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Chapter 293: Killing Intent in Space

Chapter 293: Killing Intent in Space

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Despite knowing that his flying ship was much faster than that True Lake Stage cultivator’s flying ship, Mo Wuji didn’t rest on his laurels. Yes, Mo Wuji could certainly lose him but if he was able to block him on his way to the Thorny Wind Gate, then the True Lake Stage cultivator must be aware of Mo Wuji’s destination. However, Mo Wuji couldn’t not go to the Thorny Wind Gate so Mo Wuji was truly stuck in between.

He really wanted to find ways to enter the True Lake Stage because if he could advance, he would have a slight chance of being able to fight against the cultivator in the Great Circle of the True Lake Stage who was chasing after him.

If the difference in strength was too huge, even with the best tactics and plots, he could still lose his little life.

While Mo Wuji was standing on the bow of the flying ship thinking of how to deal with the fella chasing after him, the flying ship started to shudder violently out of the blue. Before Mo Wuji could understand what was happening, his spiritual will sensed countless of demonic beasts charging towards him.

These demonic beasts looked like a bunch of scorpions with two large pincers each and a tail that looked like a steel whip. What was more tingling than those were the demonic beast’s numerous tiny legs that were packed densely together. The bigger ones were about 2-3 metres long while the smaller ones were only about a few centimetres long.

Mo Wuji showed no signs of hesitation at all as he immediately changed the direction of the flying ship’s heading.

It might be the first time Mo Wuji had seen such beasts but this wasn’t the first time he heard about it. When they were on the road, while Chu Qianlou was mentioning about the space beasts, she did mention about this Space Scorpions. Additionally, out of all the space beasts, the Space Scorpion was ranked in the first few in terms of strength. This beast might not be strong on its own but they always attack as a group. Moreover, this beasts were venomous and you would be poisoned whether you were bitten, grabbed or stung by it.

One bite would result in one stream of poison entering one’s blood and under the attacks of the countless numbers of scorpions, once you were bitten countless of times, the massive accumulation of poison in your body would eventually lead to death.

Even a True God Stage expert would find it hard to escape when surrounded by countless of Space Scorpions.

Noticing that Mo Wuji’s flying ship turned back, that True Lake Stage cultivator was pleasantly surprised as he charged towards Mo Wuji’s flying ship with both blades drawn without hesitation.

Mo Wuji knew that if he didn’t keep his flying ship immediately, his flying ship would be destroyed in the next moment. He could possibly use his flying ship to defend himself for a while before escaping but where would he escape to if his flying ship was damaged? He had no idea if the other flying ships of his would be faster than this True Lake Stage cultivator’s.

Mo Wuji kept his flying ship and elemental energy from all 102 meridians started circulating and an insane amount of energy blasted out of the Tian Ji pole.

At this moment, there were no hidden techniques and it was basically brute force against brute force.

"Boom!" The elemental energy exploded and Mo Wuji spat out a fresh mouthful of blood as his whole body coincidentally flew towards the incoming Space Scorpions.

Presently, the True Lake Stage cultivator finally understood why Mo Wuji was escaping because if he was met with such a huge number of Space Scorpions himself, he would have done the same as Mo Wuji.

The pity was that because he was so anxious to kill Mo Wuji, even though he sent Mo Wuji into the crowd of Space Scorpions, he was led into the same crowd himself too.

This was already too late to regret because finding a way to block these Space Scorpions should be the more urgent matter presently.

Lightning flashed all around Mo Wuji’s body and countless of Space Scorpions were struck dead by his lightning bolts. This made Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief because these Space Scorpions were not particularly strong in battle and the strongest ones were only in the basic stage of the Yuan Dan Stage while the rest were in the Transcending Mortality, Spirit Building and some even in the Channel Opening Stage.

The Space Scorpions’ main way of attacking would be to bite and grab but Mo Wuji noticed that some stronger Space Scorpions were even able to shoot out invisible venomous needle.

He was careless and got struck by two of the noodles but was fortunate that he had a lot of antidotes with him. He didn’t waste any time in forcing the needle out as he swallowed the antidote.

Only till this moment that Mo Wuji realised he should have a defensive magic treasure. He flipped through the items in his storage ring before taking out a concave shield. This concave shield actually belonged to Jing Gumu because after he managed to refine Jing Gumu’s storage ring, Mo Wuji found a few decent spiritual items and this was one of it.

Mo Wuji continuously shot out lightning bolts while he used the shortest possible time to refine the shield. In the midst of doing so, he was struck by a few more invisible needles.

The moment this concave shield was brought out, it turned into a three directionals defense shield which instantly reduced the pressure on Mo Wuji greatly. Presently, even Mo Wuji wanted to curse at himself for not thinking ahead and refined a few defense magic treasure beforehand. This was the classic case of not being able to gain knowledge without practice. After this incident today, Mo Wuji realised that there would be no disadvantages of having a few refined defense magic treasures with him. Fortunately, these Space Scorpions were not very strong in combat which gave him the chance to refine this defensive shield on the spot.

Mo Wuji hurried to continue scanning the other items in his storage ring and he found out that there were two other slightly weaker defensive magic treasures other than the one he drew out. These two defensive magic treasures were both found in the storage ring of the True God Stage cultivator.

Mo Wuji seldom saw people using defensive magic treasure and he wondered if the value of defensive magic treasures were much higher than the average offensive magic treasures. The pity was that his Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour had already been destroyed because it could still be useful in this situation if it wasn’t destroyed.

After avoiding more venomous needles, Mo Wuji released big chunks of lightning bolts towards them. The surrounding Space Scorpions were all killed in big crowds.

Against these slightly weaker Space Scorpions, Mo Wuji guessed that his Scholar’s Heart would be more useful and effective.

However, Mo Wuji wouldn’t dare to casually reveal his Scholar’s Heart while that True Lake Stage cultivator was still alive.

Without finding out how precious this Scholar’s Heart truly was, just based on the fact that he almost lost his little life getting this Scholar’s Heart, he knew that this item must be extraordinarily valuable. After entering the world of cultivation, this Scholar’s Heart was the most difficult magic treasure that he obtained. Or rather, it was the only decent magic treasure that he had with him.

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will landed on that True Lake Stage cultivator and he noticed that he actually had no defensive magic treasure with him too.

Currently, the True Lake Stage cultivator was in a situation worse than himself because even though his cultivation level was higher, he lacked any magic skills to mass kill. His big blade radiance was indeed able to kill a group of Space Scorpions but there were simply too many groups of Space Scorpions for him to deal with given his energy level.

Mo Wuji was surprisingly pleased as he continuously kill the Space Scorpions while taking out another defensive shield. While he tried to refine the new defensive shield, Mo Wuji realised he made a mistake. The moment these two defensive shields were out, his spiritual will was obstructed and in the very next moment, he was stung by several venomous needles.

Mo Wuji hurried to keep the second defensive shield as he forced out the venomous needles in him while using more lightning bolts to fend off the Space Scorpions.

Mo Wuji finally understood why there were very few cultivators using the defensive magic treasures. This was because defensive magic treasures would exhaust one’s spiritual will very quickly. If not for the support from his 102 meridians as well as his training of spiritual will in the mortal world, he would have not been able to hold on for any longer.

Even so, Mo Wuji guessed that he wouldn’t be able to hold on for a long time. At the thought of this, Mo Wuji lost his motivation to continue killing the Space Scorpions therefore, he started to move while killing them.

To escape from this massive crowd of Space Scorpions, it would be impossible without executing any big move. Even though these Space Scorpions were fighting forward relentlessly, they still had some instincts within them. For example, when he tried to breakaway from them even more Space Scorpions would charged towards the direction he was trying to breakaway so as to obstruct him.

It would still be possible for him to breakaway but he needed to kill this True Lake Stage cultivator first.

The True Lake Stage cultivator was presently killing the massive number of Space Scorpions surrounding him. His body was similarly struck by many venomous needles and he had no energy left to pay attention to Mo Wuji. In his eyes, if he had such a tough time trying to hold on, Mo Wuji should have a much tougher time.

Mo Wuji had already slowly made his way to a position not very far away from the back of this True Lake Stage cultivator. Mo Wuji shot out tens of Invisible Sword towards the cultivator while the True Lake Stage cultivator was focused on killing the Space Scorpions. Concurrently, a few huge electroballs were shot towards the True Lake Stage cultivator.

This True Lake Stage cultivator was helplessly trapped by the Space Scorpions and was constantly engrossed in the massacre of the Space Scorpions. All he thought about was to find ways to escape so why would he be able to notice the fluctuation in space? By the time he realised that these fluctuations were not because of the attacks from the Space Scorpions, it was already too late.

"Puff! Puff!" Two streams of blood were shot out of this True Lake Stage cultivator’s body and he knew instantly that he was the target of an assassination. He quickly tried to shift away but before he could stand firmly, "Boom! Boom!" Two intense electroballs exploded below his feet.

The moment both his legs were blasted off, the surrounding vicious Space Scorpions immediately pounced onto the True Lake Stage cultivator.

This True Lake Stage cultivator turn to look desperately at Mo Wuji as he didn’t bother fending against the incoming Space Scorpions anymore. He knew that he would certainly be dead today even if Mo Wuji didn’t act against him. Under such circumstances, there was no reason for him to resist anymore.

Mo Wuji would never give him any chance of survival as he didn’t even bother avoiding the incoming venomous needles while shooting out yet another Invisible Sword that pierced through the True Lake Stage cultivator’s forehead.

The moment this True Lake Stage cultivator gave up completely, his entire body disappeared within the crowd of Space Scorpions.

Mo Wuji hurried to release yet another bunch of lightning bolts to blast these Space Scorpions near him away before swallowing a few antidotes to counter the poison in him.

At this moment, even the remains of the True Lake Stage cultivator were nowhere to be seen. He was completely engulfed by the Space Scorpions and after they engulfed the True Lake Stage cultivator, the rest of the Space Scorpions charged like a menacing wave towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji kept his concave shield and using his spiritual will, his Scholar’s Heart turned into flames surrounding his entire body before making his way out. If he didn’t escape out hurriedly, even if he had three elemental storage channels, he would still die from these relentless attacks of the Space Scorpions. When the countless of Space Scorpions touched the flame of the Scholar’s Heart, they either disintegrated into ashes immediately or were left dead in space.

Mo Wuji was secretly celebrating at the fact that while they attacked in large numbers, they were not exactly that strong. The moment he were to be met with stronger demonic beasts, he would use his Scholar’s Heart to setup a defensive shield around him. Against these terrifying Space Scorpions’ charge at him, they were destroyed and scattered very quickly. After the Scholar’s Heart was refined by him, it's offensive capabilities were still not as strong as when it was without an owner.

As for this matter, Mo Wuji wasn’t too worried because he knew that as he grew stronger, his Scholar’s Heart would definitely advance and become much stronger too.

The numerous Space Scorpions were directly burnt to death by the Scholar’s Heart while even more Space Scorpions instinctively obstructed Mo Wuji’s escape route.