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Chapter 245: Still Gotta Pay Your Debts

Chapter 245: Still Gotta Pay Your Debts

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Yu Lin Lei Clan was rather lively these few days, as almost all Lei Clan disciples rushed back for the Lei Clan ancestor’s memorial.

The Lei Clan Ancestral Hall was surrounded by incense, and as long as one was a Lei Clan disciple, regardless whether from the main or side branch, one had to come forth to with dedicate some incense.

Tens of meters away from the Lei Clan Ancestral Hall, Mo Wuji laid in ambush inside some vines, and a laser cannon had been set up by him. In the area surrounding of the vines, Mo Wuji set up a concealment array that could almost be considered intermediate grade, and he believed that even if Lei Guang used his spiritual will to scan the area, he probably would not be detected.

This distance was chosen by him, and his original plan was to set up the laser cannon a few tens of meters away from the Ancestral Hall, but once he heard that the Lei Clan had a Great Circle of Nihility God Stage cultivator, he changed his plans.

After all, Mo Wuji came from Earth, so he could not bear to harm women and children. If it were other cultivators, they probably wouldn’t have chosen to use only a laser cannon, possibly taking out another heavenly fire cannon.

Even though Yu Lin Lei Clan took up a large area of space which was rather scenic, but if Mo Wuji fired the heavenly fire cannon, the whole place would turn to ashes without leaving even an ant alive.

For Mo Wuji who was not willing to kill indiscriminately, Lei Clan’s men gathering at the Lei Clan Ancestral Hall to offer incense was the best opportunity for him. Firstly, he would be able to eradicate the Lei Clan from its roots, and secondly, he did not have to kill those he did not want to.

The Lei Clan could kill everyone in Tian Ji Clan, but he did not want to end up like them.

In the Lei Clan Ancestral Hall, there were at least over a thousand Lei Clan disciples gathered. With their clan head and head elder leading them, everyone was about to offer incense for the Lei CLan ancestors.

"Clan head, we've confirmed that Rogue Cultivator 2705 is Heaven Seeking Palace’s disciple, Mo Wuji. He stood up for Hou Yucheng previously because of that." The short Lei Mang whispered in the ear of Lei Di, the Lei Clan’s Clan Head.

Lei Di’s eyes lit up, and he asked in a low voice, "Did you discover his whereabouts?"

Lei Mang lowered his volume even further, "We don’t know his whereabouts, but we’ve already found some traces of him. He was from Xing Han Empire. Northern Qin was the Mo Clan’s land, and they have always been the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord. In the end, Cheng Yu State Lord Situ Qian gave the Mo Clan’s land to the Ju Clan. Mo Wuji returned there a while back to wipe out the Ju Clan and regain the land."

"Very good, what’s your plan now?" Lei Di nodded his head.

A killing intent arose in Lei Mang’s eyes, "We’ll go to Northern Qin Prefecture’s capital Luo An and kill a group of people there everyday until that guy appears."

After that, he added on, "This guy had average talent, but who knows what kind of treasure he obtained, to be able to take the top rank of the Hundred Sect Alliance with the alias of Rogue Cultivator 2705. Whatever he got from Tian Ji Sect was also not something simple either."

"Hmmm" Lei DI said, "Be careful, after the Lei Clan’s memorial day, immediately take men to Northern Qin. I will send some people to keep watch outside Heaven Seeking Palace, and once he appears, we will know. My only worry is that the rumors are real, and Rogue Cultivator 2705 was taken by Zhen Mo Continent’s Ceng Houyi. If that is the case, we won’t even get a share of the pie."

"Clan Head, this guy is very cunning, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to kill a True God Stage expert to obtain 100,000 points, so the rumors might not be true. Even if they were true, wiping out Northern Qin would not be too much of a hassle. And should they be false, not only will we be able to obtain two styles of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, we’d also get the secrets he possesses." Lei Mang replied unabashedly.

After that, Lei Di did not speak any longer, as this was obviously what he had prepared to do. The Yu Lin Lei Clan could be revived after declining for so many years because they killed without mercy. The number of sects and clans eliminated by Yu Lin Lei Clan was countless. As for rogue cultivators, Lei Clan killed even more of them. Hence, how would they even both about a prefecture full of ant-like mortals? It wouldn’t matter much even if all of them were killed.

While Mo Wuji was calculating what time to fire his cannon, there was another group of people making their own plans.

This group only had over ten people, and they hid in the opposite direction from Mo Wuji. All of their faces were full of killing intent and determination.

Their leader was a youth only in Transcending Mortality Stage. He held a large sword in his hands, staring at the Lei Clan Ancestral Hall in the distance.

"Senior Xingyun, when do we strike?" A youth beside the one holding the large sword softly asked.

The youth replied in a low voice, "Wait for another half an incense’s time, the Lei Clan’s memorial day has just begun, so we’ll start killing our way over half an incense later. By the time they react, we’d have done enough damage. My Tian Ji Sect was wiped out by the Lei Clan, so even if I can’t kill any Lei Clan experts, I’ll at least kill a few of the weaker ones to take revenge."

"To avenge Tian Ji Sect." The tens of people behind the youth exuded strong killing intent, and replied in unison. They did not plan to survive after this, and only aimed to kill some Lei Clan people to avenge the Tian Ji Sect.

The only difference between them and Mo Wuji was that Mo Wuji chose to attack the Lei Clan’s experts and men, while they chose to attack the women and children.

It was about time, and when Mo Wuji felt that it was so, he fed a laser shell into the mouth of the laser cannon, aimed in a direction, and pressed the button to fire.

"Boom!" A bright light blinded everyone as it flew through the air, following which a earth shattering boom echoed out.

At this moment, almost everyone’s gazes were draw to Yu Lin Lei Clan’s territory. Even a blind man would have seen such a blinding bright light and heard the deafening sound.

Mo Wuji did not stay to admire the results of his attack. The moment he fired the cannon, he kept the laser cannon, turned around, and left. He had seen how impressive the laser cannon was before; anything that the laser covered would turn to dust. Even if the strongest in Lei Clan was a Nihility God Stage Level 9 expert, he would be blown to smithereens under this single cannon strike.

As expected, the Lei Clan Ancestral Hall was reduced to a crater after his cannon was fired. The beautiful shape of the hall would only remain in people’s minds from now on. Not even a scrap of the souls of Lei Mang and Lei Di, who were just discussing about wiping out Northern Qin, was left behind. Even Lei Guang, the strongest in Lei Clan, could only think of one thought, that the Lei Clan had offended a terrifying man, then he vanished from the face of the continent.

"What’s going on?" Yu Xingyun was the first to stand up, as he looked at the crater where the Lei Clan Ancestral Hall once laid with a shocked expression. He had seen the cannon shot very clearly, and was very aware that not even the smallest insect would survive from it.

"I understand now apprentice brother. The Lei Clan must have offended an expert, and this expert took advantage of the Lei Clan’s memorial day to wipe out all of their disciples. This Lei Clan has really committed too many crimes, and now they’re finally repaying their debts." A Spirit Building Stage youth stood up excitedly and exclaimed.

Yu Xingyun also understood the situation, and he swung his sword, "Then what are we waiting for, let’s kill our way over, and wipe out the Lei Clan completely. Leave no one alive, we’ll finally avenge all out brothers and ancestors from Tian Ji Sect."

"Kill…" Yu Xingyun dragged his large sword, and rushed towards the Lei Clan first.

This was fated to be a night of bloodshed. The Yu Lin Lei Clan was fated to be wiped out tonight.

"Crack!" Both of Lei Hongji’s legs broke as he lifted his legs onto the 100th step, which forced him to stay in step 99. At this point, he suddenly felt that something was wrong, but he could not pinpoint what exactly gave him that feeling. The cultivators at the side saw Lei Hongji write down his name on the 99th step and leave the Heaven Seeking Staircase. Most of them sighed, as he ultimately did not reach the 100th step.

Star King Mountain's Defender Xu Chihuang sighed to himself too. Xia Mu could surpass other people of the same age, not because he was much more talented than others, but as the amount of cultivation resources he received was something that no one else could compare to. It could be said that his cultivation was made through the use of all those resources. It was his good fortune to be born in the Xia Clan.

"Dean Bei, I also have another invitation, and this one is for you. I'd like to invite you and that Cen Shuyin from Heaven Seeking Palace who can use lightning attribute skills to head to Zhen Mo Continent. I’m not sure if Dean Bei is agreeable?" After all of the people descended from the Heaven Seeking Staircase, Xu Chihuang suddenly asked Bei Suting.

From Xu Chihuang’s perspective, Bei Suting was about the same age as Xia Mu, and was much stronger than Xia Mu even though she cultivated in a place like the Lost Continent. As such, it was apparent how talented she was. On top of that, there was the Cen Shuyin who could use a lightning attribute skill which made a deep impression on him.

Hearing that, Xia Mu’s face turned black. Bei Suting and Cen Shuyin both did not appreciate his kindness, and Xu Chihuang still did not think about his pride as he invited both of these women openly.

Bei Suting was also stunned for a moment. She naturally wanted to go to the Zhen Mo Continent, as she knew that she had to leave the Lost Continent to go further down the path of cultivation. Moreover, there were many geniuses from Heaven Seeking Palace going to Zhen Mo Continent, and she was concerned for them.

She had offended Xia Mu previously, so who knew that Star King Mountain’s Defender Xu would invite her himself.

"Thank you Elder Xu, I’m willing to go to Zhen Mo Continent." Bei Suting quickly replied, bowing respectfully.

"What about Cen Shuyin? Why haven’t we seen her?" Xu Chihuang did not really bother about rumors, hence he thought that Cen Shuyin was unhappy at Xia Mu and returned to the sect.

Without waiting for Bei Suting to respond, a Sword Lake elder stepped forward to speak, "Over 10 days ago, Junior apprentice sister Cen was seriously wounded by someone outside of our sect, and she collapsed in the wilderness. When I passed by her, I quickly brought her back to the sect, and she’s recuperating from her injuries as we speak. She will be able to follow elder to the Zhen Mo Continent."

In reality, when the Sword Lake elder saw Cen Shuyin, it was right at the front door of Sword Lake, not outside of the sect. Other than being unconscious, she did not have nay serious injuries. However, he had reported her situation as such as he heard the rumors regarding Rogue Cultivator 2705 and Ceng Houyi. After he questioned Cen Shuyin, she revealed that she lost consciousness after seeing Ceng Houyi, so she did not even know who saved her."

Regardless of who rescued Cen Shuyin, it was definitely not an enemy of Heaven Seeking Palace. He did not want to expose Cen Shuyin’s savior, so he wove a tale to explain things.

"Good, then bring her in, we’ll leave now." Xu Chihuang did not even bother asking for Xia Mu’s opinion and immediately gave the instructions.

Inside, Xia Mu was enraged, but he dared not say anything. Even if he eventually became the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, a Worldly Immortal like Xu Chihuang would remain as an exceptional being.