. She managed to befriend a heaven defying existence like Mo Wuji.

"Zi'An, is Senior Sister Qingru out of seclusion?" Mo Wuji asked another question.

Back when they were establishing the sect, Han Qingru left halfway after closing an immortal mountain. Mo Wuji had gone to visit her many times to no avail.

Mo Wuji was very clear that this was due to him. While they were in Sword Prison, he might not have clearly rejected Han Qingru, but he also didn't respond properly to her words. Moreover, after leaving Sword Prison, he had never mentioned that topic.

Han Qingru was a girl after all; she naturally had her own intentions. She must have had her own thoughts when she chose to enter seclusion; it might not necessarily be because she wanted to avoid him.

"Not yet." Su Zi'An had some slight inkling towards the relationship between Han Qingru and Mo Wuji; so he didn't want to say much.

Mo Wuji retrieved a storage ring and passed it Su Zi'An, "Zi'An, if Qingru comes out of seclusion and I'm not in the sect, help me pass this ring to her."

"Yes." Su Zi'An accepted the ring. He hesitated for a brief moment before he continued, "Sect Head, if you're going off to aid Senior Zhuo, I feel that it's better to wait for Right Protector Wei to come out of seclusion first?"

Su Zi'An was worried that Mo Wuji's cultivation was too low; even a Grand Emperor like Zhuo Pingan could not handle the danger. Thus, he didn't really want Mo Wuji to go and face the danger alone. If anything happens to Mo Wuji, then Ping Fan, this great place, might fail.

If not for the saving grace of that named disciple of Zhuo Pingan's, he would have directly advised his sect head to not go at all.

Mo Wuji waved his hand, "There's no need to worry. After I leave, this place will be left to you. When Right Protector Wei comes out of seclusion, tell him this: If anyone or any power dares to trespass our Ping Fan, then kill them all."

Ping Fan had just been established and had yet to attain a reputation; thus, the number of people trying to seek some gains from them were little. But the moment Ping Fan becomes well-known, many powers would swarm towards them like bloodthirsty wolves. They had to be vicious and merciless towards these people; only then, could Ping Fan grow and flourish.

On the other hand, Mo Wuji wasn't too worried about his own safety. Even against a Grand Emperor, he believed that he had the chance to escape. There was no need to talk about his God Physique Level 6. In reality, when he advanced to the Immortal King Stage, his understanding towards the Wind Escape Technique had rose by another level.

Even though he had never used it, Mo Wuji felt that he had reached the fringe of Wind Teleportation.

He did not believe that he would be surrounded by multiple Grand Emperors again. And even if he was, with his God Physique and his Wind Teleportation, he should be able to escape with his life. And even if he was heavily injured, he only needed a single breath for him to pull through and survive.

"I understand." Su Zi'An answered. He was very aware of the reason Tian Ji Sect had been destroyed. It wasn't because of their lack of power, but because of their lack of resolution. If not for that, the Great Sword Path definitely couldn't have simply exterminated them on a whim. Moreover, the person that called for their destruction was a mere Immortal Reverent of the Great Sword Path.

Ping Fan had sufficient power, but if it cowered against threats like Tian Ji Sect had, then it didn't need others to come and destroy it, it eventually collapse by itself.

After Su Zi'An left with Wen Hou and co., Mo Wuji brought Jiao Chang to the quiet Guest Reception Room.

"Immortal Friend Jiao, what happened to Brother Zhuo? Please explain in detail." Mo Wuji was very sure that a person that could pose a threat to Zhuo Pingan definitely wasn't someone that he could face head-on.

Even though Jiao Chang felt that Mo Wuji seemed overly ordinary, he recalled his master's esteem towards Mo Wuji, as well as Mo Wuji's position as the sect head of a big sect. This caused Jiao Chang to have some expectations towards Mo Wuji.

"Back then, the Great Sword Path's Yi Minghu and Lightning Sects Lei Guyun joined hands and attacked my master. My master was heavily injured and tried to escape, but the two of them continued chasing after him. During that time, an Immortal Reverent called Huang Sha was with them. After my master fled, Huang Sha directly went ahead to destroy the entire Cape of Peace. No one in the Cape of Peace was able to escape his evil hands; they were all killed…"

"How did you know of this? How did you escape?" Mo Wuji knew that Huang Sha was a vicious and bloodthirsty person; it was definitely possible that he killed all the innocent people in the Cape of Peace.

The Cape of Peace had also been a safe abode in the Immortal World. Usually, cultivators that made it to the Cape of Peace would find safety there. They would never have thought that they would all be killed by Huang Sha. This Huang Sha was truly a vicious person. As Mo Wuji thought of this, he wondered whether Gai Guangyi and co. would be fine.

Jiao Chang explained, "Because I am master's named disciple, I took the initiative to guard the protective array gate at the bottom of the sea. At the same time, my cultivation technique was suitable to cultivate while under the sea. Because there was a monitoring array, I was able to see everything that happened in the Cape of Peace clearly.

When he heard this, Mo Wuji had a new hint of appreciation towards Jiao Chang. Zhuo Pingan had only accepted Jiao Chang as a disciple in name, but Jiao Chang actually treated Zhuo Pingan as a real master. Not only did he volunteer to stay under the sea for a protracted amount of time to protect the array foundation, he had been searching for ways to save Zhuo Pingan. If it was any other cultivatior, they would probably have found an opportunity to escape.

There was no wonder why he could save Su Zi'An. When Su Zi'An arrived, Jiao Chang was probably still under the sea waiting for an opportunity.

"Continue speaking." Mo Wuji nodded, acknowledging Jiao Chang's explanation.

"After Huang Sha left, I saved Senior Su, who had came to find my master. My master frequently tells me that the person most worth befriending is you, Sect Head Mo. When I heard that you were the one that asked Senior Su to find master, I sent Senior Su back here. Then, I went to search for master."

At this point, Jiao Chang's voice became filled with concern, "My master had left behind some tracks. I continued to follow the tracks till they disappeared. But at that point, there was no longer any other marks to look out for. Back then, my master told me this: If anything happened to this, only one person is willing to save him…"

Jiao Chang didn't continue any further; he only looked at Mo Wuji with a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

Mo Wuji stood up, "I'm indebted to Brother Zhuo's favour. Immortal Friend Jiao, take me to where your master's tracks disappeared. I will go take a look."

Before Jiao Chang got to reply, Fei Ling's voice sounded by the door, "Sect Head, the Very High Heavens sent an order to convene."

Very High Heavens? Mo Wuji was slightly at a loss. How long was it since he established Ping Fan? How were they related to the Very High Heavens? What's the meaning of this order to convene?

"Congratulations on stepping into the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage," Mo Wuji opened the door and said to Fei Ling.

"Many thanks Sect Head. If I wasn't following Sect Head, I don't know how many more years it would take for me to reach this stage," Fei Ling said elatedly. He was speaking from the bottom of his heart. Without Mo Wuji's help, he really wouldn't have reached the late Immortal Reverent Stage so quickly, even if he was no longer in Sword Prison.

Moreover, without Mo Wuji, he wouldn't have been able to escape Sword Prison.

"What does it say on the Very High Heaven's order to convene?" Mo Wuji asked.

Fei Ling answered, "The Very High Heavens requests for the sect heads of every sect in the seven Immortal Domains to convene at the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins one month from now. Everyone would gather to discuss an important matter."

Mo Wuji frowned; he had never cared much about the Very High Heavens. However, he knew that now wasn't the time to create a conflict with the Very High Heavens.

"How's Right Protector Wei's seclusion?" After some contemplation, Mo Wuji decided that it was still better for him to go to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins.

After all, the Very High Heavens were truly too powerful. The various Immortal Domains had their own leaders, but the Very High Heavens were the rulers of all seven Immortal Domains.

There was no need to talk about how Ping Fan was just a newly established sect. Even the number one sect in the seven Immortal Domains wouldn't dare to antagonise the Very High Heavens. If he dared to rebel against the Very High Heavens, then he would be the target of extermination.

"Many thanks Sect Head, I have successfully advanced into the Grand Emperor Stage." Wei Zidao's chuckle could be heard. Glee and happiness could be heard in his voice.

"Congratulations Right Protector Wei." Mo Wuji was also elated. Wei Zidao's advancement was a huge matter for Ping Fan.

Fei Ling also hurriedly bowed, "Congratulations Right Protector Wei for advancing to the Grand Emperor Stage."

Now that they had a Grand Emperor, Mo Wuji finally felt that Ping Fan had a proper foothold in the Immortal World. He looked at Fei Ling and asked, "Were there any other requests in the Very High Heaven's order?"

"No. It only said that each sect head could only bring one elder and two disciples to take part in the meeting," Fei Ling said respectfully.

"Alright. Right Protector Wei, prepare yourself. I will first make a trip to the Cape of Peace. If there's still time when I return, we will go and destroy the Great Sword Path before heading to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. If there's not enough time, then we will go to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins first before coming back to destroy the Great Sword Path," Mo Wuji decided promptly.

The proclamation of destroying a huge sect sounded like a natural course of action when it came out of Mo Wuji's mouth.