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Chapter 592: Blood Sucking Sect

Chapter 592: Blood Sucking Sect

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Every stared at Han Qi in aghast; no one believed that Mo Wuji was the one suspending Han Qi in space. Even the strongest Five Transformations Rogue Immortal Ling Lian wasn't able to use spiritual will and domain to suspend a Level 7 Earthly Immortal in the air.

Mo Wuji did not intend to kill Han Qi, but this fella had evil intentions plastered across his face, it was necessary to show him some discipline. With the grinding power of his whirlpool domain, one of Han Qi’s limbs fell onto the ground. Thereafter, Mo Wuji's domain dispersed and Han Qi landed heavily on the ground.

"How rude and unreasonable, every attack!" When Ling Lian saw one of Han Qi's limbs being decapitated by Mo Wuji, coupled with Mo Wuji not continuing to suspend Han Qi in the air, Ling Lian made the wrong judgement and decided to attack Mo Wuji.

Seeing Ling Lian make a move, the other Earthly Immortals also attacked.

Mo Wuji's eyes turned cold; he was truly too soft in his approach. If it was any other Xuan Immortal, even if he didn't kill an entire river of blood, that Xuan Immortal would have at least killed some experts to establish his might.

Ling Lian was a Five Transformations Rogue Immortal; his cultivation approached the intermediate Golden Immortal Stage. However in Mo Wuji's perspective, Ling Lian was still far from being a true intermediate stage Golden Immortal; his strength could only be compared to an average early stage Golden Immortal. As for the Earthly Immortals, they weren't even placed in Mo Wuji's eyes.

The people from Mirage Mountain seemed to already have discussed it; the moment Ling Lian pounced towards Mo Wuji, the others made a move at almost the same time.

Mo Wuji still didn't move. This time, he wasn't going to be merciful. He didn't even take out his magic treasure as he shot out 10 bolts of lightning.

Whether they were at Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1 or Level 9, under Mo Wuji's lightning bolts, no one would be spared from harm. Some wouldn't even have the chance to survive a single blow.

The one to first lose a limb to Mo Wuji, Han Qi, had the worst of luck. A lightning bolt slammed against his brain, directly ripping his Mind Palace apart. His primordial spirit wasn't even able to escape and he died there and then.

Ling Lian had already condensed half his fleshly body, but as it got struck by two bolts of lightning, it directly shattered to pieces. A primordial spirit that had a cultivation of the True God Stage floated blankly in mid air. A cultivator at Earthly Immortal Level 2 was directly killed by Mo Wuji.

Even the Earthly Immortal Level 9 Tian Zizong was maimed and struck onto the ground by Mo Wuji's lightning bolt. Whether he could recover his cultivation would have to depend on his luck.

"Every one in Mirage Mountain stop." Mirage Moutain’s Sect Head Tang Anxuan, who was originally heading to block the door of the Guest Hall, cried out urgerntly.

In reality, even if he didn't call for them to stop, the five cultivators from Mirage Mountain weren't able to make another move. Instead, it was Mo Wuji's who stared at Tang Anxuan peculiarly. He knew what Tang Anxuan was doing; that fella was prepared to block the entrance of the Guest Hall so that he wouldn't be able to escape. However, when this fella noticed that things were going wrong, he immediately called for the people of Mirage Mountain to stop. He was seemingly telling Mo Wuji that Mirage Mountain no longer dared to show Mo Wuji disrespect.

Among the five other cultivators, besides Five Transformations Rogue Immortal Ling Lian, there were four Earthly Immortals.

Among which, Han Qi and an Earthly Immortal Level 2 cultivator had been killed by Mo Wuji's lightning, while Tian Zizong and an Earthly Immortal Level 4 cultivator had been maimed and struck onto the ground. The physical body that Five Transformations Rogue Immortal Ling Lian worked hard to condense had been destroyed, and his primordial spirit had even fallen to the True God Stage.

It could be confirmed: Ling Lian was over. His primordial spirit had to go through the Lightning Calamity five times in order to condense his fleshly body; only he knew how difficult it was. Moreover, the difficulty a rogue immortal faces was more than ten folds harder than an ordinary immortal Mo Wuji had destroyed the body that he struggled to condense; this was equivalent to ending him.

"Senior, please show mercy." Tang Anxuan no longer had his previous demeanor and calm; he was even kneeling on the ground.

Even a Five Transformations Rogue Immortal wasn't able to do anything to Mo Wuji, and the rest that survived couldn't even stand. Clearly, if Mo Wuji wanted to destroy Mirage Mountain, he could do so in a few breaths.

"Oh, weren't you going to close the doors and keep me in here?" Mo Wuji asked.

Tang Anxuan hurriedly said, "Senior is mistaken, I was calling for people to send in tea…"

Tang Anxuan's entire head was drenched in sweat; his soul seemed to be shaking to its core.

Lou Fuchi and Qu Lin finally reacted. This guest definitely wasn't an ordinary person; even a Five Transformations Rogue Immortal wouldn't catch his eye. This person was likely a Nine Transformations Rogue Immortal, or even a true immortal.

Right when they reacted, the two hurriedly bowed, "Senior, please help us."

Before Mo Wuji could even speak, Tang Anxuan hurriedly said, "Hurry, get Dao Friend Lou's Young Lord Lou Yang over."

"Yes." A Worldly Immortal cultivator had already swiftly sprinted out of the hall.

"Who's the one who brought Shuai Guo to Mirage Mountain. Get that person over too." Mo Wuji suddenly realised that reason wasn’t as straightforward as a display of force.

"Senior, I was the one who brought Shuai Guo to Mirage Mountain." The Two Transformations Rogue Immortal, that didn’t make a move previously, now stood forward and bowed towards Mo Wuji.

He was sure that Mo Wuji wasn’t a rogue immortal, but a true immortal. He celebrated the fact that he didn’t make a move previously. Even a Five Transformations Rogue Immortal had his fleshly body destroyed with mere lightning bolts, leaving behind a primordial spirit with only a True God Stage cultivation. Clearly, if he had made a move, he would be nothing more than dust right now.

"Do you have the positioning ball that shows the position that you took Shuai Guo from?" Mo Wuji asked in a mild mannered tone.

"Yes." Xing Feng immediately took out a spatial positioning ball and handed it to Mo Wuji, "this is a positioning ball that I made myself. During that time, I used a world splitting talisman to leave this region…"

"Wait…" Mo Wuji lifted his hand and stopped Xing Huang, "You said that you were able to get to where Shuai Guo was because you used a world splitting talisman?"

Xing Feng responded, "Yes. During that time, I had two world splitting talismans: one to, and one back."

"What grade was your world splitting talisman?" Mo Wuji’s heart sank. If Xing Feng had used a world splitting talisman to get to the space around Zhen Xing, then how was he going to go back?

"It was a talisman given to us by the Mirage Mountain in the Immortal World." Xing Feng did not dare to hide anything.

Mo Wuji’s tone was no longer as mild mannered as before, "Why did the Immortal World send you these world splitting talismans?"

Xing Feng answered especially cautiously, "The Immortal World asked us to search for a token called the ‘Univeral Peak Token’. But when I went there, I wasn’t able to find that token."

Mo Wuji nodded; he believed Xing Feng’s words. Because there was also a girl called Nai He that went to Zhen Xing to look for the Univeral Peak Token and the Immortal Seeking Token. However, those two tokens were already in his hands.

"Do you still have any more of those tokens?" Mo Wuji asked.

Xing Feng shook his head, "No. Even in the Immortal World, such world splitting tokens are incredibly valuable. After I searched for many years to no avial, the Immortal World’s Mirage Mountain no longer asked me to continue searching for the Universal Peak Token."

Mo Wuji was very disappointed, but he continued to ask, "Then are you able to communicate with the Immortal World?"

"I’m not. Only rogue immortals at the Five Transformations and above have the ability to communicate with the Immortal World…" As Xing Feng spoke, he subconsciously glanced towards Ling Lian who was only left with a True God primordial spirit.

Mo Wuji just discovered that he had almost killed the only fella with the ability to communicate with the Immortal World. He shook his head, but he didn’t feel much refret. In this part of the world, there were still cultivators who could ascend; that meant that he would still find a away to get to the the Immortal World.

Just at this instant, the Worldly Immortal that just left returned with a youth that did not even look 20 years old.

The moment Mo Wuji laid eyes on this youth, a hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes. This youth was like Shuai Guo, his vital blood had been sucked away, leaving behind a dispirited and withered body.

"Eh, you have the Gold Horn Violet Dragon bloodline?" The moment this youth entered, Shuai Guo exclaimed in surprise

Mo Wuji instantly came to an understanding; he stared coldly at Tang Anxuan and said, "So this is a blood sucking sect. Not only do you suck the blood of beasts, but of human beings as well."

When he heard Mo Wuji’s words, Tang Anxuan’s entire body shuddered in fear. He hurriedly knelt and said, "Senior is mistaken. Only the Tian Clan in the Mirage Mountain are the descendants of blood suckers and can cultivate the core Mirage Technique. The Mirage Technique requires peak grade demonic beast blood to cultivate. Because Shuai Guo and Lou Yang have the bloodline of godbeasts, Mirage Mountain’s current Tian Clan young lord uses them to cultivate his Mirage Technique. As for the others, even though some cultivate the Mirage Technique, they have yet to absorb any vital blood."

"You’re talking about that trash that I wasted?" Mo Wuji said indifferently.

"Yes, he is Mirage Mountain’s current Tian Clan heir, Tian Zhikou. After he was wasted by senior, Mirage Mountain no longer has any Tian Clan heirs…"

Mo Wuji’s gaze landed on the Earthly Immortal Level 9 Tian Zizong and said calmly, "Looks like this fella is also a descendant of the Tian Clan."


Tang Anxuan had only just uttered that word when a lightning bolt slammed against Tian Zizong. Tian Zizong was already heavily injured, but now with anothr lightning bolt, he was turned into meat juice. He didn’t even have a chance to beg for mercy.

"Does Mirage Mountain have any experts in the Immortal World?" Mo Wuji asked.

Tang Anxuan shivered as he answered, "Tian Zhikou’s ancestor, Senior Tian Tai, is an Immortal King expert…"

Mo Wuji really didn’t need to place an Immortal King in his eye. He looked at Lou Fuchi and Qu Lin and said, "Mirage Mountain sucked your son off his vital blood. What do you want to do?"

Lou Fuchi naturally knew that Mo Wuji was trying to help them when he said these words. As long as he agreed, Mo Wuji could even help them raze the entire Mirage Mountain to the ground.

His son had been tortured like so, was merely because he had the Gold Horn Violet Dragon bloodline; it was completely an unreasonable calamity. This anger, he, Lou Fuchi, really couldn’t endure it. If no one offered to help, then he couldn’t do anything about it. But now that Mo Wuji had expressed intentions to help, how could he let go of this opportunity?

However, before he could speak, Qu Lin knelt down and said, "Many thanks Senior for offering a hand, allowing our entire family to reunite. I only wish to be able to leave with my son. Everything else is secondary."

Hearing his wife’s words, Lou Fuchi sighed. At the end of the day, Mirage Mountain was too strong. Even if the entire Mirage Mountain was destroyed, there were still cultivators that might not be in the mountain right now. Some of those cultivators could easily destroy his entire family. After, this Senior Mo wouldn’t stay by their side and protect them all the time.

The pale faced Lou Yang had already come to an understanding of the situation. He hurriedly said, "Senior, junior has something important to say."