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Chapter 680: Emergency Immortal Sect Meeting

Chapter 680: Emergency Immortal Sect Meeting

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Now the Draining Immortal King Pill was amongst the list of the most valuable items in the Immortal World. This was a Tier 7 Immortal Pill that could assist a person in Great Circle of Grand Luo Immortal to advance to Immortal King, hence one pill was worth a fortune.

She closed the cover of the jade bottle, and stared at Mo Wuji for a while, before asking, "You really picked this up?"

You couldn’t blame her for being suspicious, as Mo Wuji’s story was simply too ridiculous. If one could randomly pick up Draining Immortal King Pills from the roadside, then there would be too many Immortal Kings around. Luckily Mo Wuji said that this happened a few days ago, otherwise she would make him bring her to the location of the dead body.

Many people at the peak of Grand Luo Immortal couldn’t find this pill, and subsequently remained stuck at this cultivation level. Just as she said, if she had a Draining Immortal King Pill, she would have advanced to Immortal King a long time ago.

Mo Wuji gazed at Xiao Xiaoyu with a puzzled look, and said, "Yes, is something wrong about it? Or is this not something that immortals would use?"

Precisely because Mo Wuji couldn’t stand the sight of Xiao Xiaoyu constantly getting injured due to her cultivation level being too low, only at the Great Circle of Grand Luo Immortal, he took out a Draining Immortal King Pill to give her. Once she advanced to Immortal King, that Yan Yuerong wouldn’t require his care anymore right? Draining Immortal King Pills might have been very valuable to other people, but to a Tier 8 Pill Emperor like him that had a Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit Tree, it wasn’t much.

Xiao Xiaoyu forced herself to calm down, and after continuously inspecting Mo Wuji, she reached a conclusion. Mo Wuji was indeed a mortal. Even she couldn’t believe his luck. A mortal actually found a Draining Immortal King Pill. Fate seemed to work in mysterious ways.

"I remember you’re called Da Huang right? Da Huang, this pill you picked up is extremely important to me, so could you give it to me? Of course, if there’s anything you need, just tell me, and I’ll try my best to fulfil your request." Xiao Xiaoyu took in a deep breath, and pleaded with Mo Wuji with a tone she had never used before.

With a casual wave of his hand, Mo Wuji replied, "If you need it then just take it. I have two hands and two legs, so I won’t die of hunger. Regarding Sister…"

Before Mo Wuji could complete his sentence, Xiao Xiaoyu’s expression changed, and she immediately brought him away from their present location.

It seemed as though something had happened.

At that point, Mo Wuji gave up on going back to Extreme Glade Sea straight away. Both Jingfeng and Yingxian were in closed door cultivation, so there wouldn’t be much difference if he went back a little later.

After leaving the Lake of Poison at the outskirts of Wind Plains Immortal City, Xiao Xiaoyu brought him back to Wind Plains Immortal City.

"Follow closely behind me. Many things have happened in Wind Plains Immortal City recently, so don’t look around randomly." Xiao Xiaoyu placed Mo Wuji down, then walked into the city. She seemed to be in a rush, as Yuerong had just asked her to return to Wind Plains Immortal City quickly, but did not mention what had happened.

A few hours ago, Mo Wuji had just left Wind Plains Immortal City. Although there were many people around then, but there was an absence of the tense atmosphere that he felt now.

Frowning, Xiao Xiaoyu felt the changes to Wind Plains Immortal City. Straight away, she brought Mo Wuji into the number one immortal resthouse of the city, Fixed Plains Resthouse.

When Mo Wuji entered Fixed Plains Reshouse, he anxiously lowered his head. Yong Ying Immortal Domain wasn’t that large an immortal domain, and for Wind Plains Immortal City that was at the edge of the immortal domain, it naturally was only a small immortal city. Hence Immortal Kings would be a rare sight.

After he had entered Fixed Plains Resthouse, Immortal Kings were everywhere. There were even a few Immortal Reverents that ran past them, one of which he suspected to be a Quasi-emperor.

One had to note that Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s Heavenly Emperor, Kui Fengyun, was only a Quasi-emperor, and back then he had taken away Kui Fengyun’s Emperor Dao Fruit, so it was unknown if this guy could still advance to Immortal Emperor in good time.

Now that a Quasi-emperor had appeared, it probably wasn’t Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s Heavenly Emperor.

"Respected Leader, why are you here?" Xiao Xiaoyu quickly bowed respectfully after she entered the room. Thankfully Yuerong called her back not because something had happened, but as their respected leader had arrived.

The person standing in the center of the room was a middle aged man with a white beard. This man looked rather skinny, but had reached intermediate Immortal Reverent Stage.

Mo Wuji did not really care about Immortal Reverents. Although he wasn’t a match for one, but if an Immortal Reverent wanted to check his background, it wouldn’t be possible. All the while, the people that interacted with him were Quasi-emperors, Immortal Emperors, and Grand Immortal Emperors. On top of that, there were also experts like Xu Suren, Xiao Lishi, and Lei Guyun.

A intermediate Immortal Reverent was just an ant in the face of these Grand Immortal Emperors.

The middle aged man nodded at Xiao Xiaoyu, "Xiaoyu, you’ve worked hard. If it weren’t for you, Manager Qian probably wouldn’t be alive."

"Uncle Qian is ok?" Xiao Xiaoyu asked excitedly. After she led the enemies away, she wanted to turn back to save Yu Qian, but now that she heard that he was ok, joy naturally filled her heart.

Nodding his head once again, the middle aged man replied, "Because you led a few experts away, Manager Qian could hold out until I arrived. He’s recuperating inside the room now."

Once he finished his sentences, he turned to look at Mo Wuji, who was standing behind Xiao Xiaoyu, calmly asking, "Who is this mortal?"

Xiao Xiaoyu quickly made an introduction, "This is Da Huang, a fisherman from Divergent Immortal Village at the edge of Extreme Glade Sea. Little Miss saved him once, and I met him in the wilderness this time. As I was worried about his situation, and Little Miss was seriously injured, I brought him back to run errands. But I didn’t expect that Revered Leader would be here…"

Mo Wuji nodded to himself. It seemed like Xiao Xiaoyu did not bring him to Wind Plains Immortal City purely for her Little Miss, but also to take care of him. A mortal left in the wilderness would easily lose his life there.

Birds of the same feather flock together indeed. That Little Miss named Yan Yuerong was very kind, and Xiao Xiaoyu wasn’t a bad person either. There weren’t many immortals that would lend a helping hand to mortals.

"Eh, Da Huang, it’s really you." A voice filled with surprise echoed out as the slightly pale Yan Yuerong approached.

"Little Miss, you’re ok?" Xiao Xiaoyu exclaimed, "That’s right, Revered Leader is here, so there’s naturally no need to worry about Little Miss’ injuries."

Chuckling to herself, Yan Yuerong replied, "Sister Xiaoyu, how many times have I told you, call me Yuerong, not Little Miss."

With a face of seriousness, Xiao Xiaoyu responded, "Manners must not be forgotten, and these small things reflect one’s character"

"Whatever, do whatever you want." Yan Yuerong seemed to be more interested in Mo Wuji. After she completed her sentence, he gaze fell on him as she said, "Da Huang, why are you here?"

When she finished, she spoke to the middle aged man too, "Great grandfather, Da Huang is very loyal. When the family that took him in was captured by Seaside Trade Union, he risked his life to save them. He’s even more upright than us immortals."

The man that Xiao Xiaoyu referred to as Revered Leader nodded his head at Mo Wuji, "Although you don’t have spiritual roots, but you have the attitude of an immortal…"

After a short pause, he continued, "It’s ok if you can’t cultivate, from now on you can stay at Yuerong’s side and help her run errands. Even though you can’t live for long, but we can at least ensure you’ll reach a few hundred years of age."

He simply doted this granddaughter of his a little too much. Hence, since she valued Mo Wuji’s character, then he would let him run errands for her.

"Great grandfather, don’t make conclusions that quickly. I can help Da Huang find some martial arts techniques. Who knows, he might have talent for martial arts." Yan Yuerong added on. She really admired Mo Wuji a lot.

The middle aged man nodded his head in agreement, "You’re right, the heavens always gives everyone a chance. It isn’t unheard of for people without spiritual roots to seek dao on the path of martial artists."

As he heard their conversation, Mo Wuji was speechless. Make him, a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, run errands for this little Grand Yi Immortal? You must be dreaming.

Just as he was about to reject the offer, the middle aged man carried on speaking, "The Yong Ying Immortal Sect Meeting at Wind Plains Immortal City’s Castellan’s estate will be starting soon. Yuerong, you and Xiaoyu can go to observe it."

"What Yong Ying Immortal Sect Meeting?" Yan Yuerong asked quizzically.

Revealing a smile, the middle aged man explained, "A few hours ago there was a Grand Zhi Immortal named Lin Fan that entered the Lake of Poison. This guy had some sort of treasure so he didn’t fear the poisonous water of the lake, and stayed in there for hours. In the end he obtained all of the treasures in the Lake of Poison, which are rumored to be 10 Primal Water Crystals, and a Water Elemental Bead. On top of that, there’s a ring that was left behind by some ancient power. To catch this guy, Wind Plains Immortal City is holding an immortal sect meeting to make this guy a wanted man."

Mo Wuji was shocked. There was only one guy that knew he obtained a Water Elemental bead, so how did this news leak out? No, that skeleton also knew. The only possibility now is that there was someone that entered the Lake of Poison after him, reached the house he blew open and met the skeleton…

"No wonder I felt something was up in Wind Plains Immortal City when I returned." Xiao Xiaoyu remarked.

Upon hearing this news, Yan Yuerong frowned, "Great grandfather, since those items were obtained by that guy named Lin Fan, why is everyone after him? Didn’t he get them with his own strength?"

A grin appeared on the middle aged man’s face, "Yuerong, you’re kind at heart, which makes great grandfather very happy. But the Immortal World isn’t a place that’s full of upright people like you imagine it to be. There are many things going on in the dark. You were hunted by other people on two occasions right? The first time you were saved by a passing expert, while I managed to save Manager Qian today. They were after you because it is rumored that one of the Primal Water Crystals is in your possession."

"But I didn’t take any." Yan Yuerong frantically said.

Sighing, the middle aged man spoke, "I know you didn’t take it, but other people don’t. In the Immortal World, it would be better to believe that something is true regardless whether it really is true or not. There’s currently a lack of cultivation resources, and what kind of a treasure is a Primal Water Crystal? Once it appears, who wouldn’t want to obtain it? Thankfully I still have some level of influence, otherwise, do you think we would be able to stay here so comfortably?"