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Chapter 471: The Explosive Flame

Chapter 471: The Explosive Flame

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"210,000 immortal lattice stones." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to raise the bid.

"Good, good, good…" The Golden Immortal in the box repeated the same word three times, then he went silent. However, even an idiot would be able to feel the explosive and oppressive killing intent in his voice. One could clearly imagine the deep hatred this Golden Immortal had towards Mo Wuji. If not for the auction rules, he would have probably killed Mo Wuji on the spot.

In a place like the Corner of Yong Ying, 2,000,000 high grade immortal crystals was definitely an astronomical price. Even the Golden Immortal wasn’t able to raise the bid, so naturally no one else was able to. Without surprise, Mo Wuji had obtained this fragmented Half Moon Halberd Blade.

After paying the immortal lattice stones, Mo Wuji stood up promptly. Everyone guessed that Mo Wuji should be leaving immediately.

Many cultivators also prepared to get up; Mo Wuji had purchased several treasures, and he even had so many immortal lattice stones. If they could even obtain a fraction of his fortune, they would definitely strike it rich.

Li Yue glanced at Mo Wuji and sighed in her heart. Then, she continued, "Next, we’re auctioning a Grade 4 immortal equipement, the Fantasy Gong. This immortal equipment is different from the others; this is a complete immortal equipment. In battle, it can create scenes of fantasy, allowing you to control your opponent. The starting price is 700,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals; each increment must be no less than 10,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals…"

"750,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals." The moment this Grade 4 Fantasy Gong appeared, there was immediately a bidder. Some of the cultivators that were prepared to follow Mo Wuji also turned back.

"3,000 immortal lattice stones, and that pill furnace I just bought, and another 180,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals." Mo Wuji, who was prepared to leave, stopped and suddenly bidded.

Seeing Mo Wuji stop to bid, everyone knew that Mo Wuji was going to offend another person. Anyone that could offer a price close to 100,000 high grade immortal crystals naturally wasn’t a simple person.

Li Yue said speechlessly, "This dao friend, we only accept immortal lattice stones or immortal crystals in the auction. The pill furnace could not be considered as either of those."

With an ‘Ah…", Mo Wuji looked unwillingly towards the pill furnace that was floating on the auction stage. There seemed to be traces of disappointment in his eyes.

"850,000 intermediate grade immortal crystals." Even though Li Yue said that the pill furnace couldn’t be accepted as a bid, that cultivator that previously bidded still chose to raise his bid.

However, through that bid, Mo Wuji had lost his image as a rich but rash idiot. Even an obtuse person could tell that Mo Wuji no longer had any immortal crystals on him. If Mo Wuji still had immortal lattice stones, with his rash personality, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to bid 10,000 immortal lattice stones.

If this fella was willing to slap the face of a Golden Immortal, he would have done the same for other cultivators.

As expected, after Li Yue’s words, Mo Wuji finally turned and left with a look of helplessness.

This time, many of the cultivators that wanted to follow Mo Wuji stopped in their tracks. After Mo Wuji left, that Golden Immortal would definitely chase after him. They originally wanted to follow Mo Wuji to get some immortal lattice stones out of it, but according to Mo Wuji’s final bid, it looked like Mo Wuji only had 3,000 immortal lattice stones left on him. Even though 3,000 immortal lattice stones was no small amount, it was not enough to arouse their covetion.

Moreover, since Mo Wuji was able to bring out so many immortal lattice stones, he must have some backer behind him.

As for Mo Wuji’s final act of using the furnace to exchange for the Fantasy Gong, except for a minute few, everyone didn’t suspect anything. That rash idiot was clearly filled with desire for that Fantasy Gong. If he had enough immortal lattice stones, he would have definitely not given up on that Fantasy Gong.

Now that he had given up on his bid helplessly, it should be because he didn’t have enough immortal lattice crystals.

"Junior Brother Mo, we’re going to leave immediately?" Han Qingru asked the moment they left the auction venue.

Her understanding of Mo Wuji far exceeded anyone of the cultivators in the auction venue; she was very clear that Mo Wuji wasn't some rash dolt, nor some ignorant fool. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to help her escape from Hundred Flowers Manor when he was simply an Earthly Immortal. The reason why he was so crazy back in the auction venue was because he wanted to raise his personal power.

As for his final performance, it was definitely to reduce the cultivators targeting him. In reality, she felt that Mo Wuji's actions were not bad.

As for the items that Mo Wuji wanted, even if he acted politely, he would still offend that Golden Immortal. Since he was going to offend the Golden Immortal either way, Mo Wuji chose to do so as an arrogant, rash dolt. By doing so, it would cause people to be uncertain of Mo Wuji's background. Moreover, before Mo Wuji left, he did not act as though he had purchased everything he needed, but he acted like he had ran out of immortal lattice stones.

"No, if we go now, we will be fighting a messy battle. We'll first go to the rest house," Mo Wuji said with certainty.

He had purchased these treasures, naturally, he had to refine them for himself to increase his powers before leaving. Otherwise, he might as well give them away.

Mo Wuji believed that even if that Golden Immortal wanted to kill him, he wouldn't do it immediately. That fella would at least try to investigate on his background. If that's the case, then at least two days would pass. In these two days, he should at least be able to evolve his heavenly fire with the Nirvana Fire Essence.

In reality, Mo Wuji's guess was rather accurate. After seeing Mo Wuji enter the rest house, that Golden Immortal merely snorted, then sent out a flying messenger sword.

Within the next few instants, there were many more Heavenly Immortals came and surrounded the rest house that Mo Wuji was in. Regardless of whether Mo Wuji came out of the rest house, in that Golden Immortal's eyes, Mo Wuji was already a dish waiting to be eaten.

However, Mo Wuji didn't mind; he only needed one day. He didn't intend to use this rest house as means to hide from his pursuers; he also knew that this rest house wouldn't be a safe abode for long. If that Golden Immortal didn't have methods to cause trouble within this rest house, then he wouldn't have dared threaten others during the auction.

After entering the rest house, Mo Wuji instructed Tong Ye and Han Qingru to stay within the rest house. On the other hand, he would enter closed doors.

After forming restrictions on his room door, he continued to install a spirit concealing restriction and several trap arrays. Only then, did Mo Wuji bring out his Scholar's Heart.

The Scholar's Heart was now a thumb sized flame resting within Mo Wuji's palm. Mo Wuji extended his other hand, and the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence appeared in the other palm.

The moment the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence appeared, the Scholar’s Heart flames suddenly went ‘bang!’ and extended close to 3 meters. Even Mo Wuji could feel the searing heat emanated by the flames. Before Mo Wuji could even send the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence into the flame, that flame swept outwards and directly swept the Supreme Nirvana Fire Essence away.

At the very next moment, it was as though kerosene had been poured into the flame, as the flame started to burn in a more furious manner. Even the Scholar’s Heart was Mo Wuji’s fire, that terrifying heat from it left Mo Wuji’s heart shaking in apprehension. He suspected that if this flame deviated slightly, he would lose his life.

The Scholar’s Heart flew out of Mo Wuji’s palm, continuously springing and circling within the air. Its colour was also changing continuously, it looked as though countless of kaleidoscopes were being burnt as lights of different colours continued to flash indeterminately.

"Crack! Ka! Crack!" The trap arrays that Mo Wuji installed was not of a low grade, but under the constant roiling of the Scholar’s Heart, the arrays still broke down continuously.

The only thing Mo Wuji could do, was to continue installing more trap arrays. At the same time, he had to conceal the terrifying aura from the Scholar’s Heart.

Fortunately, the Scholar’s Heart didn’t have any intentions to burn Mo Wuji. Otherwise, even iif Mo Wuji’s power was multiplied by several folds, he would still have been burnt alive.

Tong Ye and Han Qingru, who were waiting outside Mo Wuji’s room, glanced at one another. They could feel some sort of ruthless energy trying to burst out of the room, and this energy was being held back by Mo Wuji through various means. Even though they didn’t know what energy it was, they could tell that if this energy were to burst out, this rest house would immediately be turned to ash.