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Chapter 277: Howling Wind Beast

Chapter 277: Howling Wind Beast

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Mo Wuji did not hesitate for long before he decided to go by the Lost Sky Ruins.

The Lost Sky Ruins were indeed dangerous, but would it be less dangerous to go by the Sky Sea or Five Elements Desolate Domain? With his cultivation level, it would be difficult to go to Zhen Mo Continent by any path.

The reason why he chose the path of the Lost Sky Ruins was that this was the shortest route. If he entered Zhen Mo Continent from the Sky Sea, with his current cultivation level and speed, and without getting lost, it would take him an estimated three to five years time. If it were from the Five Elements Desolate Domain, the travel duration would greatly decrease, but it would still take about a year.

However, based on the markings on the map, if he dared to pass through the Lost Sky Ruins, he would reach Zhen Mo Continent in half a year.

After making his decision, Mo Wuji did not hesitate any further. He took out Jing Gumu’s ring. As soon as he finished refining this ring, he would set off immediately.

What would have taken him months with no guarantee of success now only took half a day’s time with Mo Wuji’s spiritual will. This was attributed not only to Mo Wuji’s increase in strength, but also the death of Jing Gumu.

When he looked through Jing Gumu’s ring, Mo Wuji finally understood what it meant to be a bumpkin. Jing Gumu’s storage ring did not have many spiritual items, but at least seven to eight spiritual items inside were High Grade ones, and there was even a Half Supreme Grade spiritual item. It was a pity that the Half Supreme Grade spiritual item was a hammer, which Mo Wuji was not interested in.

What made Mo Wuji puzzled was the lack of a flying magic treasure in Jing Gumu’s ring.

There were extremely large numbers of spirit stones in the ring, which could not be counted by how many there were, but instead by how many piles there were. Based on Mo Wuji’s rough estimates, there were at least 10 to 20 million spirit stones present.

The rest of the items inside were weird exotic things, such as various smithing ingredients that one only heard of before, various ridiculous and weird magic skills…

There weren’t many cultivation techniques either, but when Mo Wuji casually flipped through them, all of them were at least of Earth Grade. In this guy’s ring, he did not find a single poor quality item.

After sorting out all the items, Mo Wuji took out a round disc about the size of a palm. The round disc had a few array flags planted into it, and multiple crisscrossing runes, and if one looked at it for a little longer, one would feel dizzy.

After he inspected the disc multiple times, he suddenly became excited. This was an array disc, and a Grade 8 one at that.

Another two hours had passed, and Mo Wuji finally took out the round flying ship that had been refined by him, charging into the depths of the Lost Sky Ruins in a black line.

A few days after Mo Wuji left, a brown haired man and a woman in a light green dress appeared next the the pit where the Scholar’s Heart was at.

The brown haired man stared at the empty pit blankly, without saying a word.

"Tianzhen, didn’t you say that there’s the Scholar’s Heart here and asked for my help? What’s with this scene before us?" The man remained silent, and it was the woman beside him that broke the silence.

The brown haired man clenched his fist, and spoke only after a while, "Because the Scholar’s Heart has been refined and taken away by someone else."

This was Heaven Demon Sect’s Fang Zhentian, and it wasn’t easy for him to find a helper to block the defend himself from the Scholar’s Heart while he refined it. However, when he arrived back here, he discovered that good things might not actually wait for him.

"Could it be Great Evolution Sect’s Feng Zhe?" The woman asked suspiciously.

Fang Zhentian shook his head, "It’s not Feng Zhe. Even if Feng Zhe could find the same method as me, refining the Scholar’s Heart wouldn’t take one or two days. Back when I started refining the Scholar’s Heart with him, I felt like there was a third person other than Feng Zhe and myslef refining the Scholar’s Heart. Initially I thought that I was hallucinating, but now it seems like that was real."

"Who would that be?" The woman asked in shock.

"After we left this area, I did not wait for long before returning, and Feng Zhe did the same. Only the five of us knew about the Scholar’s Heart…" Fang Zhentian could not carry on. The person he suspected most was Mo Wuji.

However, Mo Wuji was also the person he didn’t have to suspect too, as Mo Wuji’s cultivation level was only at Yuan Dan Stage. He had almost died after using his spiritual will to lure out the Scholar’s Heart. For a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator, it would be impossible for Mo Wuji to refine the fire at the outermost area, so how could he draw out the Scholar’s Heart?

Moreover, when he met Feng Zhe, the Scholar’s Heart had not been touched before.

"Scr*w it, let’s go. We should help the Tian Ji Sect a little more after we return, perhaps this sect will become the number one sect of Lost Continent…" Fang Zhentian explained to the woman by his side while seemingly talking to himself.

Even if it was not very possible for Mo Wuji to do it, he was still rater cautious of Mo Wiji. A rogue cultivator could actually go on the Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Points Board, become Tian Ji Sect’s sect head, then also take up the role of the Hundred Sect Alliance’s alliance head. No one could say that this was all due to luck, as Mo Wuji indeed had a backer who wiped out Worldly Immortal Stage Gu Qi and many other True God Stage experts.

Regardless whether it was Mo Wuji or not, forging good relations with Tian Ji Sect would never go wrong.

In the few days that Mo Wuji flew on the route indicated on the map, he did not meet with any danger, which let him heave a sigh of relief.

The round flying ship was a little ugly, the its speed was no joke. On top of that, it was extremely stable while in flight. Based on his current speed, it would not even take half a year for the trip.

Before Mo Wuji could start calculating how long was left till he exited the Lost Sky Ruins, a wild gust of wind blew in his direction. In an instant, his field of vision was covered by sand.

The wild wind, which carried sand and rocks, blew Mo Wuji’s flying ship hundreds of meters off course, and without finding out what was going on, Mo Wuji just kept his flying magic treasure. At the same time, he retrieved the concealment array disc, and turned on the concealment runes on the array disc, completely hiding him within it.

Mo Wuji had seen a demonic beast undergoing heavenly tribulation before, so he felt that this raging wind was a little unusual, because he could feel the anger and killing intent inside it.

"Roar!" As expected, once this thought just left Mo Wuji’s mind, a rage filled roar echoed out through the air. From the roar, even wilder waves of wind and sand blew over, blasting him away.

Before he got blown away, he spotted the vague figures of two gigantic demonic beasts. Both of them had a light coloured exterior, but their heads were tens of meters tall. When one opened its mouth, it was like the size of a lake, dark and ominous as ever.

"Bang!" The two demonic beasts finally clashed together, causing rich stench and elemental energy to explode out in all directions. Mo Wuji, who had been spinning like a top, was hit by the strike of elemental energy, which made him fly even faster.

At this point, Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air. He was thankful that he had obtained a Grade 8 concealment array, and managed to turn it on in time.

This was because he recognised this demonic beast, which was named Howling Wind Beast. Howling Wind Beasts were large in size, and could produce wild gusts of elemental energy sands. Once a Howling Wind Beast reached above Grade 7, the elemental energy sands would be rather difficult for even True God Stage experts to defend against. As for those at Nihility God Stage or below, they had no chance to blocking it.

The Howling Wind Beast also had an especially bad pet peeve, which was that it did not allow any living things to live within his field of vision. In other words, if Mo Wuji did not have the concealment array disc, the Howling Wind Beasts would have discovered his existence and swallowed him instantly. The power of the wind and sand was not the only thing to be feared; there was still the equally terrifying suction from the Howling Wind Beast. Even though Mo Wuji was at Yuan Dan Stage Level 10, the Howling Wind Beast could still effortlessly suck him into its mouth from hundreds of meters away.

Reports of sighting Howling Wind Beasts were so rare as most cultivators that saw one would be eaten by the beast

"Boom boom boom!" Violent clashes of sand, rock, and elemental energy exploded again. The spinning Mo Wuji was blown away by this explosion.

In the face of such crazy winds, Mo Wuji dared not move at all. Once he used any elemental energy within the range of this wild wind, it would definitely be detected by the Howling Wind Beast. The sounds of explosions slowly grew further and further away, and eventually the area around Mo Wuji calmed down. He then landed safely on the ground.

As fast as he could, Mo Wuji climbed up, but he did not draw his flying ship to fly away immediately. He had heard rumours that there would surely be wind attribute treasures wherever Howling Wind Beasts appear, and in this location not one, but two were fighting. So what grade of wind attribute treasure would be present?